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this problem makes my driving very unsafe LOOSE steering at higher speeds (over 50 milles / hr)it feels like power steering pump is not STIFF eough at higher speeds. My understanding is that pump should work LESS at h...
light stays on, diagnostic indicates exhaust flow cloged, erg and solinoid have been replaced
erg and solinoid have been replaced, diagnostic saya exhaust flow restricted stil mechanic says two 1/2 inch openings in intake manifold are probably cloged, is this possible or is it something else
Sometimes when I start my car or even sometimes on lcoking the doors by pressing the button on the door panel the horn will start honking for several minutes and I have not found a way to stop it or a way to correct t...
how long does it take to repair a timing belt/chain
I bought the above car from As Is from a used car dealer, the first day I had it, smoke came out of the enginge, the car kept stalling and then died completely, had it towed back to dealership. His mechanic said he r...
Bought Used '94 Crown Vic - after one day the car stalled and then died. Dealer had mechanic look over said replaced a wire and coil and there's a small leak in intake manifold said to watch it but can be cured with w...
for some reason my air bag light is on all times now and my abs comes on some times
I have serviced the vehicle's transmission every 50,000 miles. At 105,000 miles it began to shutter between 25 and 35 mph. I changed the trans filter,fluid and added Shutter Stopper. The shutter continues. The motor w...
What's wrong when the window motor runs but the window will not move?
water hose leaking under the intake manifold and above the block. What hose is that for, and how do I get to it?
code p0442
No problem, I am going to swap engines, mine is shot, other is rebuilt. Want to know, any surprises I need to know about?? Oh, by the way, mine is a 89 crown, w/a 302. Thanx, Rick.
I need both front and rear brakes. About what should this cost when I go and have it completed? Thank you,
My recovery coolant tank has a crack in it. So my husband tried to glue it untill we got home. It sealed the crack but when we got home, all off his coolant started to come out from under the car. Before it all came o...
changing brake pads, how do I compress the caliper piston to insert the newer, thicker pads for re-install on rotor(trying to avoid opening bleeder, and keep lines from being bled)
My car runs great , starts fine and all but when i am at stop sign or stop light. the car dies out . it turns back over on first try what could this be?
One ignition coil went bad in May and another this month- July. My mechanic recommended replacing all seven of them since he said that after 100,000 miles (I have 118,000), they will all eventually wear out -- probab...
what is the crankshaft sensor replacement cost
air will not blow out da front vent
It's been a week now, 6 lights come and go (ABS, Brakes, Check Engine, Battery, and two others). I checked the alternator, and it's just fine. Btw, the car still runs fine with those lights on. Thanks for your help.
my car started making a loud sound when i turned the key and then smoke belt snapped what could this be?
A/C has died again. the first time the repair shop reset it in 2 minutes, how can i reset it myself
transmission has been acting weird for 3 months, sometimes 1st 2nd drive work but no reverse....then something randomly happened and now only reverse and no foward gears. in the recent past if i give it gas for a w...
The inside car lights wont go off. I have tried the doors buttons and checked the light swith. What can I do?
cruise control will notcome on when pressing switch all fises appear to be good
cruise control won't work when turned on
My vehicle will be siting idle or going down the road. The wipers will come on wiht the switch still off. What would cause this?
I have been having problem with the shifting cable and this will be number two that I am putting on here at $180.00, it's not something I am looking forward to doing. Is there any thing that couild be worry with it th...