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The cruise control switch covers are rubber and have split. I need to replace them.

deceleration. I put in new tires with balancing but has not removed the vibration. Pls advise what causes the vibration?

2001 sport trac. The truck dies when I put it in drive. the check engine light didnt come on either.

Top plastic part out ok, switch out ok, rod with a clip not out ok. How to do it?

"I have a 2004 Ford Sports Trac, mileage is abt 95,500. For a few days it has been hesitating when i pull off almost like it doesn't want to go into gear, and when it finally goes into gear it jerks. Please Help????"

My brother is doing it for me i want to know how much to pay him he said he needs to take transfer case off to replace seal take hlf day maybe

lem. After about 10 - 20 turn the truck will crank and fall dead like a spark plug wire has come off of something, (it will then crank after about 7 - 10 turn) I replace TPS,Crank sensor, Camshaft Sensor, EGR, New Battery, Coil Pack, Wires and spark plugs

tell me what to check

My 02 explorer sport when cold I be riding and suddenly the gas kind of quit on me for few second. I push the gas pedal nothing happens rpms drops to 900 and doesn't move when gas is pushed. Runs fine when warm

If I accelerate slowly, it doesn't seem to come on. Does it indicate low brake fluid?

The smell is back. The heater core is cracked. Is there a recall for this?

and you can feel it in the seat and wheel and my mirror vibrates and I can't figure out what it is

speedometer starts at 50mph / mileage doesnt work / rpm always at 3000

checked fuses and bulb ok.

If my truck comes to a complete stop stop to fast it will shut off. If I try to coast into a stop it will shut off. Please help.....What is wrong.?>>>

I had to replace the thermostat housing ,but I am having trouble putting those two sensors back uless I remove the intake manifold.

It will be fine for weeks fires right up, but once in a while It just wont start. It turns over fine but wont fire up. It feels like no gas is reaching the engine. Its done it twice, both times after work. After leaving it alone for a while it will fire right up like nothing happend. I already replaced the fuel Pump and all fuses and relays are fine. Someone said it could be weather related (its too hot) or vapor lock. Any Advise? Could it be that I got a deffective Fuel Pump or could it be a sensor?

there are two bolts on the inlet assy that I can't seem to get to without removing the intake manifold completley. Am I missing something?

had ball joints replaced front wheel hubs replaced and alinement done with brand new tires put on after this was done

I mistakenly put 5W20 in my explorer trac do I need to drain it and put in 5W30 or can I run it on 5w20?

I changed the oil and mistakenly put 5W20 in do I need to drain it and put in 5W30 or can I run it on 5W20?

The check engine light came on and had a test done, it said something about there was o2 in the fuel tank

this happens only when the control is moved from cold toward warm

How can I check the bulb or test the unit?

What can I do to check it out?

the noise occurs while accelerating or going very slow it makes a grinding sound

I'm try to fine out y my truck want move in drive or reverse but drive n second gear and low gear.

just had transmission re built. The od light came on and they said its the valve body

Vibration starts @ 35mph and gets better around 60 mph. Thought was broken belt. Changed all 4 tires and still there. Could it be a bad universal joint in drive shaft? also can feel if put in neutral and coast?

I had gotten from other research that it was a memory full, and had the module reprogrammed, but still have same code. Where to start?