passenger side blows only cold air, is this a valve problem or a damper problem, and what is the location of the damper and or valve ...Thanks IT"S Broken

Tried with motor running; in neutral, foot on the brake, turn wheel to right then left doesn't work either.

the reverse has gone out of the 2002 Ford Explorer Sports Trak

overnight the needle goes about 1/4 inch past the line below the C on the gauge. While running the vehicle all day it never goes past 1/4 inch above the C. Would this be a gauge issue or could it be a bad sensor?

Can see coolant leaking from what looks to be left of thermostat housing. Have check engine light and rough idle after engine warms up. Sometimes dies at idle. I was just going to replace thermostat when i saw the coolant coming from described area. Stopped until i find what other problems could potentially be. I have to use daily and was wondering if this a diy project in one day or extended expensive repair.

we have changed the thermostat and the switch and still the same problem when you turn the heat on it will not change over to the heater just runs the a/c . behind the glove box you can here the fan running but there is times that it will not blow anything into the truck as well no a/c or heat . the heater hoses are hot in and out

Just noted this problem last evening. All other lights OK

i replace the safety switch and when i put the truck in gear it will not go back into park or reverse it hangs up between drive and neutral is it du to a faulty shifter cable

Where is the module located that has the factory default sticker on it?

How often is it necessary and how many hours labor? How much should materials cost?

I installed a new rear bumper on my ford 2010 explorer sport trac xlt.
I for got the sequence to install the park aid sensor bracquet.

Need help

i put my window down on the right side and it wont come back up but the swich clicks

Higher voltage fuses also blow after working 1st time I shift into reverse. Bulbs new, put anti-oxidation grease on connections for bulb holder adaptor & light bulb lead pins. No luck...

My explorer drives ok but my engine light came on the other day and I noticed that when it is in park it will not rev above 3000 rpms any ideas.I drove it and it will go above 3000 going down the road.

It did go off when we popped the hood to disconnect battery

After some minute when the ac is on,the condenser get hotter,including the compressor.

Had battery replaced in car did not drive vehicle enough, went to inspection and car failed any suggestions

I have bought an oil sending unit and need to know the location on my sport trac.

I had my spark plugs changed a week ago and some of my gauges stopped working. I took the battery cables loose and put them back and the gauges worked, then they just started going and coming at random.

I have replaced the brake pads, rotors, calipers, and master cylinder. also all new drums in the rear i cannot seem to figure out why i cant get a brake pedal. I have ran several cans of brake fluid through the system to make sure there is no air in them. anyone have any ideas?

I removed the front headrests . There was a tab and a pin hole. The rear headrests look like they only have pin holes. I tried a paper clip. Maybe I didn't push hard enough?

I changed the water pump the heater valve and hose, the upper and lower raidator hose. i inspected the thremostatt housing for cracks and found none but i'm still losing coolent. I checked the oil for water mixture and it's ok can you help?

Had the fuel pump changed out and now the fuel gauge doesnt register (it stays below E) on the dash and low fuel light is on all the time though there is plenty of fuel. Dome lights inside and bed light are out too since the fuel pump was replaced... I am thinking fuses but dont know which ones are out. Can you tell me which ones to check?

The last time I filled up It was working,now I down to about 1 quarter of a tank it is not working.

has happened 3 times in the last 8 months..twice was an almost disaster..when slowing for a stop...the engine rev's up and severe pressure is needed on the brakes...causing the tires to spin... and putting the truck in park made the engine settle down . We have removed the floor mat to make sure it was not hindering the foot feed...but it has happened again...

My truck has more than 160,000 miles and I am experiencing compression problems inside cylinder 4. Since the engine is almost 9 years old and has so many miles I have been adivised to replace the engine altogether rather than risk a partial repair on ONE cylinder. I would like to know how many labor hours it should take to complete this expensive task?

also i get vibration wnen stepping on brakes (the steering wheel shakes) is this also a result of the bad front wheel bearings?

today engine emission light came on.engine started to miss at idle as well as while driving.

Dimming occured when battery indicator lit up. Put in a new battery - lights kept dimming. Took out the alternator and had it checked - still good. Lights still dimming plus now feeling a slight hesitation when driving and happens at the same time lights dim. But when I let take my foot off the gas the lights return to it's normal brightness. Need help!

When truck was brand new, panel came loose. Had Ford fix, but has come loose again. How can this be fixed?

Truck vibrates (rattle under front dash) when idling at stop light...unable to locate source. Any ideas? Have put truck in neutral and park and shut off air conditioning - but still rattles. When idle increases, the rattle stops.