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After I had it serviced it had a small leak. About the size of a nickel on the floor. Then it stopped leaking. Stopped leaking after about ten miles. I have driven about 1000 mi sense with no leak.?
Do I have to take the front passenger tire off to be able to unplu and plug the wires?
I replace my 2 coil and spark plug with new stuff . 2 days later saying 2 still miss firing. What's the problem ?
..brake and turn. I have had new brakes, rotors, and wheel barrens. Its still grinding and I feel it in the brake pedal also. Now my abs light and traction light comes on. It has also started to hesitate when I try to...
1998 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 4X4. Big oil leak on drivers side. It's near the front yet behind the oil filter under the heads, (not the head gaskets). It only leaks when running. There is some sort of sending unit...
pouring from rear end dribbling from below passenger side and pouring from driver side
Alternator appears to be going, how much to replace it.
Has been twice already each time using different brands, the guide seems to just break off and fall into oil pan, bolts are still on engine
150 M miles. About 10% to 15% off road. Rattles seem worse in all four doors and back lift door. Also dashboard. Thanks for any help. jpcast
It was wrecked, can you give me a rough estimate of parts and labor to fix: a broken spindle and replace rack and pinion. I know its vague, just need a general idea.
Is there extra work involved in removing and replacing plugs in 2006 Ford Expedition? Like value cover and replacing valve cover gasket?
Makes sound on first start up only after that sound go's away,Changed out both idler pulley, belt tensioner, and belt but sound is still there I did get a P0171 fixed that but sound stayed
Initially it only happened while going up hill, now it happens at anytime, usually after about 15 minutes of driving. It just feels like the drive train under the vehicle just shakes. It is not the engine; not warni...
I have put on new tires smaller size back to stock size new lower ball joints on both sides and the loud popping noise got worse and more often with the smaller tires?
98 expedition was in a crash at 10mph and the oil pressure sending unit broke replaced the sensor engine runs and sounds great just no pressure showing on gauge and the red oil and temp light next to gauge is still on...
And the wiring looks good. O2 sensor is good but still getting the code that it is bad.
We've replaced the battery, replaced entire fuse box at right kick panel, Fuel pump is good, Already checked inertia switch, spark plugs are good. Anyone have any ideas?
I just bought it like a week ago... Now the check engine light just came on....
Vehicle shuts off when put in park