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is there a speed on the tranny
the odometer,speedometer are not working and the transmission is not shifting right. this all happened at once.
transmission shift gears perfect,but not speed go very slow n sound like something is loss
My van has had the tempurature gauge fluctuating for about 2 months. It goes from middle to high (not in the red) back down and up again constantly. The engine light came on. I check the water and had a water leak. Th...
Hello I have a 1992 e-150 van w/302 v-8 motor and recently have been smelling gas fumes. What would cause this and how can I fix it? no loss of power or check engine light is not on. I dont hear any strange noises whe...
put new radiator, headingcord,thermostat,heating contal value, temperature control switch blue/red. still no heat.
where is the mass air flow sensor located on the engine
The rear side cargo door latch has malfunctioned and I need to remove the door handle assemble in order to service but it appears to be riveted. Before I drill the assembly can someone verify if this is correct.
no coolant in oll nor exhaust..when warmed up... leaking underneath...between engine and transmission
On my 1996 Ford E-150 the ABS light stays on. How do I correct this problem?
attempting to accelerate from 30 to 55 van jerkes until it reaches 55, then smoothes out
I have a bad leak with power steering fluid. When it's full I have no problem with steering but when the level of the fluid is low, it feels like the steering scrapes something. Is it probably just the hose that nee...
drove through a flooded street.since then van sputters;somtimes jerks.chk engine lite came on;diag says cam senser.growing worse,now stalling
about 2 months ago,during a heavy downpour;i drove through a flooded street.scince that time the van idles fine but when i give it the gas it sputters;sometimes jerks.the check engine light came on,the diag said cam s...
where is the fuel pump relay located on my 89 e 150
how do I remove headlight
Im going to change my oil but I need to know exactly where the plug is?
each cylender has a coil I believe it is a bad coil.
need new front brake pads and rotors
We checked our fuel pump switch and it was in the down postition is that where its suppose to be? We pushed it up and then back down again, does anyone know exactly if its suppose to be UP OR DOWN??? Thanks FRUSTRAT...
When the air condition is running, the rear outlets are not operative with blowing out cold air.
The air conditioner does not blow cold in the rear of the van but blows cold air from the front vents. What needs to be replaced to correct this.
I replaced passenger airbag, module, drivers pretensioner and now I get these two codes. B1232 and flashing 47
i bought the van for work about 4 months ago and it hade no fuse box cover or owners manual and i blow the front lights fuse,lighter fuse,window fuse would anyone know or have a diagram to where there located?
Procedure to replace passenger side view mirror
window fell down when rolling it up they are electric
How can you check the feron in the rear AC unit of 2003 Van. Or does the rear unit get the feron from the front unit? If I fill the front AC unit, will it make the rear unit colder?