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My car abruptly stopped working, My car will shift into gears but will not move in reverse just revs, in neutral car actually will move forward, any ideas what could be wrong with it, Fluid Level is fine, filter and g...
I am looking for a diagram and information on how to change the fan belt on my 97 ford escort
car shuters,then dies when driving down the road,like it's not getting any air,and make's a putt putt sound,and egein light comes on
when we put gas in the tank whether we fill it or not soon after the vehicle sputters and almost dies. any ideas
I recently sold my 2003 zx2 to my mother-in-law. I had it towed to a service shop not even a mile from me in Virginia and told them to look it over and fix anything that should be and also get it inspected. They calle...
my fuel shut off light is on tryed to rest it but nothing happened what else could cause this its not getting gas and will no longer start
how do you fix automatic seat belt motor and or track and approx cost
I'm having problems passing the Idle test for emissions. I can not get the HC(ppm) and CO% low enough to pass. Everything else is good. Iv change the spark plugs and put in "Guarantee to Pass" into a 1/4 tank of gas. ...
I have already unbolted the alternator. I can not figure out how to get it out.I have tryed to take it over the axel but it will not fit.
I had a new transmission installed and the seal between the transmission and engine needs to be replaced.
when getting ready to put my car in gear it,s hard to put it in gear it,s hard to shift from 1 gear to another
I have an Escort ZX2 with 60k and a transmission flush has been recommended for $270. There are no shifting issues with the car; the recommendation is based on the color of the fluid having gotten worse since the las...
Is there a cabin filter on the Escort ZX2 and, if so, where is it located?
I asked a question about the trunk not opening previously and was told to take apart the lock assembly. Do you know where I could find a diagram of how it goes?????
there is some minor damage to the back end of my ZX2 that was there when I purchased the car but it doesn't appear to be anything that would hinder the trunk opening. I've tried the key, the truck release button under...
Looking for an estimate on brake line replacement both front and rear
On my daughters car the dash lights are out and the outside and parking lights stay on all the time. And also the book says the fuse panel is on the passenger side and it is on driver side and the panel does not match...
my 95 escort at low idle i loose clutch funcition at normal driving it fine
where is it located
switch will not turn headlights off.have to pull fuse in order to turn off lights.
My temperature gauge starts in the middle (instead of cool) when I start it up. Sometimes while driving down the road - not idling - the gauge goes up towards hot & will go back down some (while still rolling down the...
will fuel pump relay switch make noise when bad and will car run if it is bad. car idles rough and dies switch makes noise when check engine light comes on
I have a 95 escort that will not start. I have replaced the ignition switch, plugs, wires and the ignition coil. Initially I went to start the car and it would not start. I waited a few minutes and tried to start it a...
i have checked all fuses and can not get car to start. also my cooling runs all the time with key on and motor not running. plug in scanner and it will not communicate to scanner. what is burnt.
Code says #1 cylinder not firing change plugs, wires and throttle position sensor but when I remove #1 oil was all over threads and point gap. Car hard to start runs rough and sometimes cut off when idling and coming...
could this be a shorted relay or the altenator
does a 1997 ford escort have a hydralic clutch if so where is resavoir
How do I replace a blown brake light?
i noticed my service engine light came on and when i went to get my oil changed and asked them to reset the light they told me that there was a P0125 error, how much does this normally cost to repair?
it has fuel but no spark. the idiot lights do not come on when the key is turned. the car turns over good