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I took off the trans pan and see no filter. so where is it
After I got home from having my oil changed, I noticed a notation "has oil leak". Nothing else. Since they didn't bother to talk to me about it or attempt to get me to go for some repair, can I assume that it's mino...
What can happen if a wheel bearing goes out while driving my car?
At 80,000 my number 2 coil failed twice wihtin weeks and then Ford dealer said it was ECM.....10,000 miles later the number 2 coil has fained again.....another $500....
$900 to replace supposed plugged glowing red barley running cat.Ran good for two days.Back to same with loud air sound.Shop has had car for a week and can't figure it out.Thanks
when i start my car, the accelarator sitcks. it happens in the morning only. Its fine after driving about 15-20 minutes. Is there a cable for the accelator that is about to break?
My AC doesn't get cold yet appears to be full of Freon or 134a whichever. I just blows and gets warm.
egr valve blows a hole , makes loud noise and slows care down to 45 miles and hour, every time care is turned on and wont go over 40 to 45 miles an hour. we have replaced egr valve twice.
The engine light stays on and when placed on the diagnostic scanner, the code P1506 comes up.
This started just recently. I felt it during low speeds, 30 to 40 mph, then I began to notice it at higher speeds, like up around 70 mph.
It's been doing this more frequently now. Last year, it only happened during cold weather, now it happens even when it's warm. The engine stalls easily and I have to restart it.
Bought used in Feb2010 at 14K mi. Now at 21500 mi., service engine soon light lit up - checked, and oil was 1/2 qt. low. Last engine oil check at 20700 mi., oil was 1/2 qt. low. Once we added oil and drove ~ 25 mile...
Is it possible to replace only the rear wiper motor, or is it necessary to replace the whole window (with wiper/motor/etc.) assembly as a unit? Is glass breakage common when doing this? Cost of used parts? Thanks--Rotide
the rear window wiper just stop working and when driving you can hear a click click, the fuse under dashboard was checked and was ok, can not find out why it just you think the motor went out??
Passenger side door is not shutting at all...can't manually lock the latch. Meaning the jamb won't catch when I push it down. I replaced door hinges and have tried realigning the door and striker, and have narrowed i...
My car stalls after starting- the electrical works but, when I put into gear it stalls. sometimes it takes five or six tries to start. I had the air filter changed, stopped using grocery store gas . What could it be??
While driving the truck the radio started cutting in and out and then when i turned the corner the car stalled. I rolled it into a gas station and it was jumped and i drove home. I was told I need to replace the alt...
when i backed and turned the steering wheel it sounded like a loud grinding sound but it didnt sound like the brakes
squeaking or rattling in steering column at least it sounds like it is coming from the steering column
The front passenger side of car is constantly wet. Molded badly. WHY?
do i have to flush out or can ijust add the brake fluids?
the assembly getswter in it and it's all foged up
anti theft light
I don't know how to fix my rear window blade. The motor to the blade works perfectly, but the blade doesn't touch the window to clean it???
automatic gear shift on steering column stuck in neutral will not change gears. tried forcing steering wheel right and left. but it is stuck. my escape has 205,000 miles on it and has been great. at 160k I had to ...
I looked up this code, it said that there is an idle air control under speed error. The car stalls when under 2000 rpm, but seems fine above that.
The alarm periodically goes off during the day. We turn if off and it goes for a couple of days and it goes off again.
it worked fine until recently. Was told it could be a fuse but the owner's guide did not have a fuse lised for the cruise control system. Any ideas on fixes and cost of repair?
My Escape runs poorly sometimes after it rains. I've taken the car to 3 mechanics now and have had the exhaust system replaced from the front catalytic converters all the way to the tailpipe. It doesn't happen every t...
I have a 2002 Escape that has developed a skipping problem when taking off but no check engine light is on. The car also has a bad noise coming from the steering. Had it in the shop on the steering, changed the fluid ...