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When the light flickers in between the three there is a hesitation as if the transmission is trying to shift down. This only happens when the accelerator is being depressed if foot is off accelerator it rolls fine no ...
All four fabric inserts fell off driver and passenger doors last summer. The plastic liner underneath isn't unattractive, but I'm having a difficult time removing the foam that was underneath. It had dried to a hard, ...
way to check for engine sensors to be bad? can autozone run the diagnostic scan if engine wont turn over?
It just came on this morning as I was driving to work.
I need to replace my horns on my 2011 Escape where are locatef
what additional parts besides new tranfer case is needed?
My 2010 was in a rollover accident. But the motor and tyranny are still perfect with low mileage. What years would my drivetrain fit into?
It was running good then it started misfiring on startup, and when sitting at idle. We was under warranty and the dealer put a coil on it and it still had the engine light on it. It is still missing, even worse now ...
I have a 2001 Ford Escape XLT V6 3.0L 2WD, that need help locating the Engine Coolant Temperature Sender and the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Can you help? Thanks Joaquin
..and lose power. Check Engine light is flashing.I can accelerate through this and the engine will 'catch' and smooth out. Check Engine light remains lit steadily. A scan indicates mis-firing but and I'm scheduled for...
Car not turning over; makes a clicking noise, but then dies. Radio comes on. It has been slow to start for about a month.
The noise seems to be under the dash on the drivers side. The car will still start.
Driving home tonight and the dash went dark. Shined my flashlight and everything was stuck. Got home, turned off car and now it won't turn back on. Prior to this, I would drive and everything on dash would drop to z...
Recently my 2009 Escape has a loud rattle/grinding noise while in reverse and while giving it gas. I do not hear anything out of the norm from the engine. Had my wife put the car in reverse and give it gas and while I...
when it is 70 out side my car has ac when itis 80 outside no ac it is cold then hot real fast and my fan is on when i turn the car on the fan is on all the time what can i do
2011 FORD ESCAPE ac coming out hot when car is on but when the car is not fully on it is cold
2011 FORD ESCAPE ac coming out hot when car is on but when the car is off it is cold and my fan is allways on why
It's the buttons on the steering wheel for the radio controls, the cruise controls, the phone Sync controls. The dealership wants $110 to diagnose the problem, saying it isn't any of the fuses. Also is the P,R,N,D,L ...
This happens 2 out of 3 times. Have to restart once or twice to get the cabin power working.
Hi, my 2003 ford escape (australian) is stuck in gear! I was picking the kids from school, and changed the shifter from Drive to Park and it just flew up to Park and stuck there? The display shows its still in drive b...
The battery light has been coming on when I start the car for the past couple of weeks. Can someone help?
the struts are snapping off the frame and causing the brakes to go out.
CD4E transmition failure While the vehicle turned on and posisicion park, automatically moves the Incorrect reading from the gear shift indicator, scrolling through all the speeds (park, neutral, d, 1 ,2 and 3) when ...
checked door after locked, this door did not lock and set off alarm
tried doors to see if all were locked, the rear passenger door was not. Set off alarm.