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ride and want crank

I replaced the key cylinder on the column because it was broken. Now the starter doesn't work. There is no pressure or spring back when turning key to start position. Do I need to replace the ignition switch and or more parts ?

I have cloth seats I have noticed I get a shock when exiting the Van, any ideals what is causing this.. anyone else having this issue, also brake pedal goes to floor sitting at idle, even after replacing master and new breaks, ford says they don't know what the problem is..

shudder when switching into overdrive runs good other than that i have changed plugs, coil packs, no codes. also have just cut off but starts right back up, but only does it every once in awhile

ho much to replace oil filter housing on a 2000 e150 van 5.4 engine

is my wheel bearing the sealed type?

drive train would not go in to reverse when engine is hot

ideals to high hot or cold every day.

the truck had oil leaks from hell. i replaced the timing cover and oil pan gaskets. while doing so i saw that the timing chain was tight on the right side, with no flex and the left side of the chain was loose, with almost an inch flex. after putting the engine together, the passenger side was making alot of noise. and the oil pressure gauge wasn't showing anything now. did the chain slip and not letting the oil pump work right? HELP HELP!! what do i need to fix?

On my 2001 F-150 model Ford pick up truck the windshield wipers literally locked up together yesterday during a very hard rain shower, stopped completely until I could get our to undo them, but now their back and forth movement is so unpredicable, the motor and other parts just might need replacing for sure? I could take it to Fairway Ford for repairs but based on my past experiences they will surely be way to expensive on doing this repair as well! Therefore, if you could simply recommend at least 2-3 more service providers in my local area to do this instead,then I can respond accordingly? Please advise asap on this matter if you will as well? Thanks, Nick McConnell, 126 Raintree Drive, Taylors, S.C. 29687

I have a head light/parking light problem. I thought it was a problem with the pull/push headlight switch. I changed the swith but still have the same problem. I pull the switch one notch for the parking lights(my fog lights are aftermarket ad ons that are wired in with the parking lights)to turn on and I get nothing. I then pull the switch all the way on for the headlights and I get just the headlights and no parking lights. I don't even get the dash lights to see the speedometer at night. Do I have to change the interior pigtail that the headlight switch mounts on? This could mean some wiring?

vech. manual transmission five speed shifter shakes at low spped gets worse faster vech is driven u joints good drive line balanced

Whta kind of collent is the right one. Green or orange?

I had transmisson work don on my 1992 E150 costum van in the prosess and for what reason thay removed my alarm key from under the dash! As a result, thay had to disconect the wire block under the hood know I have no alarm. Can I send Ford my vin # and get a new alarm

where can i find the the socket to plug in the code reader for a 1999 e-150 van ?

My windshield squirters have very little pressure, they barely hit the windshield. I can hear the motor when I hit the switch bot very little fluid comes out?

Does this model van have a port for a diagnostic code reader

wipers will not work i have replasde relays and motor looked at fuses and wiper switch .1999 f 350 super duty f series

van started good in morning,then just shut off,checked and getting no spark to plugs

no spark getting power to coil..v6

The code is reading bad crankshaft sensor

it is always like that. sometimes it will stall siting at a red light when the air cond. is not on.

I need to locate the fuse that controls the windshield wipers so that i can get them to work.. I do not have the owners manual.. Please help.. Thank you..

150k miles. Is that too many to think of buying this van?
I plan on driving it at least another 100k. dealer says all scheduled maintaince was done. what do you think?

When I turn the key all the dash indicator lights blink on and off and the truck doesn't start. The dash lights blink and the radio goes on and off even after I stop trying to start the engine. The battery is only 1 month old. I have no clue what is wrong. Help.

The auto starts ok but has a rough idle, stalls after warm up on let off at 30mph. Has strong gas smell. Stalls at idle post warm up. Codes 33 EGR not closing, 42 rich fuel,41 oxygen sensor.--Changed sensor, cked EGR-- clean,closed & no vac. applied

where is the vent valve located at on a 2004 ford econoline e150 van 4.6 engine..when i try to fill it up with gas it shuts off or acts like it is full and wont allow any more gas to go also shuts off here and there when i stop for a light

I bought this 87 e 150 club wagon xlt for 300 bucks to swapp the engine and trans into my 79 bronco. other than adding an external fuel pump to the bronco chassis and engine mount adjustment what other mods should I plan for?

when backing out of a parking spot the other day, my trucks breaks went all the way to the floor and the truck rolled back about 2 car lengths before the breaks cought rather abruptly.

Had fusible link wire replaced leading to starter switch because truck had no power inside. When repaired Fastening seatbelt light stop working. My question is how can this be fixed and should have shop owner fix this problem also since it was working before fusible link wire short- circuited. After shop owner was paid he said it would be another charge because he had to remove the dsashboared.