I removed the front headrests . There was a tab and a pin hole. The rear headrests look like they only have pin holes. I tried a paper clip. Maybe I didn't push hard enough?

I changed the water pump the heater valve and hose, the upper and lower raidator hose. i inspected the thremostatt housing for cracks and found none but i'm still losing coolent. I checked the oil for water mixture and it's ok can you help?

Had the fuel pump changed out and now the fuel gauge doesnt register (it stays below E) on the dash and low fuel light is on all the time though there is plenty of fuel. Dome lights inside and bed light are out too since the fuel pump was replaced... I am thinking fuses but dont know which ones are out. Can you tell me which ones to check?

The last time I filled up It was working,now I down to about 1 quarter of a tank it is not working.

has happened 3 times in the last 8 months..twice was an almost disaster..when slowing for a stop...the engine rev's up and severe pressure is needed on the brakes...causing the tires to spin... and putting the truck in park made the engine settle down . We have removed the floor mat to make sure it was not hindering the foot feed...but it has happened again...

My truck has more than 160,000 miles and I am experiencing compression problems inside cylinder 4. Since the engine is almost 9 years old and has so many miles I have been adivised to replace the engine altogether rather than risk a partial repair on ONE cylinder. I would like to know how many labor hours it should take to complete this expensive task?

also i get vibration wnen stepping on brakes (the steering wheel shakes) is this also a result of the bad front wheel bearings?

today engine emission light came on.engine started to miss at idle as well as while driving.

Dimming occured when battery indicator lit up. Put in a new battery - lights kept dimming. Took out the alternator and had it checked - still good. Lights still dimming plus now feeling a slight hesitation when driving and happens at the same time lights dim. But when I let take my foot off the gas the lights return to it's normal brightness. Need help!

When truck was brand new, panel came loose. Had Ford fix, but has come loose again. How can this be fixed?

Truck vibrates (rattle under front dash) when idling at stop light...unable to locate source. Any ideas? Have put truck in neutral and park and shut off air conditioning - but still rattles. When idle increases, the rattle stops.

What does that mean and how or what should I be getting repaired or replaced to fix that problem and ultimately pass emissions ....

it is loud like i hit something or broke something what could this be

Borg warner automatic transmission. Recently logging, thru low water, got stuck later and vehicle pulled from woods because no longer driveable.

the sales guy said it was bad gas.gave me some seafoam to put in tank and the to change the fuel process of it now...light still on...
any ideas??????/

this problem just started this morning.1/21/12

I just bought car. The 6-CD player will not accept nor reject any CD's (don't know if there are any CD's in it) Is there some kind of reset button? If not, how do I go about taking it apart? Or is a job for Ford Dealership
thanks much

Over head temp,compass.

price for repairs, i forgot to put that in there

getting replaced:
left tie rod end
right sway bar
front pinion seal
axle seal
cost of new alighnment

the sport trac just started a large amount smoke from tail pipe and has lost power while driving. it smells like the gas is going through the pipe. as soon as i slowed the engine would cut off. it restarted but i had to keep gas pedle to floor, most i could get for speed was 30 miles hr.
i traveled 10 miles and used ablout 20L of gas. it seems like the gas is just going out the tail pipe.
what would cause this?

is a ford explorer sport trac 2008

I have changed the thermostat and the temp. sensor. Any ideas on what to check?

The cruise control switch covers are rubber and have split. I need to replace them.

deceleration. I put in new tires with balancing but has not removed the vibration. Pls advise what causes the vibration?

2001 sport trac. The truck dies when I put it in drive. the check engine light didnt come on either.

Top plastic part out ok, switch out ok, rod with a clip not out ok. How to do it?

"I have a 2004 Ford Sports Trac, mileage is abt 95,500. For a few days it has been hesitating when i pull off almost like it doesn't want to go into gear, and when it finally goes into gear it jerks. Please Help????"

My brother is doing it for me i want to know how much to pay him he said he needs to take transfer case off to replace seal take hlf day maybe

lem. After about 10 - 20 turn the truck will crank and fall dead like a spark plug wire has come off of something, (it will then crank after about 7 - 10 turn) I replace TPS,Crank sensor, Camshaft Sensor, EGR, New Battery, Coil Pack, Wires and spark plugs

tell me what to check