can not open doors from drivers controls

trying to find out how to change spark plugs [from top or bottom.

has little or no heat

How much is a tune-up? Also, occasionally the truck makes a loud humming sound and someone once said that it could be the water or fuel pump going out, also the engine light does go on and off. Other than that, our Expedition has never given us any problems.

I need help!! I was driving my truck and pulled to a stop light. When the light change I pulled off but once I exceeded 50mph the engine reved up like it was in neutral. The truck kept repeating this until I cut off the overdrive. No signs or lights. Pease where can I start? Is there any fuses, relays or sensors that control the overdrive?????

I disassemble my Ford Expedition liftgate door latch, to find out both cables; the one for opening the glass and the door itself were broken or plastic tip to hold cabel in place were broknn. Do you know where to buy those? Any part number or ways to fix those?

had check engine light code saying i had a bad catalytic converter on the left side, had it replaced, 2 days later the light came back on with the same code, took it back in, and was told now the right side is bad, that this is common when you replace 1, it can make the other go bad. Makes no sense to me.

I was driving down the highway when a spark plug blew through the hood of my car. Had been hearing a ticking noise for about 3 months prior from that side of engine. Rod got bent...need this vehicle for another 6 months not sure if I should just fix this rod or replace engine with rebuilt one...what kind of costs am I looking at depending on which way I go...repair or replace.

I'm getting a message on my message center that says "check electronic throttle??? can't remember what else. When the message appeared the car shut down, I had to put it in park and restart.

2000 FORD EXPEDITION turn signals and brake lights stopped working. they would work when sterring wheel was in up position and wouldn't work when tilted down. Now stopped...

The ABS light stays on all the time now and the 4x4 Hight light blinks intermittently. Also when I've been parked for awhile the 4x4 is engaged until I start driving. Then it's disengaged. I just changed the rear differential speed sensor, front right wheel hub and sensor and brake deactivation switch. Didn't help.

is gear shift module under Ford's powertrain warranty?

My 2008 expedition will not shift out of park. got it to shift once by using parking brake. once out of park can drive it. shifts without problem once out of drive. brake lights not coming on every time.

slow shifting,into hi gear.takes approx 5-10 mins for shifting 1st time after warming up.shifts fine after warming,but gives some noise,off and on.if put into 4wheel noise gets a little louder.approx 165k on car.no diagnostic codes or lites.

The overdrive light flashes on and off and car makes a loud noise when this happens.

The over drive light flashes on and off and the car makes a loud noise when this happens.

I had an Engine Diag which lead to a PVC Valve Hose Assembly replacement. What should "The Engine Diag." have cost.

my service engine soon light came on an a mechanic said that it had a code 125 coolant sensor. He then said that the ntake mainifold would have to come off to replace this part, is this correct

What are the best shocks that are recommended to put into my 98 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 4x4 truck?

front right tire has periodic squeak. occurs more so when turning or picking up speed. it isn't the ball joints because I know how that sounds, what is it?

Diagnostic says somthing about bank 2 and a vacuum line. the guy at the part store says its a vacuum line but where is it and how do i find it. it doesnt idle rough or skip

i was told it was the bearings i want to know what else it is?

help on replacing wheel studs on the rear

1999 expedition 4wd 5.4 triton when turning the front end feels like it is going to fall out from under the truck, heard that this is a common prob coming from the rear end and not letting the rear wheels turn normally,which is basically just plowing the front end around corners heard there was a "service pack" that can be purchased for the rear end to fix this does anybody have any ideas of onfo on this subject

this problem started after the transmission was built

change sparkplugs becauce it needs tune up

2006 expedition 5.4 lt engine 150K miles. experienceing loss of oil pressure during moderate acceleration, engine gets very noisy like engine running without oil.(oil is full & clean) Sometimes oil pressure gauge goes to zero and warning indicator likes comes on, sometime it doesnt. I can put in neutral and turn off and few seconds later restart and all is normal.Until another moderate acceleration. Just had an external oil pressure test gauge for diagnostics. at idle pressure near 50psi, stays same during drive until moderate acceleration at which time it goes to near 10psi. also has two cylinder misfire codes, but I dont believe thats related to oil psi

My vehicle shuts off while driving. it loses all power to include power steering. wait for 1 min and vehicle restarts and then sometimes the problem takes days to return.

Can an honest mechanic please give me an estimate as to how much it would cost to replace the idle arm,4 rotors and front brake pads on a 98 Eddie Bauer Expedition? Thanks!

While im driving the truck will start pulling like there may be something wrong with the fuel line? it happen's for a while but then it will catch and act normal untill next time. But the truck will only pull for a while ,I don't give gas when it happen's i just let it roll for a min before i do. I have these code's that pop up po133, p1131, p1132, po171, po172 and all but the first one say sensor indicates rich, lean. I don't know if you need more info but that's the ruff draff. thank's