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sat for 3 hours after running for 2-3 hours highway speeds and some city. Tried to start and it cranks great will not start. I floored the pedal to shut off the fuel but I never smelt fuel. After many attempts crankin...
I have a center tank and we're considering cutting through the floorboard to gain access so we can replace the fuel pump. It won't run and we can't work on it where it's parked. I also need to know what part of the to...
off and back on it runs fine.Now its happening more frequently
gets the tps code
my van runs great in cool weather but sputters and boggs , runs very slow in hot weather,but when the nite temp cools we can bring it home . can't seem to fix the problem .we have changed the fuel filter and a sensor ...
I changed the small flasher behind the big one on drivers legwell floor.
I have the same problem like one of our friend here.I replace multiple parts; all upper and lower ball joints, aligment 3 times, 4 brand new tires, new steering box, and joint components, new rear air shocks and other...
I am doing the back rear right first are there also any special tools i might need.
my rear bench motor for the rear bed just spins when i try to let it down. is there a way to let it down manually? and do you know where i can find just the motor for it.
the motor runs when i push the bed button but it doesnt lower the bed,so is it possible to lower it manually and how?
my ford van when driving down the road at high way speed,it will jerk in and out like its cutting out,it doesnt do it steady just every few minutes it will act up,then go back to running perfect,and when idling you ca...
it will start again after cooling off have changed the fuel pump ignition module distributor and the coil
have a 1997 f-150 with the 5.4 motor ive replaced all 8 plugs and coils its mising and losing power and jerks no check engine light on or it shows no codes.what could be the deal?? also how do i go about replaceing th...
I've tried driving for 10 to 15 minutes on Tuesday and Thurday, but van still on start on Saturdays. Bought car used and the battery was faulty and had to be replaced with new battery 2 years ago. Had no problems with...
Brakes are not always stopping the car. brakes seem to slip
Replaced the ignition coil and still same no spark.ado you think the ignition module need to be replace.By the way does the ignition module supply the ignition coil with the power?
fuses are good, light bulbs are good. wipers work, high beams work
never had this till a 2rate shop installed a new drag line at 20,000 miles... instisting l needed it, now l can't get rid of the shmmy
Tried replacing steering pump and wheel bearings. still the same. it takes about 20-30 minutes on the road to warm up and start doing it. Any ideas?
Having intermittent heating problem. I replaced thermostat, still having same issue.
nether blower is working fuses are good and relays are good no power at switches to feed blower moter
The guy i bought the truck off of said he had the tranny changed, and it's got the wrong tail shaft on it, and you can't hook the speedodometer cable back up.It dies when you get to 35 mph can that cause that, and whe...
after setting over night, or30 minutes
book said there is a hose there of back of water pump
Door does not swing freely at all, tried all kinds of lube, no help.
have replaced distributor cap, coil and coil wire. Ignitor checked out ok. What do I check now? Thanks
the ac works but dont blow air from the dash only from the side of the winshield