No heat front or rear. Have hot hoses at the firewall. Replaced thermostat (twice), burped the system, replaced radiator, replaced water pump, flushed system. Blend door appears to be working by switching from cold to hot you get some variance. What would make both not work?

I had my engine cleaned and it is now running very rough. Probably got some electronics wet. i'm not sure how I would go through and dry out wet components. Is this likely to go away, or probably need mechanical attention ?

after disconecting awd. be able to still manualy put it in 4 wheel dr.

How can I prevent breakage of these plugs?

how to determon if the coil packs is bad? I tried 5 different coil packs and it still misfire P0305 and P0307

I have a 2005 ford Expedition I was driving and the oil gauge started moving from high to low quickly and with engine light on. . The engine starts now, but again loses oil pressure . Is this a problem oil pump (no oil spilling out). Thanks

Engine temperature is below 150 degree, I replaced the thermostat still can't get heat from heater.

where is the level sensor located my truck has a slow leaking passenger air bag.

how to deactivate anti theft system

when I turn on the vent fan I can smell antifreeze .. I don't notice any water leaks & don't have any leaks in the vehicle ... any Ideas?

tensioner pulley does not rotate.belt is worn and cracked.

I had bad ignition coils and drove the truck before I could get them replaced. Now I have a severely load tapping noise that sounds like its from the lifters but I'm not sure. What is the best way to fix the problem?

Just change the MAF on the truck and now the truck sounds like it wants to turn off, why

after the battery was changed in my 97 ford expedition the anti theft system wont let it start. how do i reset it?

cde reads running lean bank one and bank two

"Wrench" Warning light came on when in 4 wheel drive....not on in 2 wheel drive.

the brakes get hard to push down every time i turn to the left or back up to the left, anything that has to do with turning the steering wheel to the left, but anyways the brakes get hard to where i cant push them and its only happening when i pull into or out of a parking space while turning left

Who do you get the back seats in the expedition to collapse with out the electric buttons. I am looking at purchasing a King Ranch version and the back seat will not lay flat

why is it pulling when we drive and there is a clicking sound under the hood we just replaced spark plugs and a vacume leak?

What can cause this?

I heard a ticking noise like a clock for about 30 seconds coming from the dash, then when I went to put it into 4x4 it wouldnt light up and wouldnt go into 4, is this in the switch?

Car starts fine first thing, but on hot days (90 deg +) it will not start after a second trip. If the car sits for 30 minutes it starts ok. Deler could not find a problem. It's my daughters car help

I was driving my car and a sign appeared saying check electrical thralldom or something like that.

The climate controlled seats do not work checked the fuse and its good.What else could be wrong?

i have a 2005 expedition and the vanity light and the turn signal lights have stopped working ( at different times) but i have been unable to locate the screws that would allow axcess to these bulbs. I have stopped at several service centers and have gotten several answers non of which i am comfortable attempting either solution.

i bought some E3 spark plug and i was wonding sould i get a better type or brand of plug just dont want to put the rong parts to make problems.

transfer gear shaft case repalcement?

where is the control module for the air suspension located?


passennger side wiper not swiping. stud rotates wiper does not. is there a way to tighten it down or how do I get the arm off to replace