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I have a 1990 5.0l bronco five speed, sometimes when I start it shell fucking fly like a mustang and make it to 6000 rpm with ease and and then others she's slow as shit and doesn't like to go beyond 4000 rpm, any ide...
When I first got it;it ran fine then I noticed the timing went out of whack it runs hot and when you drive it maybe 9 miles after it hears it will not start after you shut it off. Looks to be rebuilt? Suggestions?
You have to manually shift my tranny cuz somebody put a new one in and they rigged up a metal wire that is going inside the pan and it is loose and means no gasket is on the pan. Now I drive thru water and all it does...
Was trying to pull a friends chevy out of some severe rutted mud environment today and all of a sudden a huge amount of smoke started coming from under the truck....briefly....I thought it was a tire smoking as the fr...
Misses on idle--Hasn't had tune-up in long time
I also have brake groan? What would fix this? Finally, I need suspension work and need to know where would be the best place to go for a 4" lift procedure?
Runs well great power etc. At very slow speed in Drive rpm fluctuates up and down approx 150rpm 6-750 rpm. Check engine light comes on when slow running. Poor fuel economy. At 1200-1300@30-35 mph the cqar sur...
It has a brand new A/C compressor but the A/C system is inoperable and needs service according to owner.
My truck died about 2 weeks ago due to loose Connections on my solenoid. Once I fixed the loose connections I noticed my speedometer wasn't working. I checked fuses. Fuses are all good.
Dipstick goes in. It appears to be disconnected at the transmission. Is this something I can fix myself? If so, how?
I just had my engine rebuilt an I think the vacuum lines r wrong...I build pressure in my gas tank....HELP
i got the steering column down but i dont know how to disconnect the shifter arm
Have to upgrade system to allow use of the new freon required. Getting quotes from $750 to $3000. What would s real ballpark figure run?
their is power going to the starrter but it wont turn over
I just bought a Bronco a few days ago. Today, I took it to Grease Monkey to get her up to speed to pass emissions. When I go to pull out, the parking brake is on. I release it. Just after I get done with emissions, bo...
One of the tailgate cables is broken and I am going to replace both. But I can't figure out where to start.
When I start the engine first thing it idles at the proper rpm, but as it warms up the engine goes up about 400 rpm and never comes down till it cools off.
after sitting all night and starting engine in morning if below 40 degrees it runs great on high choke for 1 min. than than comes off high choke and stalls and won,t idle on restart.
need to check cylinder head pressure and need to know PSI for 1993 ford bronco 5.8
when turning the key to start check engine light will come on as it should but if it does not go out while cranking it will not start. if it goes out after a second or two it will start.this only happens first start o...
When shifting it jerks the whole truck, especially to reverse, makes a huge clunking but still works. New engine, when slowing down below 10 mph it sometimes shifts to early or acts as if gas is not getting through, I...
The truck is lifted an it looks like my lift blocks on the rear axle arnt sitting on the axle mounts right ther is a gap in the rear of them
loses power. Around town everything seems fine but can't drive any distance without this happening. Has been in shop Most everything that has been done has been electrical, Plug wires,rebuild distributor......I'm star...