My shift cable just broke I changed it but it's reall hard to put in and out of gear I have the e4od transmission

When I pulled off the side of the road I tried it in every gear and it was just like neutral.This was the first time its ever happened,I haven't taken it anywhere yet I was hoping maybe it was something I could do myself.

I was driving my truck and it just stopped running i pulled over and turned the key it turned but would not crank. I checked the pump i heared it come on but still it seem like no gas is getting to engine. Please help

The light come on when I turn sometimes and when I mash the gas a little to hard then the light comes on but the car still b on but it don't have any power to go

1993 Ford E350 7.3L V8 PowerStroke Ambulance. I purchased it for a work vehicle and noticed immediately that it didn't have an air filter. The air intake is currently covered by a wire mess put on by the previous owner. I've been looking for replacement parts but haven't been locating anything.

I was driving my truck today and it was running great, made two stops, it started fine, not a problem and then I made a turn on a road to go home and it started skipping really bad, lost power, would not go when I pressed the gas pedal. I pulled it over on the side of the road, tried to give it gas and it ran rough a few minutes and quit. I tried to restart it, it would crank but ran rough and didnt have much power and it quit again. Then it wouldnt crank at all. I got a tow home and now it just turns but wont fire. Any ideas??? PLease help!

I towed a small trailer full of garbage to dump,it was heavy cause I could feel it as I drove,after dropping off trailer parked truck for a good 2-3 hrs.on way home inside of cab filled up with smoke and I gradually lost all forward gears except 1st, but I have to rev it way up to barely move, reverse is fine.what steps should I take to find out if I need a new tranny etc. or not. it just had a 4x4 block or whatever put in it about 2yrs. ago.

I have already bought the part needing to be replaced, I am just trying to find a shop to put the new part on and find out how much that would be for just the labor?

250000 plus miles

I need a repair estimate or should I just sell it? The chains are not broken but rattling.

Stalled as I was approching a stop sign.

The bar was broken in and accident repair shop didnt replace it.

Ac is cold in the morning until I get about 10 miles down the road. The ride home is hopeless. It's seems to be affected by the temp of the engine and the temp outside.

i recently had alternator replaced a few months ago. but now when i press the gas the car feels like it idles too high which it never has before, and also the battery gets drained so i have to keep jumping it to start it up. while driving the battery will drain and the engine turns off.

When I'm driving while its raining my van doesn't accelerate properly, it makes a light pop like a back fire, it spits like its going to die and my engine light flashes. I've got a diagnostic ran on it and all they say is cylinder 1 misfire. This only happens when its raining. What could my problem be.

I asked if they would be able anything else that might be going wrong with my vehicleon the way down. Replied all looked good. I'm taking that my engine might be in good shape. He said dismantling the truck that much he wouldve noticed something wrong. Is that correct? Truck runs great now.

had oil on them. What's the problem?

PVC valve replaced. still does not work. Is there a sensor problem? what dollar amount are we looking at?

dealership stated that my catalytic converter on the left was stopping up or clogging up....but yet I had no warning other than the flapping noise, the car never lost power or check engine light never came on...any thoughts????

I have a manifold gauge set and recharge supplies but when I recharged the system the low side pressure fluctuated by 25 psi so I stopped used a light and dye to locate a leak the only "leak" I found was out of the front of the compressor/clutch now clutch wont seem to even engage.

Doing complete clutch replacement. My dads ranger was slated for California and has the bigger spicer drivetrain w/ 4.10 gears. Noticed there are different bore sizes for slave cylinder. Can anyone please tell me what slave cylinder I will need for this replacement. Thank you!

I have replaced the solenoid pack with the new upgraded one bolts straight in still no gears found pcm maxi 20 amp fuse was blown car just stoped no noises just like a headlight fuse it just stoped have you any sugestions