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There is a cheap way and the right way to hook up to machine..what is this and how much does it cost?

Like a intermittant rattle sound coming from the right front wheel at low speeds over bumps. Repair shop says it could be the struts but wasn't sure. $550 would be a lot of money to spend if they are not sure it will fix the problem. I know its not a lot to go on but any ideas would be welcome.

How do I remove dash to get to the actuator?

When I start the car it starts wirh high rpm, and fter it warms up it wil occasionl squeak when i let off accelerator. Will also make squealing noise on startup after car is warm. Idle is pretty erratic when car is warm.

My alarm just goes off randomly, while it is sitting still and locked. usually once or twice daily.

Horn and flashing lights wil activate when there is no one around

I have looked all over the engine compartment, but cant find it.

unless I unplug the air flow sensor . runs great all day though with sensor . I've changed air filter , air flow sensor , manifold gaskets . seems to be tempature problem . maybe ecu or pcm . also , if I'm driving and it gets dark at night it will die mid stream when I slow down . thanks

what is the problem and the fix

need to replace my alternator

The leather trim on the door panels, keeps coming loose. It is just kind of pressed on or something, I keep having to repress it under the seam. I don't know why it keeps coming loose.

If someone can help me al be very greatfull

I cant get it out of park unless i rock the truck back and forth while pulling the steering wheel. Also, up on ramps- we put it in gear and when we gave it gas, it made a rattling nose coming from the shaft I guess. It sometimes makes a noise in that area (where the transmission meets the shaft) like a gear slipped and grinded but the truck doesnt stop moving out of gear.

Took it to mechanic, he opened it and replaced the lifters only to find out that it wasn't the lifters so he didn't charge me for failing to fix the problem. Truck doesn't burn or leak oil or gas. i caught my daughter running it w/out oil once so i know that's what caused the problem.

Sometimes-not always- my truck wont stay on unless I keep the gas running and accelerated with the break on for the truck not to turn off. A couple of blocks later, It will run fine on its own without me needing to keep both throttle and break going. Does it need a new fuel pump maybe?? IDK

i put a transmision pan gasket on it and now after putting it back together it wont go into gear

drive train? any recalls?

My drivers side door will sometimes go up with having to press the button several times, not sure if its the motor or a switch. Can anybody help me.

How Should locate and open that part of the air vent open it and clean it

when I turn the steering wheel. Is this serious or just a annoying noise?

when stopped it will almost die. give it gas to take off and it goes no where no rpm. in park though the engine rpm is fine problem is when car is in gear

Other than the fan speed not working at the lower speeds, the AC and heating system work fine.

how do you remove the inner door panel on a 2012 ford escape?

Warranty just expired, now car will not shift. Told may be the transmission sensor. Any info on a recall or know problem with this part in 2007 Escapes where I may get some relief on repair bill?

I was making a turn today and all of a sudden my oil/gas lights came on and it noticably lost power. It didn't turn off, but I could tell something happened. I just had my oil changed last week.

2007 ford escape and i just went over 100,000 milse and it doesnt happen all the time. mostly while accelerating

they will replace 2 spark plugs and coils on the left side of the engine

after 7 days in shop they claim 2rear plugs and coils are bad only $632 to replace them

Speedometer started not working. It takes driving awhile for it to kick in and catch up to speed. Odometer goes on and off randomly. O/D Off Light blinks. Turning off the car resets the O/D Off Light.

I have the pads but need to know how to install