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price of electric module regulating tail lights, break lights, dome lights etc.

no tail lights, break lights, door locks do not work properly, dome lights go off and on, fuel gauge stopped working, This happened all of a sudden .

05 manual. Only 70k. Car dies after 20 min of driving. Rpms go wacko, so I know car will die. Wrench light comes on. Car will usually not start properly after.
Mechanic spent days, does not read code in car. Fuel lines cleaned, coincidently new clutch. Nothing. No check engine light. Just know that if I drive, to let car sit for an hour. Help!!!

A large tree branch fell through the windshield during a storm and bent the frame.

Like a dummy I didn't disconnect the pos.cable and when I inserted the wire ito FUSE slot for my my instrument pannel is out it won't shift gears.all my fuses are fine.will there be a relay or maxie FUSE that would pop.or did I blow my whole FUSE box.or my ECM.

and it will start up again I'm afraid to drive the car I have 2 young boy don't want to take a chance on us getting killed what to do

It's a beautiful truck only used for towing horses in a trailer

Ive replaced the spark plugs coil packs

When i turn my ac on my car does out

When I shift to drive the unit jerks slightly then takes off normal this is not all the time. It has 13k miles on it.

I was told it was the cam shaft then the compression from the timing had jumped what can i do when i bought it they had replaced it with a used engine ive had to get the keys and ignition replaced cause they were getting stuck where the key goes in and wouldnt come out then after the keys started getting stuck it stopped running and not really trying to start but after i replaced them it fixed the issue of them getting stuck please help i dont know how to gwt it running or what the issue could be and dont have money to take it to a shop cause im on a fixed income with four kids and im still paying 190.00 a month on the loan i got to get it???

Replaced old battery with a brand new one
Connected cables to new battery. There was a spark. Car shows no signs of power.

Got a new battery for it and my car will not start want to say it's my alternator or my enigne locked up cause everything works but when I try to turn my key nothing happen no clicking or clicks

Had gotten gas other day at different place. Following day car was chuggy, added more gas at my usual place, car still chuggy, stalls at lights when stopped or Chugs like it's going to stall. I thought it might be bad gas from the previous day before now not so sure. Any indication on what it mite be. Has chugged before previously but never to this extent where it stalls.

engine oil pan gasket

hadn't run for about three weeks,came home no start,jumped and went to town and back.stalled in driveway started back up started nxt day ran for a minute.stopped, Can'tget stated again,

I buy a new battery new fuel pump then it did good but it started to do it again so I buy a new fuel filter thought it was getting good gas stuff but that didn't fix the problem