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i just changed my transmission filter and the day b4 i noticed everytime i turned right n my car it would try to die or would die still have no clue wat the problem could b hope u have sum pointers

s/e light came on took to machanic there telling me its the turbine speed sensor and that i need to get a new transmission are they telling the truth?

The air was cooling just fine when I left the house,went to store,air is now barely cool.Blower working fine.Thinking low charge..put gauge from interdynamics 134a EZ Chill 22oz.can refill on low side port, car & a/c running. Pressure goes up to 50-52 then immediately "clicks" off and down to 18-20 then immediately "clicks" on back up to 50-52..constant "click" on/off and pressure up and down. Have not added any 134a yet in case it's a switch and not a low charge. What's up?

How is the horn pad removed to replace the horn pad switch?

I have a Chilton's manuel which states. Adjust the shoes by inserting a brake adjustment tool into the "knurled quadrant of the rear quad operating lever". Drawings seem to show no screw adjustmentas of older cars. Can somebody tell me where before I tear it down and find I no tool?

The system is empty now and I replaced some componets, need to charge it now.

The cable lever moves, but the hood latch does not release. How can I open the hood?

I need to replace the ball joints on 97 Ford Escort and want to know how I can accomplish this myself.

At low speed till you hit 75 mph

I am wondering will it be the fuel filter that cause the car to surge like it is out of gas? Also are there any special tools needed and any special steps to follow?

7/09/2010 engine code 602; speed sensor; what is cost to replace this item?

seems that no fuel is reaching the engine

I was driving and the clutch and car were working fine, I came to a stop sign and put the car in nuetral before shifting back into first to take off and the shifter did not want to go into gear. Finally it went in and I turned the corner and it popped out of gear. I pulled over and now it will start and go into all gears but when I let out on the clutch, nothing happens it is like it is still in nuetral. I checked the cable to the slave cylinder and it is moving the fork fine, I am not sure if the clutch is bad or what, the person I bought it from said the clutch is less than a year old. Only thing i can think of is that maybe the throwout bearing is stuck and the plates cannot return pressure to the flywheel. Help!!

Where can I find the driver side track for automaitic seat belt, as well as the seat belt to replace the one that I have the track has broken completly, and can't find the belt part. I have looked everywhere, please help.

I have a 2002 Ford Escort, car will work fine one day and then does not turn on at all, no sound no nothing.Check engine light comes on sometimes and goes away. What could cause a car not want to start.


I replaced the fuel pump and now it acts like it is vapor locking. I have bled the lines of air and re set the relay. what can i do now? the car wont start. i have changed the fuel filter.

Where is the ac compressor relay switch located on a 1999 ford escort?

Definite odor of fuel when excellerating from a standstill, not so much after that. There is no detection of any leak in the engine compartment nor on the ground. The car has been well maintained and in good running order. The car was purchased new in 1994.

I have a 1995Ford Escort. It stopped on the road one evening.Had it towed home.
When checked,there is only 6volts to fuel pump.What do you think is the problem.

to replace it do you have to pull the heads

i have no power to my ac compressor on my car 2002 zx-2 ford escort . could you tell me why? my email adress is thank you so much

was driving car and it stalled out replaced the ignition switch engine cranks over but wont start and the fuel cutoff light is on replaced the fuel inertia switch still wouldnt start checked fuses disconnect battery to reset computer checked fuel pump and filter checked fuel line pressure also

car died while driving it would turn over but wouldnt start now it wont even turn over battery is charged i changed the ignition switch and check all fuses radio will work in acceries but not with key is on

My 95 escort seems to be running rich. It exmits alot of bluish smoke out of the exhaust. And it runs rough at a idle, but at a higher rpm, it smooths out. It has no power when going up a hill. And it has exhaust coming out of the engine when i remove the oil fill cap I have cleaned the air intake and replaced the fuel filter, air filter. It does not seem to be the plug or plug wires. for they are new. please help

My ac compressor comes on and i bought one of the kits to recharge to help save money but i cannot find the low port. thought i did but the compression fitting does not fit though i might be on the wrong port

Im new to this site ans was looking at the recall notices and they also listed "TSB" or technical service bulletins. I was wondering what they are and what do I do if my car has issues related to some of the tsb's

my tires are wearing out extremely fast on the outside on the front of my car. the back tires are fine. i've heard that it could be the suspension or that the tow needs to be adjusted? any advice would be great. cuz i've gone thru two sets of tires on my front end in the past year. thanks =)

I am having air conditioner problems and would like to try and figure out if the compressor is out or if it might be something else. My air worked fine on the way to work and when I got off it was not blowing cold. The next day I took it and had freon added. He did say he had a hard time getting it to take freon. It worked fine when I left there and went to work. The next day it was not cold again. I assumed I had a leak. A friend checked the freon and said it showed to be full and said that there is some kind of overfill and underfill switch on the compressor that might have shut it off. Has anyone heard of this? My other question is if the compressor could be out. I didn't think so because of it not working the first day and then it did work after adding freon twice. Help Please.

as above car is now dangerously overheating.During winter and spring the temp. was OK unless I pushed the car, hard.The catalytic converter is also about shot.