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what is the proper way to install a front leveling sensor on a 2005 expedition
i just changed out front wheel bearings 6 months ago now bearings need replaced again what could cause this
We were driving and the "door ajar" light came on. The doors are all closed. What do we check?
I start my truck and it sounds fine. When I put it in gear to drive, it makes a whinning noise. The sound increases as I speed up. I can hear this well as I park on the 3rd floor of a parking garage. If I take the tr...
Door ajar light is on,I checked all the doors and it still won't go off. And it is effecting my air suspension. What can I do
A Safe Enfine Mode display came up on my Ford Expedition, and the Engine seemed to disingauge from the transmission. The car would not engauge to move forward - I looked up the Display message in the Owners Guide and ...
why do my battery light come on after I change my battery
Can't get the expedition to shift out of Park. Parked it and when I returned it wouldn't shift.
How many hours to replace 5.4 engine used motor
Where is the transmission vent located? How do you check to see if it is plugged, and what is the likely culprit if it is leaking fluid around the rubber plug that fills the inspection port on the bell housing of the ...
How can I get rid of the way all the doors lock when I close my driver's door?
My Excursion has a Rough Idle. Sometimes when I am stopping It will lunge the SUV forward. I tried to Replace the Brake Booster which was bad but it didn't stop any of the problems. Any idea what the problem could ...
what is the best solution to fix my rear air suspension i dont want to put the air bags back on
I was backing my expedition out of the driveway when it stopped running. I hit the fuel reset button and it started but ran ruff. After running for about 2-3minutes it died. Hit the switch again and it started up agai...
the rear of my vehicle is sitting low i tried putting on just rear shocks but that didnt work my compressor still comes on but wont engage to lift my vehicle
What type transmission flid do i use for 1999 frod expeditio?
Two weeks ago while driving my vehicle it just shut off and would not crank back up. We hooked the scanner to it and got the code for a crank sensor, so replaced that part. It cranked up and ran fine, I drove it to wo...
replaced broken transmission lines, had to put transmission fluid back into my truck . So I put 3 qrt of transmission fluid in,still not showing on the dip stick.
My truck was running fine today but all of a sudden the overdrive off light started blinking
The air condition is not blowing out the cold air.
I had my expedition towed and they broke the air lines and possibly the pump when they hooked it up. what is the average cost to have these repaired/replaced?
How do I stop a false warning alarm from sounding I ve tried double check n to make sure the doors are all shut while driven. And none of the icons lights up on the dash to indicate a source AND they all work cause t...
When I start the car, the blower does not blow out the cold air from the air conditioner.The air conditioner gets cold but the blower doesn't work.
How do I replace the wheel bearing, front right
why does the egr open at between 1000&1500 rpm, it causes the engine to surge at crusing speed, and rpm to go up and down. i have replaced all egr componets,coils injectors ,fuel reg,throtel position sensor,dpfe senso...
whenever i turn up the ac it start getting very hot in the front of the truck i have shut the truck off switch it back to low and restart and it start cooling again?
My 97 expedition loses power going up hills. What do you think the problem is?
my back door will not open. Is there another way so I can work on it?
my expedition wouldnt start the other day and i diagnost tested it and a code poped up saying manufactor control air fuel metering, not sure what that is but the truck was turning over but didnt seem like it was getti...
im having problem with my timing belt