i have been given an old 1984 escort it came with no spark plug leads i have brought some but do i put them on in the correct order.

I'm replacing the timimg belt and the water pump needs to be replaced, too. How do I replace the water pump?

most of time when starting engine,it will idle hi and low until engine warms,then levels out. it still seems to persist when driving,on warmer days its not that bad. can u help?

i was wondering what is normal to pay for parts & labor for a speed sensor fix?

Anti-theft system goes on all the time - had to pull fuses to stop the noise. Are cables loose somewhere?

The trunk will not latch down properly - have to really press it hard. What can be done to fix it?

i have hade it for a almost two years now and for about six months somthings been wrong when i get on the gas it just bogs down it has zero balls now ive changed fuell persure regulater throttle positioning sencor oxegen sencor fuell fuilter im starting to think its the cadilack converter..any ideas?

where is the starter located and do you have a pic

How much oil does it take to change the oil?

i have no head lights or dome lights

my car wants to start but wont stay running

Just recently my car started to make a strange noise. I have approximately 59000 miles. As you start to accelerate there is a noise, sounds like a top load washing machine as it goes through a wash cycle. The back and forth noise of the water in the basket. It is not a constant noise. It seems to be tied to speed. the fast you go from say 10mph and up the noise gets closer and closer together. It does not increase in volume, just the same rythmic swish or chug like a steam engine. When brakes are applied the noise slows down but does not go away. it seems to be tied to acceleration.

what is a P1443 Manufacture code

where is vehicle speed sensor control located

they suddenly stopped working when i started the car tonight

will a 96 ford escort 1.9 engine fit in a 2001 ford escort

where is the crank sensor located on a 1995 ford escort 1.9l located?

Comeing home in snow storm all were working fine stoped at buger king to eat came back out to go home start my car and no heater no wind shield wiper no and sun roof not working lights stereo blinkers all working? checked fuses fine checked relay box fine! please i need your help on solveing this problem

yesterday my heater windshield wipers and sunroof quit working at the same time i checked the fuses they were all good i also checked the relay box all good there whats the problem and how much does it cost to fix?


wondering if ist possible to fit a 1996 ford escort 1.9 engine into the body of a 2003 ford escort 2.0 engine

How do I bleed the air out of the cooling system on my 98 Escort 2.0 SPI?

how to remove from transmission

how do you seperate shaft from transmission

My car will not shift into gear, biggest problem is shifting into 1st and/or 2nd gear. it JUST happened. What would cause this? How can it be fixed? Thank you.

Why is the speedometer needle erratic now? It goes from 20 to80 to50 to35 and so on. I've replaced the cluster a couple of times now and that seemed to fix the problem for a time. Will a worn speedometer cable cause this? It seems after about 150,000 the speedometer needle starts this symptom, on any cluster I've owned, however, I don't think I've ever changed the cable, only the cluster, used of course, but it has worked so far.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Darryn Groff

My escort will not idle. I was told it could be the CO2 or oxygen sensor. How had is this to change and where is it. What else could my problem be.

Hi my heater does not work at all, it makes a sound when you move the dial for the inside of the car (feet, etc) but the dial to turn on low, med or high there is nothing.

driving down the road quit running and wont start, turns over but dont start

The other night I started my Ford Escort and let it sit and run for a while so it would warm up as it was near freezing outside. After about a minute, the engine started to stall out, but the rpm's suddenly increased and the engine was running normally again. I let it warm up for another couple of minutes, then took off. About 6 miles from home the engine died and would not restart. All electrical seems to be working fine. Upon start attempts, engine turns over but does not engage, as if it's getting no gas. Plenty of gas in tank. When the key is turned, I no longer hear the fuel pump engage as has been the norm all along. Fuel pump was tested with an external 12v source and engaged every time, but will not engage with normal starting procedures. All fuses have been checked as OK. Any ideas as to the source of the problem and possible ways to resolve issue(s) are greatly appreciated.