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im trying to get the water out of the fuel, and need to drain the tank. can i do that with out dropping the tank?
I took my Ford Escape in to get the emmission test done. They said they couldn't because of no power to the data link connector. Any idea's?
I am wondering what the average cost would be to clean out the throttle/air intake system?
The radio and all windows stop working for a few minutes especially when starting cold. From behind the radio it sounds like clicking noise from a relay or switch. Any ideas? Thanks
the abs light is on and the 4x4 light is blinking what does this mean
Last night we had a lot of rain and our street flooded. My wife and I both drove through the water in seperate vehicles. Mine was the 2002 Ford Escape and she drove our 2009 Honda Odyssey. Neither vehicle stalled a...
The pulley on my A/C compressor has stopped turning. It appears what may be a plate on the end of the pulley has popped out about 1/8".
Need to get driverside front axle off and need to know how to get clip to release
How important is the Emission ? What is the warranty on the Emission on a 2005 Ford Escape ? This is the third time I have been having problem with the emission lighting up on the instrument panel. it happen 2-2010, 3...
I got in the car the other day and turned on the ac. Only warm air came out. The fan works on all speeds, there is a squeezing or swooshing noise in the ducts. Does this sound like a major problem or just the system n...
My ac is not blowing any cool air out. It stopped working suddenly. When the fan is on it makes a squeezing sound in the line. Could there be a hole in the line or just need to be serviced(refreshed)
abs light is on and 4wd blinks on and off intermitently
Had ac charged, was full with 143a ,no leaks, at a stop is cold,but whin you take off it starts getting warmer.
a/c only blows cold for a day after adding coolant, then blows hot every time i add coolant
what is the right setting on the sparkplugs for the Ford Escape.
Is it necessary to replace A/C dryer when replacing A/C compressor motor?
My vehichle's check engine light is on, I have a slow fuel fill problem as well. The vehichle has a long/ hard start before it finally turns on. Now the vehichle is starting to accelerate and shift roughly on it's own...
i need to replace the alternator 2004 ford escape cant get to it how do please help desperate
placed the spare tire on backwards. striped screws. have to replace the screws that hold the tire. service tomorrow. at mr tire auto service center.
my car sputters while driving
when motor running light comes on
My truck seems to be overheating on a regular bases what do I need to check for? Other than checking the fluids.
My cruise control will not work at all. So i zip tied the cable(not sure what the name is) to the part that controls the throttle. It works now. But I need the proper parts. not just a zip tie
How can I get into the car or under the hood? Battery dead, doors won't open
I am working on a 05 escape with a 2.3l engine 8th vin z. i was wondering if a 2.3l focus or a 2.3l fusion engine would be a direct swap or small changes(manifolds or oil pan)i can find a ton of the focus and escape e...
I just put a new long block in every thing is connected and bolted down. I'm not getting any spark, or gas on the plugs. there is gas to the engine with good pressure. these two are on the same wiring harness, any i...
I was told that the ball joints are loose on my 2008 Ford Escape. It has 29,000 miles on it. Would this be covered under the warranty. I was told that ball joints typically do not go out with this low of mileage...
Sporatic trouble starting recently. Engine sometimes needs to turn over longer than usual. Just yesterday, same symptom and now 2 error messages in my dash <service emission system> and <verify charging system>. No ch...
2001 Ford Escape 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 164000 miles Engine on my 2001 Ford Escape does not start. My troubleshooting so far: 1) Checked for spark - spark on all 6 2) Checked compression: 185 psi on 4, 195 ...
When I try to put the vechicle into gear, the lever sticks. It takes me a while to get it to depress where I can put it in gear.