Even when I push gas it stalls it's an automatic didn't do this Entill it was replaced it does it now every time I start it

constant problem

I have check fuses and rested my power to the fuel pump connector and I'm getting 9.7v. Test the fuel pressure at the rail and I'm not getting anything. Leads me to believe that it might be the fuel pump but I haven't checked the relay cause I can't find it. I'm assuming it's in the keyless entry stuff....?

brackets. Any idea what that might cost me - hopefully less than the van is worth. The van is and has been running just fine.

just the converter is hanging way low. I think the straps could be replaced without costing more than the van is worth. What might this cost me?

Think it is either Transfer case wear, Replacement PS Pump Pulley pressed on wrong or Trans filter needs changing. Accelerating under bridge hear some sort of exhaust leak reflecting on wall when Accelerating. Changed PS Fluid to Mercon V and it is a little less. Thought it was tire related but it is smooth when cold

my truck just quit on me... its getting fuel through the fuel pump and changed the fuel filter and still wont start. sprayed starter fluid in the intake and it would run for a few minutes then cut off. what could be causing this

Whjile my 2010 fision was under warranty I complained about lack of a?c and no rear defrost. Ford garage said it was working when checked; said only intermeittenly. Fast forward 2 years,I finally have a/c after1500.00. Replaced entire rear window because terminals were melted. 2 mechanics stated it was getting too much voltage. Why and how to correct? New window rear defroster worked for about 9mo. Terminals again are melted. Was told too much voltage was problem with a/c also. How can I afford to replace rear window every year? Totally ridiculous. Also, these costs should have not been my problem, since they started while car was under warranty. I discourage everyone from buying a Ford proiduct. Also, replaced tires rated for 45,000 mi. at under 25,00mi. ; new battery, headlight and taillight. Still have a hazy front headlamp cover that lets in moisture which is probably reason for lights to keep blowing. Can't list all minor probs which were aa early warning...

Whenever I start off in the morning, I get a slight grinding noise from the drivers side front. Only lasts around a hundred feet, but the 4x4 light on the instrument cluster starts flashing. It does this until I shut the vehicle off. Then, if I imediately restart and start driving again, I get no grind and the light stays off.

When i'm at a dead stop and hit the gas peddle too hard the car does a couple hesitation jumps and then goes. It only does it when i'm at a dead stop. Someone told me is the transmission fluid temp sensor, but i can't find it. Thank You for ur time.

I have a 2006 Ford Mustang V6 4.0. My battery light came on, then my check engine light, then my a/c started blowing warm air. Occasionally the battery light and check engine light turn on then off but don't stay on for more than a day. Any ideas on what's going on with the lights and A/C? I've take it to get tested and the battery is full charged and there is enough liquid for tee A/C. Took it to the shop and they said it will either be the alternator or the pcm board. Help!

After reconnecting my battery this morning I had a no start no crank problem. I did drive my pick up 10 minutes prior to the disconnecting and reconnecting of my battery!

2008 ford taurus sel right rear caliper changed and hyd syst bled. had to cut right rear parking brake cable to remove and replace the caliper. car will not start locked light is on the dash.cable has not ben changed. is there some sort of interlock than can cause this problem?

replace the firewall cylanoid. Still no crank from the starter. Took starter off. went to Auto parts store and bench tested it. guy said it was strong and starter was good. Suggested it could be a ground. Cleaned all corrosion off of starter. put starter back on. still not starting. Im getting electric to all dash and head lights and gauge and I can hear the firewall cylanoid clicking so its getting electric to it. What do you suggest tyo check next?

ok I have a 2005 ford explorer my front window washer pumper wont work or my rear wiper motor wont work I replaced the wiper turn signal switch replaced rear wiper motor put new washer pump in and checked fuses and relays still cant get them working but I have front wiper working can anyone please help or diagnose the problem

Sounds and runs little rough started after a oil change and a new air filter was put in

I backed over my sons tricycle tonight and afterwards when I drive forward or reverse there's a screeching metal grinding sound. It almost sounds like the brakes locked up or something is stuck but brakes look fine. A hose came lose but it didn't seem to go anywhere.. I put it back on.. Gassed it forward and back and it seemed to loosen up but went right back to doing the same thing.

We checked the trannie oil and didn't smell burned or was no shavings either. It just stopped moving all of a sudden when I was driving it

Already changed the idle air valve and the camshaft position sensor after both parts were codes shown on computer diagnostic