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The Indiana told way broke my windshield and i need estimate because there asking for it if you could help me I will really appreciate..
Ford Excursion compass calibrator adjustment
Is a turbo boost something I have to purchase new? How much is a new Turbo Boost?
It just started yesterday and it also kind of missing
I was playing with the keypad on the door and accidentally locked the rear glass and now it won't unlock any way I attempt. Is this a code I need to put in the keypad. Dealerships act like they don't know what I am ...
How much should it cost to replace a fuel filter, air intake heater relay, and exhaust backpressure sensor on a 2000 Ford 4WD Excursion with 7.3 litre Powerstroke diesel turbo? This was determined by diagnostics run ...
Can not locate EGR , no tube running from exhaust manifold and no DFPE on throttle body. Have a rough idle and rough acceleration but runs smooth until it hits lower RPM
Both lights came on this past weekend, by the time we arrived at home- BOTH units now pull heavy to the right at slow speed and you can feel the brake pedals pulsate. I am stumped because both units the same day with ...
when i took my car out this morning i had no turn signals ,hazard or brake lights , i checked the fuse it was blown , tried to change it but it keeps blowing.
Transmission will often not shift out of park. This happens in my 03 and 05 Excursions. I try depressing the brake pedal numerous time. Simetimes this works but most often not and I have to turn the ignition switch...
my car ran good for an hour then started to die every few min. it started back up after set for a few min.
just replaced fuel pump and filter
had auto zone check it out- mumbled something about memory or nodes?
Truck is garaged so it is not subjected to extreme cold. Starts right up after glow plug lite goes off but has low power for approximately first five minutes and then runs fine. If outside temp is 60+ no issues with ...
2001 ford excursion diesel. If you know about this problem could you tell me how to fix it. Thanks
I was told to spray wd 40 in driver door latch would normally fix the problem but it didn't (for the lights).
the tip of the ignition lock cylinder is still in the steering column. do i just drill it out?
Where do I add the transmission fluid ?
Is there a short cut without removing the Intake?
2002 ford excursion wont go into first gear and makes a grinding sound
Can someone please tell me where the blend door is and how to get to it?
engine light comes on. took it in to the dealer and was told that it was the transmission.
starts to make ticking noise usually after warmed up or has been driven. But is random, not always there.
but the crank can be pulled out from the oil pan thought right???
Replacing auto hubs w/mile markers 449SS manual hubs going to try install myself any tips or info would be great thanks.