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Won't idle after it gets warm.Will crank but won't keep running.

i checked and cleaned all doorlocks with wd40?do i check a fuse

my hood latch will not latch on to hood

is it posible to clean maf sensor with throttle cleaner im trying to fix my rough idle

The radiator is contamineted with motor oil, but the oil pan doe not have oil in. what could be the couse for that?
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my radio is not getting any power...

My air worked fine. I changed the heater core out due to a leak. After assembly, the front only blows hot air, whether on hot or cold. Compressor is comming on. The black box under the passenger side dash gets cool/cold. The rear A/C works.

when i start my suv i get a cloud of blueis white smoke. also i hear a whinning sound when i get out on the highway

i was told by 2 shops that my transfer case is bad ...i hear loud clunking on 4 low and on all wheel drive its not as loud when start to drive..if i take off the front drive shaft and clinking goes away can it be that front differential is bad?? one shop told me its my front difftial

i was told that my transfer case is bad it makes a loud clunk when starting to drive on awd mode when i switch to 4 low its way louder whats better...rebuild or get used one from salvage yard

How do I know its the motor in the third row seat if the seat would not recline

as soon as i turn on the rear a/c control, a continuous clicking noise starts in the rear interior.

It idles high in park and runs rougly. I've never had any major maintanance done besides hose replacement and oil changes. What maintanance should be done by 70,000 mile mark?

can this cause loud clunking noise......transfer case sounds to expensive to fix on 4x4 models

this only when transmission is in medium to heavy presure when starting to drive. lite driving seems clunking...please help me

Usually when I turn my A/C on I her the clutch kick on. Now I turn on my A/C and hear nothing and it blows hot air. How can I troubleshoot this problem?

Replaced plugs and boots coils test out good .....still skips

fuel gage not working when i had a quarter of a tank it said full and when i filled the tank it was on full still but low fuel indicator was on how can i fix this problem?

I need major help!!! My entire truck dropped all at once. I've replaced the air suspension pump along with the relay next to it but the truck still won't rise! What do I do now?!

my engine cutsoff while driving then cranks again. usually several times

Separate issue: when vent fan is first turned on, manure smell comes out of vents: cause?

97 Ford expedition check engine light flashing truck running rough.

Check engine light flashing, truck running rough.

i have a 97 expedition and with the key in the run position it starts and starter engages unless its in gear, wipers, turn signals and trans wont work right either, please help

tried a star wrench which fit back not front. tried stars and allen cant find one 8 2 small 10 2 big. star tried a 40 45 50 none fits.

my truck hesitates when shifted into drive and pops hard into gear. when I am driving it down shifts there is hesitation before it clicks into gear. I had the trans fluid changed, injectors cleaned, fuel filter changed. what may be the problem

can not find out how to open rear window not in book that came with it any help would b nice

How hard is it to replace a heater core? Every ploace IU have checked wants at least $500.00

i would like to know the fireing order of my 98 ford 4.6 would which plug is which

the oil got into the water tank and it over heated oil mix ith water was leack