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and oil cooler tried pressuring up with air but im getting air leak from some where under close to where my oil cooler goes
I put gas additive in it and used supreme gas. It was ok until now, March! Only happens once in a while. The ford dealers said I had a 1000 dollar repair of a fuel pump and that there was no way to tell if it was...
We got a new Stainless Steel tank for Aero Tanks 909-388-0002 Was easy to install myself, just thought everyone should know. It cost a bit but I will not have to worry about it any longer.
both catalyst and evaporative monitors are not setting. vehicle has been driven several hundred miles, and has not had the battery die during a recent time. vehicle also has no check engine light or pending codes....
is there a switch control to operate heat or AC for the back
i have a Ford E 250 99 my problem is the heat or AC and the horn does not work when I bought the truck the owner told me that if I'm running the heat or AC not to use the horn because it will blow a Fuses. so i chang...
Replaced fuel pump a few days ago and now truck idles rough and hesitates badly when accelerating. If I pull the vacume from map sensor it seems to do a little better but then doesnt want to shift. HELP PLZ!!!!!
every time it down shifts... when coming to a stop or rounding a corner.
I found an engine out a 2009 e250., just wouldering if this engine Will fit my 2005 e250 sharing the same w 8th digit bin number .. Please help
this is the first time ever happened, never had electrical problems before! Now not even the interior lights, digital spedometer andything comes there is not battery or electrical system in it!
Brake light in dash has to be on to be able to use wheelchair lift.
when i started it up it automatically died and wont start, and the battery light on the dash is staying on. help
bank ! sensor #2 high and low volts detected
those codes came up on the scanner what would you recommend i should replace to fix problem?
the schematic driver side and passenger side
How much will this cost to fix?
it starts in the afternoon when its hot the mornings it cranks but wont start dealer gave me a code p0600 internal folt in pcm what does it mean ?
Had van tested 2 times on test one failed on high side by 2 points and just passed with 98 measured. Second test failed on slow of 104 measured and passed on high what to do now?
I have had a master brake cylinder replaced due to the brakes going to the floor on the first push. If you pushed again they would act normal. My brakes now are becoming mushy. Also my cruise control will shut off eve...