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whatis the ignition/spark plug firing order for a 2000 Ford Excursion Limited 6.8 liter V10.
Check gauge appears and oil pressure gauge indicates zero intermittently when driving at speed and when stopped at a light.
I have a 2004 Ford Excursion, The running board lights, and the inter lights say on for about 10-15 min after the truck is turned off, The Alarm will not set. I have tried the WD-40 Trick in the door looks, Is there a...
when i first start it wont idle but when it warms it will only idle at about 500 rpm there is also no engine light lit up to pull a code any suggestions?
compass and miles per gallon and trip mileage display not working. checked all fuses
What are the possible problems that this indicator could be sensing or is it likely that it's just a sensor?
I love my x but the dash instruments was not working and it had blown the number 19 fuse which goes to the PATS system .NEED HELP!!!!!
the air stopped in the front but still worked in the back, started working after 20 min. worked the next day, the following day stopped working in front still working in the back now for 3 day
Need to get a "guesstimate" on how much you think it will cost to repair a small cigarette burn on the passenger seat. It is not our vehicle and the owner is demanding my husband pay for the repairs since he dropped ...
getting a bad body shake when braking when weight seems shift to front gets real bad when coming down hill
My niece is in california and just called because her engine light came on and then started getting a miss she took it to diagnostics and they told her the timing chain streched I am guessing its a chain and not a bel...
what causes the engine to knock or slightly ping when accelerated over 50mph?
how do i fix my power locks. they all dont work and i need to use the keys. sometimes even the code that i use to open the doors wont be able to push the locks up? it moves but not enough as to where the door actually...
my excursion has been acting up since i used gas from a different gas station. my suv seem to be bogging and when i pressed the gas it shakes alot. i bought a matco code reader and it said something about cylinder 3 a...
Cost for repair to repair lower crank case bearing
what kind of brake pads and rotors do you recommend using on a 4wd?
what are some possible causes of excessive oil consumption?
what are some possible causes of excessive oil consumption?
what causes the brake caliper to leave indentations on the back of the pads and also what causes the the pistons not to be compressed back in upon removal of the caliper?
is there a strainer or screen in the diesel fuel tank. or on the fuel sending unit.
where is the oil pressure sensor located on my 2000 excursion 7.3 diesel?
driver window does not go down first few inches or up to close.Is there any quick fix because the motor appears to be fine but this part is hard to find!