While im driving the truck will start pulling like there may be something wrong with the fuel line? it happen's for a while but then it will catch and act normal untill next time. But the truck will only pull for a while ,I don't give gas when it happen's i just let it roll for a min before i do. I have these code's that pop up po133, p1131, p1132, po171, po172 and all but the first one say sensor indicates rich, lean. I don't know if you need more info but that's the ruff draff. thank's

My 97 expedition was running. it has set for a year. it was being started everyday and was running fine. now it will not crank over. it will crank if i put carb cleaner in the throttle body. i was told it could be the full cut off switch. i found where it says it is. but i cannot find the switch..any suggestions on how to get it running and where the actually switch is....?


i change the plugs on my car cause it started to run like it was missing and now it starts idles but it tyies to run and idle right and then starts nocking for a few soconds and dies.

trying to replace pads

I have a 1998 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer edition, with a third row seating area. When I bought the vehicle the third row had been sold/lost who knows. I just recently bought a third row seat for a 1999 Ford Expedition EB edition and was told that it would fit fine. Problem, the wheels that you roll the seat in with are to wide to fit into the area that the seat needs to latch into in the front. The rear of the seat it not a problem. Can someone tell me what I need to do.

Heater started blowing cold. Turn truck off and it warmed up a little. Does blow warmer when traveling over 50 miles per hour. New Heater Core

The driver door opens from the inside but not from the outside and it don't want to lock when I hit that automatic locks.

the electronic throttle control light came on while i was driving the car, i pulled into a parking lot and turned the car off, when i turned it back on the light was gonne. is it safe for me to continue driving my car?what are the chances of this happening again? Ive got a trip ive gotta take this weekend and i just wanna know if its safe to take the car on a long trip, i dont wanna be stranded on the road.

this is the second time ,this problem has accured ,i thought it was because of the aftermarket alarm causing it ,but now i'm not sure .when trying to start when i turn the key to the first switch i get a buzzing sound from the fuse box .but nothing happen ,no crank or nothing ,but sometimes i get a crank like it's gonna start but don't.

After a shop replaced the Mass Air Flow Gasket, both heaters failed. A/C works. Fine. Heat was working when I brought it in, as it was a cold day. No heat from front or rear. They can't figure it out. By the way, it failed "in the shop" when doing the above repairs. No prior problems with either heater.

Guys i know its not a mechanical issue,but i respect your input.Stereo only has mid-range and treble,probably some kind of amp thing,any ideas?

i can crank the car up but if i take my foot off the gas it cuts off but i change the coil pack and new battery and two of the oxygen sensors but i don't know whats going on someone please let me know what you think.

can you just clamp off the hose to the heater core

am trying to see where the heater valve is located at?

I went to sears to have my system charged on my 1999 Ford expedition and they said either the compressor or condenser is not working in the vehicle? Any ideas? I need to get working before hot temps hit out here like 110 ouch!

This vehicle requires 1, 4oz Friction Modifier ($19.00) and 2 qts 75W-140 Synthetic Gear Lube @ $26.00 per qt.

My expedition clunks in AWD and 4WD under medium to heavy throttle, forward or back, turning the wheels or keeping them straight, anyone have an idea what this may be?

I suddenly started vibrating and the check engine light came on at the same time. What are some possible causes.

this happens even when the engine has been runing for hours

how do i change the heater core that is in the front ?

No heat front or rear. Have hot hoses at the firewall. Replaced thermostat (twice), burped the system, replaced radiator, replaced water pump, flushed system. Blend door appears to be working by switching from cold to hot you get some variance. What would make both not work?

I had my engine cleaned and it is now running very rough. Probably got some electronics wet. i'm not sure how I would go through and dry out wet components. Is this likely to go away, or probably need mechanical attention ?

after disconecting awd. be able to still manualy put it in 4 wheel dr.

How can I prevent breakage of these plugs?

how to determon if the coil packs is bad? I tried 5 different coil packs and it still misfire P0305 and P0307

I have a 2005 ford Expedition I was driving and the oil gauge started moving from high to low quickly and with engine light on. . The engine starts now, but again loses oil pressure . Is this a problem oil pump (no oil spilling out). Thanks

Engine temperature is below 150 degree, I replaced the thermostat still can't get heat from heater.

where is the level sensor located my truck has a slow leaking passenger air bag.

how to deactivate anti theft system

when I turn on the vent fan I can smell antifreeze .. I don't notice any water leaks & don't have any leaks in the vehicle ... any Ideas?