it started leaking on the floor board i have most of the dash out. Just trying to figure out do i need to take the steering columb apart so the dash can come out?

I have to use the emergency brake to put the car in park. I wanted to know how much does it cost to get fixed

the heater fan stopped working in april 2010, it started again in sept 2010, it worked for approx a week then stopped and has not worked since, i can feel a little heat but there is no fan. is this something major

I went to start my car my steering wheel was locked. so i sticked the key into the ignition and tried to turn it over but is was locked and wouldn't start.

stock 4.6 has only passenger side cat glowing red hot at nite. do i have to replace both sides?

i am about to buy a 1996 crown vic. the seller says that the car has a freeze plug leak and will need to be replaced. is this a expensive job and is it worth buying. Seems to be only major problem. Thanks

my car started vibrating real hard when shifting into gears. did hear metal to metal real loud at one point. thought it was the transmission but its an AODE trasmission which has DTC codes so none pop i have to rev the engine up pass normal to start moving so i check the diff oil and found that it had metal shavings in it and it real black, no leaks though. so i change the fluid and took it down and the car starts driving a little better didnt go far just around the block then switch to reverse it struggle to move in reverse put back into drive now it dose not drive no more. moves a little if ut all the way into first gear. jack the rear end up and tire on passenger side moves other dose not.

my vehicle 2003' ford crown victoria has a p0152 trouble code, is this te fault of bad front or rear oxygen sensors?

i can't find where is the heater contol vale on my 2004 crown victoria

can anybody tell me where the actuator for the blend door is on the 98 crown vic in dash, on firewall,or the engine block, thanks

can you tell me where blend door actuator is located, in the dash or under the hood on firewall or maybe on the engine block.thanks for any reply

coolant is circulating thru both hoses connected to heater core,can hear all the doors in the dash opening and closing,still doesnt blow out hot air when up to temp,is there another door in the dash that is not working or what?

the crank sensors trying

Miss at low to mid speed when slight increase in speed.
I notice it pretty bad when following big trucks that are loaded heavily on hills. I drive flag car. slow to between 25 to about 40 then increase speed slowly to keep up with load slobbery miss occurs, at speeds above 50 to 55 and up never misses. Help! please- lol

i need to change the freeze plugs on my car and i was wondering what an estimate would be on getting it repaired

When i push down the pedal to speed up the car does not speed up, i can hear the engine remming but i go nowhere why? what do i need to check?

I still have the cylinder

I have a 2000 Crown Vic Police Interceptor.
The other day, The horn started sounding going down the hiway, Made a left turn and it stopped. When turned the wheel to straighten the car and park it the horn started again, And that's when the smoke was noticed. Horn finally died when the battery died.
Came back next day and jumped the car off to get it home.
The Horn did not start screaming at me but did discover No Blinkers, No headlights, or parking lights. Tail lights only.
We have the dash all most completely out of it. There are no burnt wires any where that can be found. Wiring in Steering column is good and the Light switch checks out good.
Any Ideas would be appreciated.

Car running smooth after recent skip resolved with simple engine gas treatment. This morning runs smooth. Then...pressure washed car under hood, particularly around valve covers... with engine off and resulting immediate bad skip. Autozone analysis shows misfire 1 and 8, catalytic converter problem, as well as vacuum leak. After several hours it is better but still skipping. did I knock off a vac line? Looked all over but didnt see anything.

blower works but no heat

Our heater blower is only blowing on high, which may indicate the resistor needs replacing. Do you know where this is located on a 1999 Crown??? I would appreciate your help.

the car smells like gas inside
it showed that it was a small hose leak
replace one the engine light is off but it still smells after one week

The car has been sitting for two years and the problem was the fuel pump. Fuel pump has been test and it is good. No power or a wire is not connecting resulting in the engine failing to turn over/start.



The heater outlet on the rear of the intake manifold is stripped and leaking. Is there a fix for this other than replacement of the manifold?

when i change the climate control from 60 to 90 it does not change still stays cold

i just bought a 2000 crown vict n my steering wheel is stay stuck n den loosen up wen i hit the turn would it b the rack opinion or the tied rod

car died at drive thru window, all electrical components are dead(i.e. headlights, interior lights, sterio, starter,ect.) hooked a new battery up, same results, nothing electrical will work. could it be a fuseable link or a main fuse? where is the fuseable link located? Any ideas guys? its been running fine until last night at the drive thru.

After driving, we tried to start the car and had nothing electrical working, No headlights, interior lights, starter,Ect. This has happened once before and after messing with the igniton switch (basically turning the key and wiggling it many times over) we got the crown to revive. where should i start looking? fusebox, ignition switch, other?

my 95 crown vic has a brake pedal vibration when brakes applied. the pedal feels weird sometimes. Fluid is good. I went through mud awhile ago. my front brakes rattle a little when I go over bumps too, could that be it? loose caliper? or rotors bad? Im lost thanks