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The problem is less than 24 hours old. The gauge goes past the full mark at times and then back down to 1/2 tank other times. The 1/2 Tank mark is more acurate.
How much should be paid to replace the shifting cable in an automatic transmission?
My 2009 Sport Trac will not come out of park. When the brake petal is depressed I hear a clicking from the dash area. However, the brake lights do work. Any idea what the problem is?
Our turn signals, brake lights, and reverse lights do not work. More importantly, our truck dies on us randomly, and we have to constantly push the restart button on the passenger side. What would that kind of electri...
The needle on my temperature gauge on my dome does not move even when my car has been running for a while? I have replaced the thermastat within the last year. What may be the problem?
To remove the rear axel do you have to use a hammering pulley to puul it out or do you have to remove the differential cover and remove the clamp and pin in order to remove the axle?
I have a 2001 ford explorer sport not trac it has a manual transmission. I have checked the fuse box and the reverse lamps themselves and there is nothing wrong is there anything i can do or should i just go to the sh...
Is there any thing to watch out for when replacing the front shock absorbers?
what will it cost to replace my fuelpump
OB2 Code 0320 . no spark out of ignition module.Replaced Coil.Still the same. Need inputs to coil 4 wires. Or schematic for ignition system
the engines turns good. There is no spark at the plugs. I changed the coil (Flex fuel engine without distributor).still no spark. All fuses good.There are four wires going to the coil (6 pack). what are the inputs on ...
how do you change the brake fluid
right side power mirror does not go in direction we want. was told to replace mirror. did this with new mirror but problem persists. left mirror works fine. now what ???
My check light is on and when at a stop the engine jerks
replaced front pads, rotors, calipers and master cylinder. I bled the master cylinder and all four wheels. Brake pedal goes to the floor and will not pump up so I can drive it. Suggestions - thanks
#2 cylender is misfiring
i had roters turned replaced berrin's replaced master cyner, break pads back in feb`new tier's i did hit a big pot hole and now i hear a loud rower in the front end.. viberates and hummm's as i touch the breaks and l...
One day while driving, I turned the knob to roll the rear window down. It has never rolled up again. Do the little motors that control this just go out? I checked the fuses... no problem there. How much should this c...
about 50 check engine come for misfire on # 4 plus p0316
replase coil wire and plugs still coming misfire
cracked mounting to install thermostat
Ck. engine lite stays on. DPFE code and crank case hose getting soft. Where is hose located? Will it hurt to operate the truck and not make repairs.
the gauge panel and running lights are not working.
code dpfe and where is crank case hose located. If not repaired will it hurt the operation of the truck? Is this repair something I can do with out a mechanic?
engine idles rough and sometimes dies when turning at very slow speed
Would it be okay to drive my truck to the dealership which is about 30 miles from my home with a leaking intake manifold gasket or should I have it towed? It's a small leak apparently because my vehicle is not overhea...
where can I get a manuel for the 2001 ford explorer sport trak 4wd?
car has been idling rough at starts and stops but now it starts then dies. will crank but idels rough.
i noticed the air bag light on while driving? what may i inspect or check before foing to a dealer,also how would I determine if the dealer inspection is customer pay or warranty? thanks sam