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How do I bleed the air line of the clutch for a Ford Escape 2002 (5 speed). Right now, it's going all the way down to the floor when I clutch.
car does not show hot on gauge but when engine has warmed up there is a smell inside that smells like the hot water in the radiator. this just started.
When I turn my steering wheel to make a left turn it makes a rubbing sound, sometimes. What could it be?
estimate on 3.0 dohc
My six dics cd player will no longer play my cd's in any of the dics modes. It says "bad dics" even though I have tried several that I know are not bad dics.
My 4 wheel drive has stopped working, I took it to get looked at and they could not find anything wrong with it. What could it be??
The anti lock brake light came on and the 4wheel drive light flashes off and on. then goes off. Could the wet weather have something to do with it/
Gas went low bought new gas engine started stumbling, put in GUMOUT ran out the gas installed ingintion coil, new plugs,then added HEET and filled up with 93 octane Inviggorate gas, Diagnostic reads misfire in bay 1 &...
my rear glass door will not lock, and the alarm system will only sound every now and than when glass latch is opened
The alarm goes off in my car every few days for no reason. The check engine light also goes on and off.
How do I remove the rear view mirror. I see the slot at the bottom of the base, but can't get it loose by using a screw driver.
The vehicle has less than 8,000 miles. Started fine on Saturday, but would not start today. Battery is fine. Any suggestions? I am thinking that it could be one of the following: Fuse? Anti Lock Brakes? Possibl...
where is the alternator on my ford
what kind of tools required to change out the lower control arm bushings?
Check engine light is on. Just tuned up, plugs, filter, fluid levels ok. Diagnostic code shows P0401. What does this mean? What are probable fixes?
my seat belt will not click close. it's stuck in the close position, where can i get this fix quick and cheap.
keeps going bad cant figured out why
Shortly after starting my car a series of 5 beeps occurs 5 times with no panel lights or anything to indicate what the problem might be. The mechanics at the Ford dealership say they don't know...?? They should know....
After sitting for a number of hours in the garage when I come back to the Escape the doors are locked. I know that I did not lock them before getting out and did not press the "lock" on the remote. Does anyone have ...
a light has appeared on the dash looks like an exclamation point with kind of a cirlce around it...what is this
car turns over wont start , now just loud banging noise from starter wont turn over
We just had 16 inches of snow and I noticed that when the selector switch is in "AWD" or "4WD" the back wheels never turn. The indicator lights are working and the 4wd fuse is OK. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in a...
How much would it cost to replace a cracked windshield?
A few months ago, my power locks started giving me trouble. The remote will unlock the driver's side door only. Similarly, the driver's side lock switch will unlock the drivers side door, but aside from that, all the ...
I have had all of the spark plugs changed, the gasket resealed, and had it checked again and again. The engine light comes on, then the car idles very low, around 500 RPMs, and sputters. Could it be the coils? If so...
after a severe windy rain storm while driving home, my check engine light came on and the car didn't seem to be idling correctly. As I accelerated to just over 40 mph the car began to sputter. As I slowed down, it s...
when i turn the steering wheel i hear a cracking sound?
I have a 2001 Ford Escape. I recently replaced the battery and alternator and now have to complete a drive cycle before it can pass emissions. After driving 300 miles, it still will not pass the Evaporative Emission a...
i was recently told that i needed to replace motor mounts. do i have to replace all of them? how do i check to see which ones are faulty?