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just put on snow tires with rims without tire pressure moniters

About a year ago the ABS light came on, so I changed it with a autozone new ABS/speed sensor. It worked for a few months then I noticed the speedometer going crazy and it would down shift and all kinds of crazy stuff, so I took it back and got another one needless to say they either didn't fix it , so I went to Oriely's and I got one from them and it started speedometer going nuts again, so I bought the more expensive one, the best one they make, it doing better but it still does it and it doesn't do it all the time but i can't go far afraid of getting stuck, are the ones from dealer better or is there something else going on I was reading my Haynes book and it talks about the speed sensor Ring might be messed up.... I just bought a new instrument cluster but haven't put it in yet, does anyone have any ideas please, I have had the truck for 3 years and never did it until about a year or so, could the rearend grease need changed or is that not likely, I would like any ideas... Thank you

I notice my cable wires get corraded a lot.I drove my car the night before and the next morning when I tried to drive it, it didn't move forward.I press on the gas pedal and the speedometer didn't even move, but the car move on reverse.

Fluid leaks out of cap

while i was driving my truck turn off it will turn back on again but it turns off right away check engine light turns on and where the mileage display is it shows check gauges

it makes a clicking noise when I shift back in park I was wondering if I could be the transmission or the gear shaft.

Starting only when on incline. Now it's missing constantly.

Im hoping its not the rear tires. Mechanic said its about 600. To repair . My huband changed the brakes in the back thats when the problems started. He also did the front . He said I can drive like that but I dont agree what should I do

Plastic shroud, stone guard, weather guard is hanging down and looks really cheap! I want to replace it, but do not know what the part description is or the part number.

But will die

It also act as if it didn't want to go, but then accelerated and the lights came back on but the check engine light stayed on.

I would be driving my car and it would stall on me and die. I couldn't start it again until i got out and wiggled the plug that goes into the distributor. This was because the brackets broke and although it didn't feel loose, it was. It would start right up again and after we zip tied it, I didn't have the problem anymore. Then I accidentally left the radiator cap off and my car overheated and died again while driving. I didn't notice the overheat because I have never had that problem. I have been trying to start my car now for 5 days and it wont start. There was no white smoke coming out tailpipe, only radiator itself because cap was off. There is no oil in radiator either. I was told I had bad spark plugs, so I changed those and the wires. And put a cap back on. It is trying to start but it wont. Any ideas? Yes, when I was mad and stuck at a bad intersection, I put cold water into the radiator, even though I shouldn't have. I knew that but didn't care at the time because i have spent more time on the side of the road than driving time. Did I for sure crack the heads when I did that?

o4 cvpi I have no power door locks or power trunk, all fuses good, cig lighter works

I have an 04 police interceptor, went to get it inspected and the states cpu couldn't communicate with my car, all fuses are good, no check engine light and car runs fine

Beginning of summer, my AC wouldn't work, just hot air. AC started working months later. Now no heat, just cold air.
When AC wasn't working, I got my car stuck in sand. Tried digging out but eventually got it pulled out by tow truck. The following day, I tried AC and it worked. Not sure if related some how or just a coincidence.

Play in it can I use motor oil in rearend til I can get rear end oil

When I apply the breaks for more than 5 seconds or so before the vehicle stops, it makes a metal popping sound and the brakes ease up a bit and lock back in hard. It's like a gear that skips over a cog but hits the next one hard. Any ideas what it could be?

If wasn't started for couple days wouldn't start so charged the battery and it worked. Today there wasn't even a click from starter so put charger on again and noticed headlights came on. After an hour on charger not even a click from starter.

I no its a short but where should I start looking it was blowing fuses before but not as often now it is blowing as soon as I hit brake and blinker