when engine starts get a beeping sound 3 or 4 times and stops. what can the problem be?

I just put a camshaft position sensor in this truck and it still shuts off while I'm driving it so what's the matter with it

I would like to fix temporarily so that I can drive 150 mi. home or bypass security permant;y.

My 1992 5litre 302 is running rich smoke at tail pipe and very hot exaust is sensor telling thermostat to stay open temp gauge rarely moves a quarter of they way on gauge

but not when you press the steering wheel all fuses are good

It sounds like the motor is hitting the hood IT does this noise until you get your speed up to 60 then it stops What could be causing this

I just need to know what are the major pieces to remove and reinstall a rebuilt manual transmission I know the drive shaft the shifter the slave cylinder starter have to be removed and the crossmember but I was wondering if I can swap it out without having to remove the exhaust

72,000 miles

could the speed sensor make the engine mess up

engine rpm does not increase and car won't move. I could manually increase rpm under hood. noticed getting worse last week of driving it.

My breaks are grabbing and my transmission is changing gears hard. I took it into Ford and they said my breaks are fine. My transmission they said they reset the computer.

Pretty much I'm crazy! I haven't owned a Ford in 15 years but this stuff shouldn't me happening.

Anyone else have.this problem?

What do I do.

i jumped a wire from the battery to the voltage regulator and it turned over but would not start.

car stalls when i be doing almost 30 ... starts rate back up. and stalls again when i start going

Vehicle drives really good. Doesnet pull to either side. No uneven tire wear. Just does a slight front end shake when braking or hitting a bump ??

My 2012 Ford Edge is having issues with
Door ajar stays on-- all doors are closed
Interior light stays on have to disconnect the battery everytime I'm parked
And AC started blowing hot air out of the driver vent and now both sides throw out hot air!! So aggravated
I have seen so many other complaints about the same thing
Are there any recalls on anything I've listed above?

I cannot find a replacement tank it is plastic and I cannot find a replacement .If you look it up it shows a different tank this is a special tank dimensions are 14 1/2 X 17 W X 27L. Part number is VFOTA-9104- CA M73 DC.. Do yo know where I can get one???

I took it to my mechanic and he could not find anything wrong when looking at the diagnostic; no engine or electrical problems. Now the lights on the mirrors and interior will not go out. I've resorted to disconnecting one cable on the battery. Help

Where can I get this fixed?

My car started spitting and sputtering, and hardly goes, and then it will take off, it also started cutting out when I put my car in reverse. Please Help

The tuck start and runs butt no throttle

Please call if you know for sure what the problem is. I need my truck for work tomorrow please help.

Check engine light came on and no turbo . Anyone know if this from fuel or how to fix? Dealer will go good on it but they are 140 miles away. Just wondering if this a common occurrence on the new 2.7 liter turbo?