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When driving and hits a bump on road, cruise control deactivates
Air flow for the heater and AC only comes out of defrost/top, no matter which position (top,dash,floor) I put it in. Where should I look to fix this? Is this a vacuum problem?
when i turn on the switch front vent does not work
I have a 2002 Ford Expedition XLT 4.6. The AC was not cooling so I checked the refrigerant and it was down to about 10 PSI. (I know this indicates a leak but on thing at a time)I brought it up to 55PSI @ 85 degree amb...
How do I remove the dash to replace the heater core?
some times after driving a little bit it sounds like the road is rough when driving at a lower speed but I can speed up and it sound fine and run like you are on a smooth road what could be doing this
how to replace ac/heater acuator
my gear shift will not shift out of park. what could be the problem?
whats the cost to replace all plug and 2 coils
My reverse will not engage after I have driven a few miles. Forward gears are fine. I checked the fluid level OK but is a little dark.
I need some help as to how replace the serpentine timing belt for an expedition 1998
My paint is pealing on the lower window trim, showing metal of trim.
my ac does not cool, they fan works or but it does not cool the cabin and it is that precion from gas this or I measure when it, that podria to be this?
my truck started out with misfiring codes on specific fuel injectors. all injectors replaced, all wires replaced, & coil packs replaced. now, instead of a specific misfire code, it pops up random misfire. getting a ne...
what could make my key not unlock my door? It has an alarm system on it that has been unhooked but yet i cant open my door with my key. it will push the lock up but not all the way like something is blocking it but it...
My interior lights or blinking on and off, pulled out the fuse and it was in good condition. Is this the because of a bad relay box? If so, how much will it cost to fix?
will someone tell me where the oil pressure switch is located ? Thanks
when we turn on either AC or MAX AC the rear vents work fine and are cold, but with the front vents we only get cool air when the fan is on the low setting. If we turn up the fan to any other speed it starts blowing ...
I have oil in the radiator, no water in the oil. Not a blown head gasket as most assume. The truck has never overheated, never runs hot for that matter. I replaced the radiator a few months(less than 1,000 miles ag...
making a popcorn popping in the microwave noise. engine can be eithir hot or cold, driving idle or parked. doesn't happen all the time. thought it was maybe condensation from the the a/c but I don't think that is it...
was driving down road and it stalled and will not start.starter try's but it just turns and turns. Thanks
I had just got back from a camping trip when I got home there was a clunking noise from the engine. I took a look and the a/c compressor clutch is rattling. The a/c still works but when the a.c is not on it rattles re...
rough idle missing out,stumbling ,hesitating while driving
When I turn on the AC I hear a loud squeeling noise.Today the air only works on highest setting What is wrong? The rear works but it is starting to make the same noise
We have a 200 Ford expedition with a V8 engine. The brakes are basically shot. i have to push it in like halfway then floor the brake completely. there is no slowing process unless i press slow and it seriously hurts ...
my engine light came on when i went to drive it it puttered like it didnt want to go until i went about 45 to 50 and stopped puttering unles i got down to 25 can you tell me what the problem is
what is the proper way to install a front leveling sensor on a 2005 expedition
i just changed out front wheel bearings 6 months ago now bearings need replaced again what could cause this
We were driving and the "door ajar" light came on. The doors are all closed. What do we check?