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Real bad front end noise even on jack stands
I noticed a change in my escape in that sometimes it seems to shift differently ocassianly the rpm rev up a little bit to about 2500 and then back down to normal. What could be doing this do I need fluid changes?
lately car is either rattling or shaking upon at park at red light or parking but while driving car is smooth !! why?
my ford escape was idleing real bad i got the spark plugs change nad still idles and goes slow up an hill and takes off slow. it is also an manual, what could be my problem
is it possible that my 2003 ford escape xls does not have a pcv valve,i bought it in the dominican republic and it is an export model from the usa?
On purchase - fan/blower in AC/Heating system made loud noise when dial turned up. Dealership replaced the fan blade, stated sometimes they get "stuck". Problem occurring again + engine light on and no acceleration ...
On purchase - fan/blower in AC/Heating system made loud noise when dial turned up. Dealership replaced the fan blade, stated sometimes they get "stuck". Problem occurring again + engine light on and no acceleration ...
i cant find pcv valve ford escape 2003 4cyl
where is the pcv valve ford escape 2003 4 cyl
How do you replace(remove & install) the steering wheel cruise control switches. I see a small torx screw but removing this still does not allow the switch to be removed from the steering wheel.
just about every time i m parking at light or at stop sign car shakes or rattles.. when car is on the go it s fine!
How do you remove the exhaust manifolds on a 2005 Ford Escape?
What should I expect to pay for a new/rebuilt transmission for my vehicle. I was driving the vehicle on Sunday when suddenly it just stopped going, the engine was fine, plenty of transmission fluid, no leaking of flu...
car cutting out every once in a while but not continuiously & check engine light just came on.
It started this past winter season, 2010, after the vehicle is all warmed up and I set the cabin temperature control to a comfortable setting it will get hot by itself as if someone had turned the knob to high heat. W...
What is the average cost for replacing upper & lower ball bearings, including parts & labor?
So the escape has been idling rough off and on for a while with the occasional stall. then one day we get on the free way and the vehicle starts stubling pretty bad and we get off. stumbles all the way home. My bro...
What's the estimate or average cost of fixing a transmission? Should mine be repaired or is there an alternative to mine? Should I go to a "transmission" place or a regular repair shop?
Our 2004 Ford Escape steering wheel has free play and then jerks hard after turns, hitting bumps or applying brakes. You must be very aware when driving or it could pull you off road. It sometimes takes a while for ...
Most recently when I drive my car from one place to another once I put it in park the engine accelerates to 3.5 to 4 on the rpm guage. I turn it off then back on and its running as normal. What could cause this?
i need to know where is my number 4 cylinder in order to replace the coil.
I have a 2002 Ford Escape, and the ABS light came on, but before it does the brakes dont operate properly. Once the light comes on brakes work fine. Had the car scanned for codes and it says the abs control module is ...
The little 90 degree angle drain that goes through the wheele well is plugged up, I've pulled off the rubber hose but can't reach the little 90 degree angle drain. HOW do you get to it to unplug it and HOW do I get th...
I installed a remote starter but cannot get it to work all the time , sometimes the alarm goes off when it starts , sometimes it doesn't start. Can you remove the anti-theft ring ?
gear selector indicates vehicle is in reverse, and drive at the same time when it should only be in drive. backup lights stay on while in drive.
I have 5-6 cds in player, and they are stuck. At first, I would hear the motor trying to eject them, but not anymore. Any suggestions?
My rear windshield wiper just stopped working. Any ideas as to how to repair?
I have a 2006 Ford escape that seems to shuts down when I stop at a red light or any stop sign. I believe its the idling of the car when it does this. I simply restarted the car back again and drive off and it seems t...
When I start my escape it hesitates before it starts and when it does start it makes a putt putt sound and act like its going to cut off.when I turn on the heat I smell fumes from the exhust pipe.