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What could keep starter from getting power? We have a 95 escort 5 spd with a 1.9 engine. It was working fine then one morning it wouldn't start, no cranking, or clicking of the bendex either. I have headlights, hor...
I've driven to Oxnard, Carp twice & Gavitoa / Lompoc turn off and back to SB to try and reset OBD on alternator, it's still not ready.
I have already replaced plugs, wires, EGR, throttle position sensor, and cleaned the IAC the best I could. What else could it be
My 1997 Ford Escort had "service engine soon" light on. My mechanic could find no problem and cleared the sensor. I am trying to get it smoged, but the air intake sensor has not reset yet.
out. I can hear the control modulel click when I press the auto button but it wont turn off. Can someone please help me
I've tried both fuse places and their fine the mini and maxi I don't know anything about windows
It only run hot whn its sitting still but long as iM DRIVING IT DONT RUN HOT MY BROTHER HOOK up something so the fan can come on so wats causing the fan not to come on
I reset the crash button and its starts with ether but after that nothing.It seems like something so simple
New battery cables, new starter, new gas tank, new in-tank fuel pump, new fuel pump, new solenoid, new fuel filter, new computer, new ground wiring, no codes, new serpentine belt, new distributor. Alternator is good. ...
Door locks very hard to move up and down, has been getting worse over the years. The electric actuators don't have the power to overcome the friction. I guess the original lube is all dried up and stiff, that is wha...
Battery is brand new, cabls are clean and tight. It starts fine when cold. After a long trip it drags like it doesn't want to start. After it cools down it starts up fine.
Okay. I know how to scan a check engine. I got the code. It was a small leak in my evap. Okay. I got it smoked by a mechanic snice i dont own a smoker. Found it was the solenoid. I replaced the solenoid and cleared th...
Had P/S leak in the past. Now fluid levels are normal, but this winding up sound is present every time drive car. Sounds like a toy space ship. Worse on acceleration. Seems tight or hard to make turns.
Im broke n tryn to get on d road, wat is my cheapest way to repair fuel pump
it leaks in the exhaust outtake
the car engine runs rough after heats up. sounds like its not running all cylinders. I keep adding water but it doesn't show me where it's leaking. No water signs on spark plugs.
have Sport pads with standard rotor. Pads seem to large. They extend up past the rotor, and are grinding on hub of rotor. Pads fit on sport rotor, which is taller and has a smaller hub. Problem there is sport rotor is...
my radiator has sprung a leak I replaced the radiator with a new one now while car is running the fan is not coming on it only starts to come on while the car is being cranked over them aimmediately stops when the car...