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After engine gets to normal operating temperature, I get rough engine running at about 30 mph. Roughness disappears at 40 mph and beyond. Already replaced cap and rotor and spark plug wires on driver's side of engine...
How and why do they run hot
As i backed my car into the drive way i accidentally slammed on the gas causing the car to jump in the grass. i now hear a airy type spraying sound from the back rear tire. im not losing gas or air pressure though.
I am trying to replace the rear axle seal and I am having problems.
I drive a 2005 crown vic police interceptor and lately I have had problems with the transmission either not going in reverse or it's really sluggish. It seems to happen more often when it's up to opperating tempature....
The cold air only comes out the defroster vents, unless you let off the gas on the highway and there is enough vacume to open the doors to the vents. I was told the air conditioner controler has a vacume leak and they...
okay so i have a 99' crown victoria police interceptor and when i tried turning it off my starter kept going so i turned it back on switched gear to R, N, D, 2, and 1, then back to park. I turned engine off again but ...
The drivers side seat makes a clicking sound while driving, trying to figure out what could be making the noise
My gear shift would not go into park all of a sudden and now I cannot start the car because it has to be in park to do so. I have it outside with emergency brake on so it will not roll away. Will I need a new gear shift?
What is the procedure to replace the heater core on a 98 crown victoria with a/c. It's leaking on to the floor.
I have a crown victoria p71 police interceptor. It has a 4.6L V8. About 3 months ago i noticed my car had begun to squeal upon start-up. Once it warmed up, after about 6-7 minutes, it stopped. However, recently every ...
Someone broke into my car and stole my radio. I need to replace the dash but I can't seem to find all of the screws. Some of the vents are still connected and the screws holding them on are impossible to take out.
I parked the car and kept it running. Upon returning, I tried to shift the car to reverse and it is stuck in drive. The shift selector will move between 1 to park but will not actually engage into selection.
what can cause your over drive light to flash on and off
there is slack in the indicator cable when i go like from drive to park but the cable is tight going from park to any other gear wondering if there is some kind of tensioner or coil on the shift indicator cable or if ...
where can i order an intake manifold for my 1994 crown victoria
driving about 65mph on the highway....spark plug popped out...retreated the spark plug space, spark plug secure....doing 30mph in a neighborhood and the spark plug pops out again....2nd time around we put in a metal i...
I can't find replacing power steering service in the list, so I'm not able to get an estimate on the parts & labor cost. Any ideas?
Is it really that difficult to put a new valve in myself? My owners manual doesn't diagram where it's located. How will I recognize/find the old one?
my dashboard or door do not unclock . i check my fuses replaced a burnt one and it still does not work ??
How often is differential fluid changed?
AC just blows heat no matter what button is pressed. Suggest adjust AC door motor under dash must be replaced. Dash must be removed to access this part. What is the going price for this job?
cooling fan problems
Need estimate on cruise control repair and possible cause of problem
why will my car start but not stay running
When i turn the engine off on my 93 crown victoria, there is a ticking from the driver's side. Removing fuse 4 stops it, but it also stops the radio.
My transmission fluid has been recently changed. When I am going slight uphill around 40mph, the car slightly jerks as if it is trying to change gears. When I apply a little more gas, it doesn't do it anymore. Could t...