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after 7 days in shop they claim 2rear plugs and coils are bad only $632 to replace them
when you are backing up there is a grab while putting on the brake
02 Ford Escape 3.0l B1S2 oxygen sensor. I 've gone to 4 different mechanics some say before and some say after the catalytic. I've changed out 1 after the engine going toward the muffler I dont see any sensors after t...
Oil like fluid leaking out under the coolers dealer can not trace the sourse
At what mileage should I do this. Even if I don't have any problems. It's running great.
when vehicle is idling, blows cool heat. when driving, blows warm air.
Replaced Throttle sensor but light is still on. What next?
I have a flickering oil light on the dash panel. It is not on always but flickers randomly. I suspect a bad sensor...
bulbs, fuses, ok. changed switch on transmission, still no lights. is there a relay or another switch???
preesure hose is leaking bad
Replacing sensor on the power steering pump. Could use diagram of the pump. Can not find sensor.It is a 4 cylinder, 2 wheel drive, manual transmission.
I smell the burning smell through my vents when i stop my car. And now the engine is idleing slightly high and rough.
My 2007 Ford Escape is hard to start when humidity is high. Cranks for a long while. I turn it off then on, starts OK. Once started, starts fine the rest of the day. No problem in dry weather, hot or cold. Battery ha...
Car was running great prior to this. Now it's spitting and sputtering and acts like it's not getting gas. This happened once before in March 2011 and after driving for a couple of days car ran perfect again and check ...
My care shuts off when I'm slowing down or if I give gas, and maybe not drive as fast, like maybe I hit the gas peddle too hard for the speed that I'm driving...I don't know.
I have removed the piece across the top. There were several small bolts that seemed to hold the cables in place on the post. I have removed all of those. Two large silver pieces on top of the posts will not come of...
I got in my car went to turn the ignition on and it sounded like everything in the car locked up and the ignition will not unlock HELP
Vehicle was not started for 10 days and was dead when I tried to start. I jump started it and now the gauges do not work. The vehicle starts now, but gauges do not work.
button is broken and needs to be replaced . do you need to remove the steering wheel? will unhooking the battery disable the air bag?
The little 90 degree angle drain that goes through the wheele well is plugged up, I've pulled off the rubber hose but can't reach the little 90 degree angle drain. HOW do you get to it to unplug it and HOW do I get th...
Ever so often escape will not start. when jumped off it starts right up. something is draining the battery but so far cannot find what. battery and alternator have been replaced but still have problem. was taken to fo...
cost to repair the alternator
Tranny and Transfer case are still good... what causes the differentials to do this? Do they get rebuilt, replaced, repaired?? how much?? Trying to find a place to do this, my mechanic said he wouldn't touch it??