defrost and floor heat and air conditioning work but won't come out dash vents

I was told that my motor mount was loose and that the part to fix it would cost me about $540. Does this sound right?

power-steering pump is leaking

Rear view mirror detached when I touched it. How do I reattach it?

steering wheel jearks going down the road dont do it all the time but does a lot happens more at higher speeds power steering light dont come on dont think its it just cant find whats wrong

put in 12 0z. but seems to need more? Air conditoner blows semi cool air!

Car jerks when taking off and when braking kinda jerks

At a stop my a/c blows warm, but when I accellerate, it works fine.

I have a 2002 ford Escape in which we changed spark plugs 2, 4 and 6 as the engine light was on and i was told #4 was misfiring. Car runs rough when starting, like a shaking. I notice when this happens that when you turn the key to start, the dinging sound you have til you start car is not there. Could i have a bad coil pack in #4 since they originally told me this was the one misfiring?

What type spark plugs should be used in the 2.3L Escape

I recently had the battery changed in my 2006 Ford Escape. I took it to be inspected, but my car failed inspection as the monitors had not reset completely yet. The inspector told me that I needed to complete the drive cycle in order to pass inspection. Any idea how far or long I need to drive the car? Any tips? Thank you so much.

Twice in the last month. Hatchback door would not open. Appeared lock wasn't opening but not sure about that. Sprayed WD40 onlock mechanism. Working at present.

Are there special tools required to replace the serpentine belt on the 2005 ford escape?

85k have to add oil alot, ford says 1 qt every 900 is o.k.
No leaks and no smoke. What could be the problem?

I am having a problem with gas milage. I am getting roughly 9 miles per gallon in my Escape. Even under the worst driving conditions this is almost half of what I should get. I got new tires, changed the oil and air filter, new brakes, and I have no codes. Car seems to run perfectly. What can I do?

I put the refrigerant guage on Low side and it fluxuates from 5 psi to 60 psi. I can't get a good reading, because the clutch cycles on for 3 to 5 seconds and off for 3 to 5 seconds....Is this part normal? It blows warm air. I tried charging it, and I can see the line sweat, but only warm air comes out.
WHAT CAN IT BE?.....orifice or clutch?

The set screw that holds my shift nob fell out recently. There is an inner shaft of white plastic inside the shifter that I can't seem to put back to its original position and my Escape will not switch to overdrive. Is there a diagram somewhere where I can see the proper installation? Thank you.

This just started to occur. there are 77,000 miles on the vehicle. It only happens after heavy rain while the vehicle is parked. When I start to drive the "event" occurs and goes away after driving several miles.

I have tried twice to get smog check and failed my car was in the body shop where they took out the battery and reinstalled and now the drive cycle is deactivated.

my door light indicator on the dash is staying on and i cant arm my remote

what are the signs of a bad coil pack? the engine was shaking when the gas pedal was pushed but smooth when coasting, now the engine is running very rough and we replaced the crank shaft sensor but it did not improve.

Loud knocking on the top of engine when it first starts or excelerates.sound is intermitant.any ideas as to cause

how much would it cost to get a front right wheel bearing fixed

The upper u-joint and steering shaft on my Escape needs to be replaced. I looking for a diagram or schematic so that I can do the repair. I am an experienced mechanic.

A couple of days ago my car stalled. Everything just when dead in my car. When I got the car to the repair shop they told me I needed a new alternator. They replaced the alternator and belt. Next day turned the car on and the battery light was on and after driving about a mile the car stalled again. They then told me I needed a new battery. They replaced battery. Car seems to be running fine, but the battery light still goes on when I turn car on. It flickers for about 5 minutes of driving and then eventually goes off. First question...did I need a new alternator in the first place or was it just a new battery that I needed. Second question...why does the battery light still come on?

I'm thinking it possibly might be that we need to reset the computer. I resently chaged the battery.

after start up the airbag warning light comes on

all the time, just started to do it this winter.

problem diagnosed by mechanic during wheel rotation

How many ignition coils are there in this car?