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Hello, thanks for taking time to read this. My wife has a 2012 ford escape and always been greatly maintained. It was 47 degrees out today and she was driving into work. 10 mins later car died in the middle of drivin...
The light on the Battery comes on then goes off for a few days then it comes back on for a few minutes. Just replaced the battery and everyone I took it to said there is no problem
Tone ring broke and mech suggested removing it for time being. 3 days later huge clunks, grinding, binding in front end. Now needs transfer case repair. No symptoms leading up to this.
wont start no power inside of car nothing the whole car is dead if someone knows anything please let me know
saying tire system failure
It only occurs at low speeds and I've checked the tire pressure on all tires and they are all good.
firms up and stop faster. I can find no leaks and fluid stays at same level in master cylinder. What could be causing the soft petal?
I am driving at 30-40 and let off accelerator then get back into it it feels like 4WD is kicking in. Had it looked at dealer they said u-joints and driveline carrier bearing look good. Also said rear diff mounts looke...
I drove my 2004 Ford escape and sometimes it loses power, the rpm goes up tried to take foot of gas paddle and put my foot back on to see if the rpm will go down but it doesn't then it starts to shake it happen once i...
alternator quit charging,replaced alt. still no charge,Tech said could be the e.c.m. Is that possible.Have checked alt wireing, cleaned grounds, and cables. Did charge for awhile,after I replaced alt. then stopped.cou...
Original EGR valve blew out and the tube was distorted and the valve end. Current standings: -Rough Running -Self shutdown -New Egr valve -New EGR Tube -New Vacuum Lines -New Vacuue Switch
p0113 code came up cars idling funny
Up hill, lose power and slow down by 20 kms. High RPM's when accelerating fast but can bring down if I let up on accelerator a bit as if I'm driving a standard without a clutch. WAY over rev's by its self uphill some...
My exhaust was leaking suddenly it got louder and the car started runnig badly with a very strong sulfer smell.
The airbag light was flashing continuously and then I had to have the dash took out to repair valve core. Now the light is out but it makes a loud 5 beep alarm and repeats it over and over. This is a 2003 ford escape.