My wipers work on the fastest setting and the manuel setting, but will not work on any of the others, what could be wrong? Also, my horn stopped working altogether, could this be related?

belt broke an there is no routing diagram

car over heated

What is average cost to replace timing belt?

if the timing chain went would it cause the car to loose compression and stop

how much to replace an oil pan and gasket

how much to replace an oil pan and gasket


i have a lot of vibration. in the steering wheel while the car is in drive but not moving as i accelerate the shaking gets less. also i have a problem with throttle i set up the diagnosis and the code was for the M.A.F.. I took the m.a.f. out cleaned it out didnt see a problem i had sprayed carb. cleaner all over the intake system and got no rise in the engine so i dont know what else to look at. i also put a brand new TPS in. thinking that might be it but no luck. massive fail got any suggestions


my heater want work as well as my gauge want work.I have changed 2 sensors located near the thermostat housing and i have replaced the thermostat as well but nothing seems to work with that.and how do you replace the dashboard lights any help would be greatly appreciated

timing belt

where is the fuel pump fuse located?

i have been given an old 1984 escort it came with no spark plug leads i have brought some but do i put them on in the correct order.

I'm replacing the timimg belt and the water pump needs to be replaced, too. How do I replace the water pump?

most of time when starting engine,it will idle hi and low until engine warms,then levels out. it still seems to persist when driving,on warmer days its not that bad. can u help?

i was wondering what is normal to pay for parts & labor for a speed sensor fix?

Anti-theft system goes on all the time - had to pull fuses to stop the noise. Are cables loose somewhere?

The trunk will not latch down properly - have to really press it hard. What can be done to fix it?

i have hade it for a almost two years now and for about six months somthings been wrong when i get on the gas it just bogs down it has zero balls now ive changed fuell persure regulater throttle positioning sencor oxegen sencor fuell fuilter im starting to think its the cadilack converter..any ideas?

where is the starter located and do you have a pic

How much oil does it take to change the oil?

i have no head lights or dome lights

my car wants to start but wont stay running

Just recently my car started to make a strange noise. I have approximately 59000 miles. As you start to accelerate there is a noise, sounds like a top load washing machine as it goes through a wash cycle. The back and forth noise of the water in the basket. It is not a constant noise. It seems to be tied to speed. the fast you go from say 10mph and up the noise gets closer and closer together. It does not increase in volume, just the same rythmic swish or chug like a steam engine. When brakes are applied the noise slows down but does not go away. it seems to be tied to acceleration.

what is a P1443 Manufacture code

where is vehicle speed sensor control located

they suddenly stopped working when i started the car tonight

will a 96 ford escort 1.9 engine fit in a 2001 ford escort

where is the crank sensor located on a 1995 ford escort 1.9l located?