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Okay so my dad got his first transmission fluid replaced at 150,000 miles... yes i know that was dumb but now it keeps slipping from out of overdrive into overdrive. Currently it wont shift into 3rd gear. I need to ac...
97 ford contour will run for a little then die then after you wait like 10 minutes you can start it again. Sometimes I can drive long distances
I'm looking at buying this car is it difficult to fix and what other problems may arise?
I need an estimate for the replacement of an O-ring for the #2 cylinder. Want to be sure I don't get ripped off when it is replaced. Thank you for any information you can help me with.
Just bought the car took to advance auto they say needs repair on this O-ring.
has less than 1 hundred 20 thousand km Started to notice it about a week ago, got progressively worse until I almost didn't make it home a couple nights ago. At that time I was traveling at approx 80km per hr. tranny...
Belt broke, had it replaced. Now its running rough, from pocket diagnostics I thought it needed the Master Air Flow Sensor replaced but once installed its not the problem. Any idea what it could be?
conected turn with screwdriver all excess. come on no starter i found starter hot and got starter turn with ignition on not fireing can i hotwire temporarily please tell me how i understand fuel plusfire plus compr...
It doesn't blow no air out what so ever..
how do I fix this?? The motor resistor has been replaced.
when i drive on the expressway its starts to blink and it's losing Transmission fluid can u tell me whats the problem and can it be fix or should i just junk the car. please help me
when first taking off it shifts so hard it sounds like the engine is going to fall out,it also shifts hard when coming to a stop, a big bang, had motor mounts replace ( i was told that was the problem) so why the loun...
off the EGR valve on a 1997 ford contour- it has been pinched together and I don,t know why.
no leaks no bad hoses brand new radiator new thermostat not over heating just keeps boiling out threw the overflow hose and spilling out on the ground could it be the water pump
I put some sea foam in it. thought it may be some bad gas...well that did no good... so I went and got a fuel filter nothing.... any advice???
Every so often my car won't start. Seems to be happening more frequently. All the lights and the radio come on but when I try to turn it over nothing. No sound nothing. Sometimes it won't restart for days. Sometimes ...
where is the tranny filter located on this car I found a oil pan located under the battery bracket on th side of trans. is this the loaction of the filter- inside this pan?