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it does it whe i put it in gear.what could it be?is there an easy way to check the transfercase? its a borg/warner 1356
we adjusted all screws,checked for vacuum leaks and checked the distributor
of course the belt is tight and its 1 long belt,in my experience I have had to loosen the Altenator do I do the same here? what is the easy route.Ruthi
wondering if it won't start without interlock switch on clutch peddle hooked up?
It always happens first thing in the morning, but sometimes in the afternoon also. The idle goes up and back down to almost dying to back up to 1500rpm and back down. When I put it in gear, no problem at all. It will ...
My Bronco idles at 1,300 RPM for 60 seconds after first starting cold then drops to 750 RPM in neutral. I then place the vehicle in drive & the engine goes to 1,100 RPM. If I turn the AC on in drive the idle drops bac...
fuel pump is working but not the fuel gauge
After i drive my truck 20 or so miles if you open the fuel cap gas will spray out of the full hole for a few minutes after you open it (not seconds but at lest a minute) the truck will also stop running or run really ...
How much oil is needed to be added to a new air comprssor?
Seconds after my truck cranks and starts, it dies out. If I give it gas in the process, it revs up (in a sputtering manner) will not sustain and eventually dies. Since the problem started, I've replaced the plugs, cap...
The 1995 bronco is a XLT trim package with bench seat.
if my fuse box inside the truck has a bad section,no continuity between posts can it be repaired and operates the rear window and other windows.ive replaced the fuse/circuit breaker.
(popping and sputtering going up hill (after engine is hot) I have a 1990 Ford Bronco that after I drive it to town (20 miles there and 20 miles back) it starts to sputter, pop and back firer as I go up the mountai...
i need to replace my serpentine belt on my bronco, so i need to see a diagram of how it goes on. so i need a belt diagram for a 1991 ford bronco xlt 5.8L 351 fuel injected windsor v-8
How do you fix a broken hood latch?
Engine died at the parking lot Restarted and now it idles high and has no power Won't move engine dies when put in drive
I have a 1990 Ford Bronco that after I drive it to town (20 miles there and 20 miles back) it starts to sputter, pop and back firer as I go up the mountain I live on. The clime is about 350 feet from the road up to my...
can't find where a steel tube goes
Can I install dual exhaust on my bronco and remove the O2 sensor? Headers, pipes. I only use the bronco on the trails and 4 wheeling?
replace drive shaft
have 1990 Ford full size Bronco. Stalls out unless I keep pumping the gas pedal. replaced fuel pump hoping to solve problem.. no change . what is the problem or where should I look for problem?
hi is a steering colum difficult to install my bronco was stolen and steering colum broken i have a use one is it difficult to install
front tire riding on inside edge
bronco was in storage 3 years. replaced fuel pump,sending unit,filter, relay ok,fuse ok. No power to fuel pump.
I have a lotta play in the steering..
The light flashes when ever the vehicle is driven.It is flashing a code, It will flash once, then a couple of seconds later it will flash 4 times in a row. Then it will stop and then do it over repeatedly until the ve...
I just installed a c40d tranny (refurbished) in my bronco 4x4 and it will drive in reverse but in drive it wont move until given it plenty of throttle
the starter rod does not come out to remove the upper section
I have a 1990 Ford Bronco with 126,000 actual miles. Recenlty overhauled engine. New fuel pump, filter etc. For a while now, even before the overhaul, the truck was difficult to start at times. Always difficult wh...