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runs until gets hot then quits cools down runs again realy switch ,fuse or coil pack

had an oil change a week ago-since then alot of oil has been leaking onto the inside of the back passenger side tire and onto my driveway-could this be okay to drive until a repair date is made

what causes an 2003 crown victoria to smoke bad after an oil changed? my car also skips real bad, what causes it to skip like that?

Started the car one day to go to work, and when I went to leave, It wouldnt start. The lights and everything would come on but the engine wouldnt turn over. So I turned the key on and jump the starter with a screw driver and it started. I replaced the ignition switch and it didnt work. So I figured it was the nuetral saftey switch. So I bypassed that and ran a push button to the starter. It started up and ran for a couple miles then I lost Dash lights and headlights slowly. When I stoped it died. A cop gave me a jump and it started right up and ran long enough to get me out of the intersection and to a parking lot. I replaced the alternater and it didnt work so i went back and had my old one tested and it passed. i put the old one back on and replaced the battery. Still killing the battery. What could it be. Oh and it has the intercepter in it.

what tool do you use to get the manifold hose off the steel one mine is broke went to the junk yard got a new one i cant take the bottom nut off with any tool is there a special tool for that

engine runs cold even after a new thermostate is installed

i drove my car this morning and now it want start what should i check

code 133 heated oxygen sensor slow response were is it located any advice is appreciated. Thank you

Radiator is leaking alittle bit. Car over heats when I stop.

should the car be running to bleed the breaks

how to repair seat belt lights the light stays on all time where is the module and how to repair

how to repair seat belt lights

Just installed a new tps sensor 2 months ago. I have been experiencing this problem every since.

when replacing the intake manifold the gasket is exposed in the back on the passinger side is it suppose to be that way.

Car starts but when I apply the brakes, try the window switch, turn signal , hazzard lights or windsheild wipers it stalls. I can crank my heat and turn on my lights and has no affect. Got itto my house by neutral drops and downshifting. anybody?

Both front windows and now the door locks dont work electrically. What is the most common problem with each?

I have no power with the battery hooked up I just finished driving the car parked it then. two hours later got in it got on click and tryed to crank then had no power at all then tryed again after turning key on and off it came on the lights got bright here a click or pop not sure wouldnt do anything then tryed to move it back it gained power again for a second then cut back off?

after turning the key switch off the odometer reading goes out and the ac blower motor stops, then after 2 or 3 seconds the odometer reads - - - - - mi and the ac bloer motor stats back up. I can stop the blower motor from fuctioning by turning the ac/heat switch to off. I have 7vdc at fuse f2 with the key switch off and the problem exisits with the ignition sitch plug to switch disconnected. How do I isolate this problem?

my car is reading this codes. any idea?

i hear a ticking noise coming from inside the dash when i crank my 1997 ford crown victoria lx

is it necessary to pull the dash board, steering wheel and air bags to replace heater core in 1996 ford crown vic car

why does the rear suspension always appear to below in the mornings, but once you start the car the rear end rises to a normal level.

over a year ago my 97 ford 4.6 started moaning on occasion now it is almost constant im sure it is the fuel pump but could it be anything else

how much does it cost to replace a fuel pump on a 4.6

what is the cost of replacing shift cable

is not turnig on

The temparature guage does not work on 1995 Ford Crown Victoria.

Is there a way to fix the my odometer or do I have to replace it?

how many sparks plugs does this car need

It was taking 2 or 3 trys to start and it would barely move on a cold start (I had to pump the gas peddle to get it going) unless it warmed up for 5+ mins.I changed the fuel filter and now it starts 1st try and runs a little better on cold starts but when I drive 75mph up a steep long hill(normally the car flys up hill) it sudenly looses power. If I floor it the car lunges and still looses power and speed drops to 45-60mph before I get power back then it takes off. Is it my fuel pump going out or something else? Thank you