my niebors car wont start, isnt fireing, the alt belt broke and slung around and hasnt cranked since. why?

i just need the spark plug gap.

can u provide a routing diagram

I have taken all the bolts off of the oil pan, the only thing that is in my way is the muffler. The muffler is not letting the oil pan come loose. Any tricks that can help me?

radio lights will not come on, overhead lights will come on, but not dash

all of a sudden

bought the car about 3 months ago and the ac work fine now all of a sudden its hot out and the ac is not working,it that it has no power going to the pump

My water pump needs to be replaced. I can manage the job, I'm pretty handy, I just can't seem to get the timing belt cover off. Any suggestions?

the ac in wifes car went out. replaced the clutch and realized there was not power to it. then replaced the ccrm (constant control relay module)then chrged the ac. while charging it cooled for alittle then stopped. we put 2 and 1/2 cans of 134. still not workinfg properly. on our way home it started cooling ice cold. the next day on her way home from work it stopped again. replaced the low pressure switch and still not it works sometimes and sometimes not. what is going on? can anyone help?

I can not get the timing on the cam correct

After the car has been running for awhile the check coolant light comes coolant needed though.

where is the ac compressor relay switch located on my car?

How much should it cost to repair a rear turn signal on my 199 escort?

I have a rear turn signal out on my 1999 escort how much should it cost to rpair?

I have been told by a trusted mechanic that both rear coil springs are completely broken. can I continue to drive this car? what are the risks?

The door switch on the driver's side has no power. This means that the car believes the door is always closed. The dome light does not come on and seat belt motor does not activate. Does anyone have a wiring diagram or experience with this issue?

My dash lights went out and I looked for the fuse box and found it but there is nothing labeled about the dash lights or interior lights.

first check charging system light came on and headlights were very weak. started then after about 50mph charging system light went off and ran fine. i dont know if when i tilted the steering wheel the car started driving like it had no power going up an incline after car drove for about 10 miles vehicle overheated then later tried to start the car and now there is no crank or start. stereo no longer turns on however all lights and dash lights work but wont crank.

I have an ZX2 Ford escort and by brake lights went out.. I tried changing the bulbs, the fuses and ever the brake switch under the brake paddle and it still doesn't work.. When the back lights come on when I turn on my lights and my emergence lights and by back window light still works... What could it be?

I need to know where the camshaft position sensor is located on 94 ford escort 1.9 liter the code comes back 214 cylinder identification sensor cps????

Replaced: computer, wires, plugs, coil,cap,rotor, fan,fan motor, thermostat, coil, waterpump, hoses, belts, timing belt,fuses, cleaned fuel inject, park car in garage, starts, purrs, runs for 1/2 hour, sun hits it, overheats , park in sun go start it, it starts runs like DODO. then strts over heat. 5 phx mechanics quit on it. No wires or battery touching frame, dash lights died

How much does it cost to replace a blower motor

I would like to know any information that could help me Figure out how to repair the (passanger side, front end) sway bar linkage if it broke at the bottom!

i went to a car repair place they said my oil pan gasket is leaking and my dipstick tube is not mounted that goes to my engine i was just wondering how much would they charge me for both if i pay for the part and they just fix it

My husband wants to put a new front windshield in my 1995 ford escort wagon himself. Is this a relatively easy front windshield to replace? Also the clear coat has come off of my hood. What can I do about this?

I have a ford escort station wagon. It started making a weird noise today. I had been driving for 5 miles, made 2 stops. I drove for about 2 more miles, came to a four way stop and it wouldn't go into gear. When the car was turned off though I could put it into gear. Do I need a new clutch?

i already changed the fuel filter and the fuel pumps are in condition also the air filter is changed, the one i'm thinking that has the problem is the transmission.

troubleshooting an oil leak that I can't find but thinking it could be from that unit. The leak between the firewall and the engine.

So this started happening 2 weeks ago; I'll be driving along then my car start's to shutter and shake. as if it were miss firing or not getting any fuel. so i went to napa and they told me to change the fuel filter. and i did, but after i took it for a test drive it was acting even worse and back-firing like no other. as i've notice it only happens when the engine is warm. im starting to think it's and injector going bad? any ideas?

How hard is it to replace radiator on escort? Could I do it myself?