when I turn the steering wheel. Is this serious or just a annoying noise?

when stopped it will almost die. give it gas to take off and it goes no where no rpm. in park though the engine rpm is fine problem is when car is in gear

Other than the fan speed not working at the lower speeds, the AC and heating system work fine.

how do you remove the inner door panel on a 2012 ford escape?

Warranty just expired, now car will not shift. Told may be the transmission sensor. Any info on a recall or know problem with this part in 2007 Escapes where I may get some relief on repair bill?

I was making a turn today and all of a sudden my oil/gas lights came on and it noticably lost power. It didn't turn off, but I could tell something happened. I just had my oil changed last week.

2007 ford escape and i just went over 100,000 milse and it doesnt happen all the time. mostly while accelerating

they will replace 2 spark plugs and coils on the left side of the engine

after 7 days in shop they claim 2rear plugs and coils are bad only $632 to replace them

Speedometer started not working. It takes driving awhile for it to kick in and catch up to speed. Odometer goes on and off randomly. O/D Off Light blinks. Turning off the car resets the O/D Off Light.

I have the pads but need to know how to install

Both lights are blinking sometimes, especially in high rpm. brake light is red.

Have a problem with overdrive flashing on and off. this has occurred for awhile now. Once you shut ignition off and restart, it doesnt flash until driving for awhile. 2 days ago it stopped pulling in drive. but works in low 2 and low 1 and reverse. what could be the problem. have been told could be coil packs in transmission..

It is open and will not close

I would suspect multi function switch, but i cant ck out for my daughter since she just moved to TX. Anyone familiar with this prob. on this model?

when you are backing up there is a grab while putting on the brake

02 Ford Escape 3.0l B1S2 oxygen sensor. I 've gone to 4 different mechanics some say before and some say after the catalytic. I've changed out 1 after the engine going toward the muffler I dont see any sensors after the catalytic. The check engine keeps coming back after cleared with the same sensor error. The last mechanic I saw after installing the new sensor said the one by the radiator needs to be replaced. I located it but cant reach the other end of the cable. I moved the battery out of the way. Where is it located and how can I replace the B1S2 oxygen sensor?

It works fine on #3 and #4 settings nothing on #1 or #2?

Oil like fluid leaking out under the coolers dealer can not trace the sourse

i need to replace it or can it be fixed

At what mileage should I do this. Even if I don't have any problems. It's running great.

when vehicle is idling, blows cool heat. when driving, blows warm air.

It cant hold an idle, even in neutral. Took it to mechanic and spent 800 on plugs, etc. brought back twice. Ran fine for two days and now worse than ever. It idles so rough it is almost rocking, and then stalls. Engine light is on constantly. Any ideas?

Replaced Throttle sensor but light is still on. What next?

I have a flickering oil light on the dash panel. It is not on always but flickers randomly. I suspect a bad sensor...

it just started and i really need some assistance asap.

bulbs, fuses, ok. changed switch on transmission, still no lights. is there a relay or another switch???

No warning no rough idle no bucking or hesitation. It will restart when I shift to neutral than it will do it again. The car will run fine for a couple weeks than do it again. What do you think. No codes or service engine light.

I need to know if that is true.

preesure hose is leaking bad