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My boyfriend drove my car and flattened the tire after hitting the curb. We fixed the tire by putting the spare on. Took the var around the block it drove fine. Later on that night we took the car to the corner store and backed up to park it went in reverse fine but when we put it in drive it lost all gears including reverse and it will stay im park. Please help me.

Hey, the fuse keeps blowing everytime i put in a new one and start the a/c in the car, any idea what causes this?

Do I need to change the entire strut component or can I just change the shock component

Car when you get a certain speed it acts like it want to cut off. Like its not getting enough gas flow or air flow to engine.

Spark plugs?

won't start. died while driving fuel pumps are good no spark

Usually happens after turning a corner. Brake light sometimes also come on briefly.

Right front turn signal went out replaced the bulb and socket and it only works when the headlights are off

How many miles should I reasonably expect to get out of this car ? I have repaired A/C, Blower Motor, Rear wheel bearing, basically things that wear out.

I have.the ABS break light been on for a while had it checked and said to be faulty light. Now when letting off the break & having to step back them, the break locked up. yet while stepping on to break your thrown very fast i might add in to drive with out even on the gas. I almost ran into the car in front of me at Windy's! Please help I have no idea why this happened! Or what the cause may be!!!!

Brand new exhaust muffler system put in at shop..front to back.. From manifold down...egr blew twice...don't no if its a clogged cat considering its brand new exhaust system.. What would cuz this

show me picture of where the issue may be

show me picture of where the issue may be

RPM'S are high and car don't want to go over 10mph

replaced ball joints still makes loud squeak

On new cat I drilled and broke some of the stuff up In cat but it still has no power when I'm accelerating and it studders when I turn the heat or a/c on so what should I do? Aside from taking to shop or buying new Cat converter?

The relay was changed out..sometimes when you turn them on they don't come on.

I have a 97 Ford ranger and can't seem to get rid of the noisy power steering pump. I've changed the fluid and also added some Lucas power steering stop leak. I have no leaks. I don't believe there is any air in the system because there's no bubbles in the reservoir. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.