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i was recently told that i needed to replace motor mounts. do i have to replace all of them? how do i check to see which ones are faulty?
Thanks autotechpat,but what I was asking was with the work, that was done to the manifold and the pvc values, that were replace, should I be having the" possible problem" listed in earlier reply?
I notice that one of the reponses to update of my engine light, stated possible : leaking intake manifold, or replace PVC value, well on 10/22/08 after hearing a noise coming from my truck, i had the dealership look a...
estimate for parts and labor for water pump replacement for 2003 Ford Escape
Thanks for your list of common problems, based on Code P0171, now can you direct me as to what to do next? Autozone did reset light, and is has not come back on @ this time. What should I do now? Thank You.
I'm sorry the troubleshooting code was P0171 this was the only code there were, Thank You.
Hello, Thanks so much for your advice, it made me feel not alone.I took your suggestion and went to Autozone today and these were the results,BB1,BBfuel pressure,BB2,BB3 or BB4,The sales guy, stated It could be the ox...
I purchased this truck brand new, have had every recommend service done on this truck, could you possibly give out some ideas as to what the problem could be? The dealership will diagnosis for 125.00, currently unempl...
cannot open front passenger door from inside or outside
cruise doesn't work , never see light on dash is button on sterring wheel bad? how hard to replace?
My battery check light goes on - att first intermittanly, now almowt on all the time. Have had it to 2 shops and battery is OK as well as the alternator output. No problem with starting or anything else.
When key is left in ignition and lights are left on or door is opened the Chime Noise does not sound.
I do not have power at the towing power harness. The fuse checks out. I had turning signals but a short time later nothing.
I was leaving from work and the accelerator pedal went to the floor. The ccable is no longer connected to the top end of the pedal arm. Is this a common Ford Escape problem?? It's under warranty, but if this is a s...
how does the alternater come out
had car put on computer codes kicked out are PO106, PO109, PO171, PO300, PO316 and P2195. Have changed O2 sensor, spark plugs and checked all air lines. Car was running rough, did the above, car thumped and now runs...
my car on hte diagnotis computer has kicked out several codes.. they say they are bascially for vacuum leaks...cannot find leaks and do not have the money for the shop to fix the problem ($300 to $500). What else can...
Unable to remove the bracket the the front discs attach to so that I can remove the rotor. Can the bolts be that secure? Do I need a torch? Not enough room to put a pipe over the wrench for leverage.
Why does my steering wheel make a humming noise? It's much worse in the morning. There is no vibration or shaking only a humming noise and it usually goes away after being on the road for a while.
can i replace my 4wheel transmission with a 2wheel trans
my 2001 ford is selecting forward gear but not moving when accelatering only in reverse its moving do u hahe any idea whats wrong
Everytime I open my back hatch or the hatch window especially when it is hot outside and I shut the door or the window the door ajar light stays on. I have had this problem fixed once and it started back up a couple d...
I have replaced the battery and alternator and while driving the battery seems to discharge, and this is during the day. Also when engine is off it self charges according to the voltage tester. It is putting out 11.89...
Could using an aftermarket oil filter damage my engine? Is there anyone out there that has had any experiences with aftermarket oil filters on this vehicle?
why does the air conditioning quit blowing cold air at higher speeds, i.e. >60 mph
Alternator only 1yr old, but battery test as good, was told alternator is the problem, it's still under warranty so I just need to get it off to take back and exchange.
My rear window was recently broken out and after replacement, the rear wiper fuse continues to blow. I installed a new wiper motor thinking that was the problem and this did not solve the problem. Any recomendations?
Air conditioning blows warm... Would it could it be only the fuse... Marked ACC or can new gas be installed? thanks
The engine light is on & the car slows when going up hills to 45 mph or less and when I push down to hard it just races the motor or makes a loud noise. Whats wrong?
front brakes dont lock up.. it feels like they wont grab all the time and feel like they are slipping..