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Replaced plugs and boots coils test out good .....still skips

fuel gage not working when i had a quarter of a tank it said full and when i filled the tank it was on full still but low fuel indicator was on how can i fix this problem?

I need major help!!! My entire truck dropped all at once. I've replaced the air suspension pump along with the relay next to it but the truck still won't rise! What do I do now?!

my engine cutsoff while driving then cranks again. usually several times

Separate issue: when vent fan is first turned on, manure smell comes out of vents: cause?

97 Ford expedition check engine light flashing truck running rough.

Check engine light flashing, truck running rough.

i have a 97 expedition and with the key in the run position it starts and starter engages unless its in gear, wipers, turn signals and trans wont work right either, please help

tried a star wrench which fit back not front. tried stars and allen cant find one 8 2 small 10 2 big. star tried a 40 45 50 none fits.

my truck hesitates when shifted into drive and pops hard into gear. when I am driving it down shifts there is hesitation before it clicks into gear. I had the trans fluid changed, injectors cleaned, fuel filter changed. what may be the problem

can not find out how to open rear window not in book that came with it any help would b nice

How hard is it to replace a heater core? Every ploace IU have checked wants at least $500.00

i would like to know the fireing order of my 98 ford 4.6 would which plug is which

the oil got into the water tank and it over heated oil mix ith water was leack

im having an air suspension issue >> i hear what im assuming is a compressor kicking in when while i drive or when i start the car... when the car has been turned off any consideraable amount of time my back suspension is lowered..when i turn on the car I wait until the compressor turns off and the back suspension has risen<<

i have a blown manifold gasket, does anyone have an idea of repair costs.

can you drive the vehicle at all with the gasket blown.

is making a knoking noise

My Car Drives Perfectly fine but everytime i put my car in reverse it cuts off while its in gear? whats wrong?

Ok I am at a loss right now. I have a 2003 ford expedition 4.6L engine, I just change all of my coils out, check my entire spark plugs (they show normal wear, less than 25,000 miles on them. They are motor craft), Changed fuel pump, fuel filter, Brand new Air filter, Oil (less than 2,000 miles), Clean the IAC, Replace the vacuum hose that connects to the throttle, Check for vacuum leaks, none detected and check (visually) all three motor mounts ( they all appear to good). I don’t have loss of power when accelerating; my rpm do not surge up or down it is pretty much consistent. My problem is that when I come to a dead stop I can feel my car (engine) wobble /vibrate. It is not violent are anything, but it is a wobble that is noticeable. Ran a scan on it and there are no codes, everything looks to be in normal operating range. The gas that I run in the tank is 87 octane (which the manual calls for) that has probably 10% to 20% ethanol in it. I use sam club gas in it. The reason that I am bring the gas up is that when I talk to my local Discount Auto Parts store he suggested that I could have low octane and to use a octane boost. So I tried his suggestion, and to my surprise I saw an improvement. The (engine) wobble /vibrate became less noticeable, but it is still there. Please someone help I am kind of at a lost hear? Any kind of suggestion is good

What things are needed to tune-up this vehicle?

Where is the air suspension control module located in my vehicle?

I have two Ford vehicles and both of them started shuttering/hesitating when accelerating and rough idle. 2003 Ford Windstar and 2003 Ford Expedition. What could be the problem. It feels like all cylinders aren't firing.

I need specs for 2005 ford expedition eddie baur timing belt

what would cause my ford expedition to squeak when i make a loud squeaking noise everytime i drive it.if i hit bumps it goes louder. but normally always squeak when i drive it

Some times hard to start, must give gas; but in the mornings and after work starts right up, but hard to start 3 minutes later. What is the problem, starter?

why does the windshield wiper light stay on even after filling the fluid container

having a difficult time removing lower ball joints

Why wont the needle in my 99 ford expedition move I put gas in it and does start,my headlights went out and so has the dashboard and on the overhead console the computer is reading the codes sc where it is suppose to read how many miles until empty.What could this be?

I noticed fluid on the ground after cleaning my vehicle. I took a look under the vehicle and noticed fluid leaking from the differentail housing and both sides of the axle.