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when i move off there is a " clunk" sound, then jumps into gear ??
I have codes , But with the Generic scanner , It cannot be trusted . It will start , but will not excell. I have tested all circuits , and changed all electronics , with a know good part . Still won't excell ?
how much fluid does the transmission hold
the engine runs great but the oil & coolant are mixing & pouring into the reserve bottle but not in the engine.
What is the level of difficulty to change the power steering high pressure hose on a 2000 Ford E250 Van? What is a fair estimate cost for a mechanic to do the replacement?
it does it all the time, the faster the fan runs the worse it is
please tell me how t o reset the tire monitor light
if i read 12volts between the negative cable and negative post does that mean i have a short in the system i was told it should be about 6volts
I own a 2006 e 250 and live in MN. my washer pump is out!!!! I can not find the pump the fill tube seems to disapear. So where is the pump and what is my easist route to remove and replce? THANKS IN ADVANCE
will a front bumper from a 2001 f250 fit on a 2003 f350
i got a 95 ford e 250 van 4.9 straight six in the past 2 months ive put three radiators in the truck and now my fourth one has blown they keep blowin out at the bottom seems the truck dose not over heatis this commen ...
it idles weird when sitting at a traffic light. it shuts off when trying to stop or make a turn
Truck stated running bad, like it was only running on two or three cylinders. Was always back fireing. Once speed reached mph, it ran a little bit better. Took in to check codes and it showed that massive air flow cen...
r ough idle stalling when stoped
it started a while ago but I still travel with it as long as I go easy on gas pedal it drives ok,but if I dont pick up speed before I reach a hill it causes my car to sputter because I have to give it gas to stay with...
2000ford van starts ok runs but has no power at all will hardly pull no trouble codes when scanned tryed o2sensor right bank by engine scanner was showing a low reading but this didnt correct tryed plug coils one at a...
My work van works fine but after a traffic light sometimes when I press on the gas it moves slowly and then it picks up speed. In addition sometimes when I am on a traffic light the car seem to jump foward (like a kic...
Typiccaly how many hours to changeout a used transmission on the abov van. Trying to judge cost factor. Have the tranny, need to know how long to put in.
whats the difference between air conditioner and cooling systemhoses&clamps? to me they are the same and you are trying to make it sound like i am getting more service
my check engine light came on I ran a scan with my OBD11 and the following codes came up PO171 Bank 1 too lean and PO174 Bank 2 also lean. How do I fix this problem when it say too lean does this mean my mixture is t...
So my van was running, but real bad i checked spark plugs the gap was off alot i got new spark plugs and gapped them properly now my van wont start ?
I hit a deer in my new/used 2008 F50 5.4 engine. I only had the truck for two weeks so I'm not familiar with it yet. The transmission oil cooler coil which I thought was the a/c coil was damaged and leaking but the tr...
how to take off the plastic cap on automatic trans shifter linkage to lube. manual suggests lubing every 6,000 mi.50,000 mi. on van & has never been done. should that effect the proformance after i finally lube? or do...
i been having problems when accelerating from start. It sputters then will run good. also got two code; P1131 and P1151
need to find location of flasher under dash to replace flasher don't want to pull wrong one thanks
code 708 tranny problem dosent shift at all
ac runs hot despite hot/cold switch position. Freon level okay, compress works fine. When the heater core lines are squeezed, the ac blows ice cold where is my problem?
ac runs hot all the time. freon levels good, compressor good. get ice cold ac when the heater box heater lines are clamped. cold/hot switch on dash has no effect
The van was in a minor accident. Hit a guard rail. It was driven home but would not turn over the next morning. A clicking noise can be heard near the battery and at the starter. The headlights do not dim when the...
labor and parts cost to change spark plugs