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How do I bleed the air out of the cooling system on my 98 Escort 2.0 SPI?
how to remove from transmission
how do you seperate shaft from transmission
My car will not shift into gear, biggest problem is shifting into 1st and/or 2nd gear. it JUST happened. What would cause this? How can it be fixed? Thank you.
Why is the speedometer needle erratic now? It goes from 20 to80 to50 to35 and so on. I've replaced the cluster a couple of times now and that seemed to fix the problem for a time. Will a worn speedometer cable caus...
My escort will not idle. I was told it could be the CO2 or oxygen sensor. How had is this to change and where is it. What else could my problem be.
Hi my heater does not work at all, it makes a sound when you move the dial for the inside of the car (feet, etc) but the dial to turn on low, med or high there is nothing.
driving down the road quit running and wont start, turns over but dont start
The other night I started my Ford Escort and let it sit and run for a while so it would warm up as it was near freezing outside. After about a minute, the engine started to stall out, but the rpm's suddenly increased ...
Only a portion of the dashboard is lit. I don't know what this could be, or if I can fix the problem.
Could not put car in reverse this morning, makes a grinding sound when I try. Cannot switch gears while car is running. If key in ignition is turned to on, I can shift although not easily.
When I started my car yesterday, it rattled very loudly and the engine light came on. Today, it doesn't rattle but the light is still on. Does anyone know what this could be?
I noticed yesterday that my hazards were blinking when my car was off and also does this when cars on do you know what the cause could be.
Where is the valve located? Can it be adjusted? Where can I find a replacement?
the power steering went out while driving, then battery light came on.
Why doesn't the temperature gauge move. I replaced thermostat and some heat comes out but gauge doesn't move.
my heater/ air cond blower is not working
My check engine light came on and I don't have manual that says how to read codes. I hear there are jumpers you have to put in connector since it is no the OBDII. Where can I find that info so I can see what is caus...
My tail lights are not working, not are my lights that light up he dash. I d havewarning lights n the he dash, ut no backlight. THe headlighs work, the blinkers front and back work, and the brake ligts work...I replac...
I have a 94 Ford Escort Wagon LX and I noticed one day that I can take the key out of the ignition and the car still runs. Also, sometimes when I shut the car off, it still beeps like the door is open, even when i get...
Is it possible to have the routing of my serpentine belt measured in order to replace the belt with one that will bypass/exclude the A/C compressor pulley? My compressor clutch is out and I can't afford to have the co...
what does BTN on the fuse box cover stand for? i am having the worst time figuring it out
I have a 1993 ford escort gt, for about two months now i have been having a problem starting my car. I will have the key in the ignigion and i have the turn the key multiple times before it starts to turn over and the...
hi i just got this car and relized my head lights dont work? the high beams work if i hold them on,that's the only way they work if i hold them so could this be the light bulb or some thing else. the parking lights al...
can i replace the key cylinder alone or do i have to replace the whole switch
I had a water pump and timing belt changed. The mechanic forgot to replace coolant. The vehicle overheated (the temp gauge never went high(probably not enough water to read) The mechanic changed the head gasket and us...
i swap my 1998 engine for a 2002 engine and i dont know where is the engine serial number can somebody help me please i need a computer
do i need a press to replace the bearing, front bearing
Recently my car has been slowing down, when going up hill and refuses to accelerate even when I hit the gas. Does anyone know what would cause this or how to fis it?
It will run in park, no miss, and no problems reving the engine, but as soon as I put it in gear it acts as if it is missing and when I press the gas, it stalls. I hope you guys can help, Thank You!