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I'm putting in a engine watch way does crank go and how should I set timing and distributor
It started hard but would start after pumping the throttle. After it started it ran great. It kept getting harder to start.I have lights and power but it won't turn over.This may not have anything to do with my proble...
After a few seconds you can hear it power back up and you can start it back up and go a little longer.
Wiring being the least likely, that leaves the 4 speed switch, blower resistor, and is there also a relay??? Where are the resistor/relay?
The first time I noticed a problem, if I pressed the On button really hard, it came on. Now it doesn't. Any chance there's a way we can fix this ourselves? (My husband is moderately handy ...)
when they cool off its like nothing wrong till they get hot agan also the brake light will come on
Rear unit has a vacuum operated valve in the heater hose to rear unit. Outside or inside air works fine on front unit.
Heater not working in van. Blower works fine. Help!!!
Vehicle has no A/C. 4.2L engine. Econoline.
the horn blow continuously when connetion is made btb harness and 92 assy that is being installed. why is this and how can i rectify this
Steering wheel lock
i changed the thermostat and flushed an filled with new anti-freeze. i still dont have heat, feels like the ac is on, even with the climate control on heat.
Runs smooth, but black soot is collecting on the quarter-panel and the pipe is sooty black as well. Will a diagnostic uncover the issue? No codes at present. Given the age I thought to change out Oxy sensors for th...
after driving a little it gets slower and slower
i replaced battery but still goes dead overnight
by cutting where the leak is. Now its leaking where I cant see it I would like to eliminate the rear hose all together but I cant find which hose to bypass
What should a rebuilt transmission (installed) cost for a 2005 Ford E150 Van?
Two months ago we replaced to front suspension coil on or mondeo estate. I'm now being told that the new coil is broken and needs replacing again. why is this likely to be?
I can't see where it is leaking exacly when I put fluid in it pours out as fast as it goes in
what would be the simplest way for a novice mechanic to replace part.
I just bought this van and it ran fine for a Very short time. Now it keeps jerking jumping like it is missing spark or wants to stall, but it never stalls Ferels like I am going down a bumpy road in a way. It is very ...
let it cool off set maybe over night it will starts but die again. changed fuel pump, coil, rotor bug, ignition mod and distributor