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i have 60k miles and my front brake pads are getting thin. the rotors still look fine. how hard is it to change my front brake pads.
Tranny and Transfer case are still good... what causes the differentials to do this? Do they get rebuilt, replaced, repaired?? how much?? Trying to find a place to do this, my mechanic said he wouldn't touch it??
My daughter has a 2002 ford escape, Her EGR went out and we found out we had to replace all the catalitic converters, We had that done she drove it for one day and the check engine light came back on we took it in aga...
cant get tire off
I changed my shocks and struts, also i changed my brakes (pads and rotors )a balance is performed as well yet, I hear a noticable knocking sound when I turn right in both reverse and forward and even when stopped. w...
they thought it was a leak from the maaster cylinder but it is not then tney fould brake fluid in the air hose
How much should it cost to replace the spark plugs?
vibration at 50 and above suspected 4 wheel engaged all the time,put on lift found rear diff not free wheeling turning drive shaft. is clutch pack need replacing or is there a fix. this seems to happen when temps belo...
Engine temp. seem to be normal according to temp.guage.So I don't think it the thermosat.
I need to change out the trans filter and replace the fluid how much would you charge for this?
I'm looking for someplace to take my car to in order to repair or replace my cd player. Everything else works, but cd will not open and eject the cd's in it. Thank you, Mary
I went off roading with my escape and yes i hit some puddles. the vehicle ran fine. on the way out the trails i hit the last puddle and the battery light came on. I shut the SUV off and let it sit for 5 min. started b...
I wanna get the code for the keyless entry system.
I don't know how to remove the plastic triangle with the mirror control knob. I need to rove it to access the 3 bolts to replace the mirror.
This just happen all of a sudden. the a loud thumping and squeaking noise just came from engine causing it to turn off and i notice the oil light flickering and the coolant light turn on. oil and coolant levels are fi...
When going up hill my car slows down and makes a lot of noise. If I try to accelerate, it will only make the engine make more noise and won't accelerate. I'm driving a longs distance and afraid it will give up. The ...
My SUV has been hesitating a little lately. It only happens when I am going about 45mph uphill. If I take my foot off the gas for a second, I can get it to stop. It does not happen at any other time. Ideas?
My 2001 Escape has rarely given me any trouble. It has just under 90,000 miles on it. I had the 100,000 mile tune up done early, (this is end of Dec, tuneup end of Sept 2010). All oil changes etc done on time. The ...
My Ford Escape lost power and stopped running the computer and coils burnd out at the same time they were replaced and it did it again with in 30 miles. The shop told me it was because the Catalytic Converters were cl...
My 2005 Escape won't start unless I spray the wires with WD40. Where would the most likely spot be for moisture to collect?
now can I use starting fluid to help it start or will it damage mass sir flow sensor
What is included in a 60k service?
Earlier this morning I ran my car off of the side of the road, over a ditch and into a field. A tow truck towed me out, and after that I drove a few miles back to my home town. Now I notice that my car smells like bur...
i tryed to change the front brake pads and can't get the right socket size .I did try 3/8";10 metric and too big and then 5/16"&8 metric and too small
where is the abs control module located?
abs&parking brake lights stay on, but brakes work fine