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I replace the distributor and did a tuneup when it first started doing it six months ago,the tack also stopped working. The problem is back and now it is also cutting out while driving, almost like turning the key off and back on again. The engine light is off and on and sometimes seems like it runs better when the light is on. I have recently replaced the idle air control valve, with some success the idle seems to be better at times. Also the transmission shifts early and at times shifts very hard. There are times were the truck runs okay

trying to put on seat covers over the back

just recently my battery quit holding any charge and when i put a charger on it, it started to charge and then hour later stopped(3 weeks ago) yesterday my son tried jump starting my van with his truck and it started to take charge then stopped. Any solutions you can give would be great!!

will the coil work and be running bad at high speeds

Aircon turn into blower and comes out at flooring venttilation at speed 65-70

Don't load up all the time it started when u hit passing gear .
New Gask.,exaust gask,plugs,rotor,wires, cap

Put new Egr valve Egr Volve sensor&Vac solenoid cleaned hole under Egr still light come on do u no what is next?at 22 miles light come back on with same Po 401 code all done this week also blew with air n hole

A mechanic replaced the worm screws or drive just as they were. However, I just bought it so I'm not sure they were correct to begin with. The bed tries to move into a sofa but seems to get stuck before the middle can rise. No rubbish present.

So when u turn on back ac it blows ac but after a few hit and miss the floor heat turns on in the back. Has anyone else had this happen have any ideas? When hooked up to diagnostics it shows no problems.

had some smoke from the wires on the master cylinder and burnt the wires to the ABS can you please tell me why the

master cylinder got so hot to melt the wires

thank you

Plus is replacing the transmission tailshaft seal easy to replace

I'm putting in a engine watch way does crank go and how should I set timing and distributor

Driving normal a/c come back on

is it by the gas tank

It started hard but would start after pumping the throttle. After it started it ran great. It kept getting harder to start.I have lights and power but it won't turn over.This may not have anything to do with my problem but my A/C quit working at the exact same time I had problems starting the van.

replaced horn relay fuse under the hood.

After a few seconds you can hear it power back up and you can start it back up and go a little longer.

Wiring being the least likely, that leaves the 4 speed switch, blower resistor, and is there also a relay???
Where are the resistor/relay?

The first time I noticed a problem, if I pressed the On button really hard, it came on. Now it doesn't. Any chance there's a way we can fix this ourselves? (My husband is moderately handy ...)

when they cool off its like nothing wrong till they get hot agan also the brake light will come on

Rear unit has a vacuum operated valve in the heater hose to rear unit. Outside or inside air works fine on front unit.

Does not have A/C.

Heater not working in van. Blower works fine. Help!!!

!997 van. Econoline.

Vehicle has no A/C. 4.2L engine. Econoline.

turns over fine. engine will not hit at all.

the horn blow continuously when connetion is made btb harness and 92 assy that is being installed. why is this and how can i rectify this