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the back doors are locked can't open from out side and in side have to hold up lock and open at the same time what could be wrong

We changed the fuel pump, and then the fuel filter and now the car still won't start..It sounds to me like there is a grinding noise or something....It cranks but it doesn't start..any ideas''

I noticed the gap on my plugs where too low when my car was running rough. I re-gapped them to 1.32mm (.052in). Is my conversion wrong? Now the car runs terrible!! I have to put them back to the narrow setting, (apx .5mm). What could be the problem??

My timing belt broke while I was driving. Can just the timing belt be fixed or will I have other engine damage? How difficult is it to change the timing belt yourself?

living in houston texas .. even though i use a sun shade has caused what looks like tiger claw marks to go over my head liner.. i need to know how to replace it..

Thank you bret,for your help I will check over the ignition system carefully and again check all my connections,HERES THE NEW DEVELOPMENT I PLUGGED MT OB2 CABLE INTO TEST PLUG TO CHECK FOR CODES THE TACK STARTS TO WORK NORMAL AND THE CAR STARTS UP OK,IF YOU UNPLUG CABE OF OB2 IT DIES AND TACK ACTS LIKE SHORT READS 8000+ RPMS ? I did notice when i unplug cord no fuel pump sound and ignition mudule hums .I also check for fuel out of gas filter pump pumps gas out it seems ok but i dont have a gas pressure tester to check fuel rail pressure anyone ever found this same problem or any more ideas ? Thanks again for any help

compresser stopped working

My compressor kicks on and the hoses get cold and wet. I removed the blower motor and it works, but when installed it does not. Is there a relay or something else? How can I check the switch??? Thankyou very much!!

I just installed a rebuilt motor 1st attempt to start it turned over fine but wont start ,the next morning i went and attempted to start it it fired right up.I noticed that when it wouldnt start the tack needle would got to max reading 8000+ RPM .Anyway yesterday i was driving about 35
and the car spuddered like and died started up and continued on running fine and it died again ,This time i noticed the tack needle pegged again and this time turns over fine no start like no ignition ,I checked for loose connector none found .I am woundering if anyone else has experienced this problem and fix this problem ?your help would be greatly appreciated.I am going to get it home today and see if i can read a code on it.I will update when its fixed .thank you

My car has a very high-pitched whining sound coming from under the hood when I turn the car on. It continues the entire time the car is in drive, except that it decreases, sometimes even goes away, when I accelerate. I had the timing belt changed and a camshaft gear put on as recommended by the mechanic, but the noise is still there. It dies out a few seconds after the car is shut off. It fades away gradually. I'm absolutely desperate for some help. Engine is not running hot but car is stalling, although I believe this is a separate issue entirely (code reads lean bank). Another mechanic told me it was in the engine and that I needed to get another one.

Cant find the expantion valve/ screen in the AC sys, is it in the heator core asy ?

The Flex pipe needs to be replaced and the muffler shop is quoting $160.

Not sure if this is a fair deal!

Where is the AC expantion valve located.

The brake lights stay on when I turn off the ignition. What is the problem?

I would like some help in repairing the door lock will not unlock from outside with key...its stuck..also there is a leak on the passenger side, does anyone know of possible leaking routes that lead to floor board. thanks

Hello. The timing belt broke on my Ford Escort while the car was idling in my driveway. I'm told if my car has an interference engine type that the valves will have been damaged (making repair too exensive). Can anyone tell me if my engine is an interference type? If not, I can get it fixed for a reasonable price. Otherwise I will have to dump the car. Thanks. Pete

how to change filter


how do i time a 1992 ford escort gt

Engine Type L4, Engine Size 1.9L/116, manual tran, no mods.
When running at highway speeds, while accelerating to increase speed, engine cuts back as if governed, sometimes to the point of stalling, and degrades to 40 MPH and unable to speed up unless throttle is lighty touched. Codes pulled, P1443, P0420 and P1131, lack of Heated O2 switch 1, Evac vacuum system purge or VMV fault, cat system below treshold bank 1.

Recently fuel filter and fuel pump was changed along with the removal of approx. 2.5 cups of sugar. most vacuum lines replaced, new plugs and wires, properly gapped. No abnormal noises from engine (ticking, clanking, etc...) installed locking gas cap, when opened indicates negative air pressure inside fuel tank (air suction). Clean oil, air filter, good battery and charging system. Cooling system cleaned and parts replaced.

What could be causing this lack of power, what should I do to diagnose, and repair this problem.

it has a knocking sound when started for about 15-20 minutes then the sound goes away no dtc when scaned it sounds deep in engine when it knocks.

sometimes, not always I have to double clutch to engage first or reverse, all other gears are fine. I bled the fluid but no diference, any ideas

Checked spark and it's good. plug gap seems quite large. looks like .125.
All pulley's seem to spin OK.
Checked fuel pump fuse and looks OK.

were do you find the pvc valve on a 94 ford escort?? and how do u replace it is it a easy job?


how to change a fuel filter on a 1995 ford escort

Where is the PVC valve located on the 1998 ford escort 2.0L SOHC 4 cylinder?

Does the '94 Ford Escort have struts on both front and back suspension?

How do I replace Window motor in 1993 ford escort LX 4door

What type of refrigerant is used in my unit?