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It has a slight miss and compression loss and wont pass emissions.
My 1992 Ford E-150 van stalls after idling a while, when coming to a stop or slowing down to turn corners. The check engine light come on sometimes, but goes back off.
the trip meter stopped working this mornig on my trip from Mo. and the odomitor also does not work how do I fix this
yes hello my e-150 van keeps shutting off on me wen parked on the road and in reverse i have simply changed the distributor,engine coil and the fuel pump i cant seem to find the problem? can you help me please
My van has a loose feeling in the steering and front end and rattles when I hit a bump. Mechanic says he can't see anything wrong, but I know how it feels when I drive it and there is something wrong.
The front a/c is working. The back a/c blows hot air. could this be the expansion valve
I can start my van and when I put it in gear the engine shuts off. It will not start again until an hour or so. help me if you can.
how many hours to charge for fuel pump replacement
I think it is the pickup coil ....but still hunting around for answer...
I have replaced ball joints, drag link, radius arm bushings (both sides),front axle bushings (both sides), and steering box (3 times). Van still not right. Does anyone have any answers or help?
I have a 1996 ford e150 4.9 straight six that has no spark. I replaced the module and the coil but still no spark. Can anyone help me?
why does my trans.have harsh downshifs from o.d.?
fuel pumps buzz way to long and will not start,until pump stops I replaced fuel pums, pressure regulator,fuel line seals
Our van conversion usually shakes or vibrates at speeds over 60. Sometimes it isn't as noticeable but maybe we get used to it. Also there seems to be too much play in the steering wheel when steering left or right. In...
Got a squeal on the belt on 5.3 LTR fan belt. one of the bearings is going out, but cannot find which one.. tried to use a stethoscope to locate which one, but can only do alt and one idler..ideas, and will climb unde...
This is a 93 ford conversion turtle top van. There is a metal hose that goes from the engine to the back of the van it is all rusted out and needs to be replaced. Does anyone know what the purpose of this hose is? Wha...
a/c stops blowing under accelleration or after 60 mph.Comes back on once you level off or slow down???
i just want to know the water temperture is norm it seems to run 195 -200 is that allright
The drain is so bad that it ran down a new battery over night. Could this be caused by a bad ignition switch? For some time now, occaisionally the lock cylinder will rotate a full 360 with the key in the switch. Cou...
the truck has dual fuel tanks. the gauge used to work for the front tank but not any longer. any ideals?
changed brakes on front, driver side is great but passenger side keeps rubbing ! how do i correct this ?
I started my van friday morning to let it warm up put it in reverse and started to back up it knocked off and will not start.
I'M trying to figure how to diagnose the reason why the brake lights on a ford econoline only work when the headlights are on. Could it be a short to power? I'm not sure where to start could someone give me any good a...
I need detailed instructions on how to change the water pump in my E150 van... any assistance will be appreciated
It just started doing it tonight
my running lights quit need help on where to look first
how to change out a blower switch
I need a diagram for the serpentine belt on a 1996 Ford Econoline
This is actually for a 1988 club wagon e-150 e-conoline. When I put the key in, no buzz alarm with door open, no lights come on, no starter turn when ignition is activated. 12.53 dcv across +,- on battery... Can anyon...