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How do I replace Window motor in 1993 ford escort LX 4door

What type of refrigerant is used in my unit?

Removed dash to repair heater core. Now that dash is replaced, the radio and blower won't work. Any suggestions?

what is part & labor cost to replace the vehicle speed sensor in a 1997 Ford Escort in Atlanta zip code 30328

What special tool due i need to remove the inner tie rod on a 1990 ford escort? Any help would be appreciated.

What special tool do i need to remove the tie rod under the boot?

The transmission started slipping.

What is the best way to get a torque converter replaced/repaired. Check engine light says 1744 code. Need to pass state inspection.

we replaced the thermostat because someone suggested this could be the problem, but it doesnt help. when you start it it revs high for a while, if not the whole time. and then after driving when you put it into park, reverse, or nuetral it starts to rev up really high and just keeps going up until you shut it off. but then other times its just fine and idles normal

We recently had the tie rods and ball joints replaced. it makes this creaky noise, like an old rocking chair, over bumps and while stopping-but not all of the time. also, while going any speed it makes a squeaky noise from the tire it sounds like, i dunno if something could be stuck in there somewhere or what this could be.

Ford will not pass smog due to monitors not set and no codes are avilable. Tech told me to drive it as much a possible. I put 4000 mi on it still no codes. California wont give me another extention on my registration. need to get to work!

I was driving in parking lot and LOUD scraping noise started on rear driver side tire, drove a short bit and smelled burning rubber, stopped, saw some smoke, left car and had it towed. My nephew is mechanic, approx how much will brake pads cost me? I'm very broke, living on Unemployment! UGH...Is that all I'll have to have him do????? PLEASE HELP with any ideas.....I'm a 55 yr old, not well woman...hoping my nephew will come soon.

we need to replace the timmong belt

car has stalled at 60+ mph, coast down, stop and restarted and no further problems.
Only happens about twice a week, have had the same problem with a 1990 escort and the resolved the problem with a new Ecm. Any other suggestions.

I cannot seem to loosen the center nut to remove brake rotors

I bought car drove it home after sitting for a couple months went to start in took a few times then it started but idled rough when i step on the gas pedal it stalls. this happens every time it will only idle thats it.put in new plugs still no change please help cant figure out.thanks.

I start my car and my horn keeps blaring. can't find a fuse area for it. could it be from wiring the stereo up? Or what would be the problem???

Does the flywheel need to be changed if you get a new clutch

change timing belt

If your thermostat needs to be hanged how would u know for sure? Do you need to replace the housing?, And what does this mean:A/C interferes add, PS interferes add??? also "flywheel resurface(cert) mean??

my automatic seatbels aren't working what coud be the problem and how can that be fixed?

had a coolant leak and went in and the replaced rad,thermostat, gasket ,does a thermostat or housing cost almost250 .and what would be overall apprx. cost of replace rad


instremental panel lights some are on working

lights on insterment panel some are out?

need to know about the timing belt spects

97 escort 2.0 sohc..replaced the water pump,installed new timing belt, and found the tensioner was bad, allowing engine to jump time. I went through and put on tdc, aligned the marks and yet still no fire. I think the cam and the crank are 180 off from each other. Is there away I can assure that I am on the compression stroke and not the exhaust stroke, since both will push compression.

1997 Ford Escort LX sedan has a vibration/humming/pulsating coming from the driver's side front wheel that has gradually been worsening for probably the last 20,000 miles. New front tires 10,000 miles ago and tread wear is perfectly even. No play in the wheel whatsoever from side to side or up and down. All boots are intact. Any ideas? Thanks!

The problem of my is the gearshift cannot be moved from the p lever, the lamps work well. And if I use something insert into the hole beside the gearshift, it can be moved to other levers. What's the problem? and how much it will costs to fix this problem? Thanks.

if the timing belt brakes can it be repaired