The "service engine soon" light has been going on and off for several weeks. Problems have been worsening off and on yet when I take it to the mechanic, they can't find anything wrong. My car almost broke down 3 times today. The problem has been off and on, and today much worse. When I slow down or come to a stop there is a lot of chugging and shaking and after slowing or stopping, when stepping on the gas pedal it is having trouble functioning and the car starts to rumble. It is getting very stressful that the mechanic I have trusted said he can't fix it until the problem is happening at that moment. I feel like it's going to take breaking down on the parkway before they can tell me what's wrong. Any ideas? Thank you so much for your help. I need to get this fixed tomorrow. Don't want to wait any longer since it keeps worsening and I don't want to brin
Oh I almost forgot. And sometimes the problem starts when I first turn on the ignition, like the ignition won't fully fire. Then the engine rumbles a bit before I get the car driving and it smooths out for a while. I recently had a new ignition coil put in, but the mechanic said everything checks out ok when I've asked to see if the part may be defective.

2003 mustang 4.6 smokes when start and clears up a little bit and smells like raw gas fumes it does the smoking all the time it clears up and comes back all the time, no codes are stored

when you turn the ign.key on the fuel pump comes on and runs up to 4 min. before it shuts off and you can crank and start engine- seem the colder the weather the faster the pump will shut off- then after it has been driven a while the engine stumbles the engine light comes on and off and the engine will die-you can here the fuel pump relay clicking on and off-this does this on either tank on the truck-had a local ford dealer look at it and they repaced my battery-?- and fuel modulator- still doing the same thing-got any advice

Car has 240,000 miles. I am wondering if it is worth fixing. It is a 5 speed which has giver me years of excellent performance

mechanic said it needs to be replaced. If it is externally mounted I can do it myself.

My truck is a 1994 ford ranger 2.3 liter 4 cyl. 2WD automatic tranny, truck has been running pretty good, but just yesterday It started making a really loud whistle like a boiling tea kettle when accelerating, if I let off accelerator it stops, what could be the problem?

All of a sudden my car started stalling would not take gas and the wrench light came on. I turned off the car and it started up fine. Oil transmission and other fluids are perfect. What does it mean?

Just started. Always remains locked

We have change head gasket radiator caps took out fan and fan works thermostat change and temperature sensor

what does that mean? where do I do that, not in book.

Started out brake lights would not shut off about a hour or so they went off when truck was off but now no brake lights at all replaced switch checked fuses ,bulbs there's no power going to brake lights what do I to.