How much cost

My tranny went out n I'm trying to fix it but I'm not rich so just trying to explore all options.

I put synthetic oil in my brand new Mustang, and used synthetic oil for the last 3 oil changes. I found out I'm not supposed to in the GT. Can I switch back to regular oil or a blend without harming the engine?

Mostly while driving but also when in park, you can slam the doors or put car in gear and sometimes they will come back on. When driving if u hit a bump it will trigger it but sometimes you hear a repetitive clicking sound and dash lights flicker on and off.

after driving 15 min straight when I come to a stop truck starts making knocking noise and shakes

when in reverse going backwards truck starts to shake

In March I had the plug replaced by a mechanic. It had approx. 60,000 miles. Recently we took a trip upstate. The truck ran fine all the way. But when we started back it started to misfire and loose power when going up hills. Finally the engine light came on. Took it back to the mechanic and it showed a misfire on cylinder 7, replaced the plug which had a crack. Took it out on the road and it stared to miss again. It happens in overdrive and when the engine is put under load at around 2000 rpms or 65 to 70 mph. This time it did not set a code. I'm looking for a direction to go in order to solve this issue.

Front calipers and rear wheel brake cylinders have been replaced: no change. If pedal is pressed very lightly and "idiot lights" don't come on, problem is greatly lessened. When pressed hard enough to light up anti-lock brake and brake idiot lights on dash, problem is more aggressive, the harder you push the pedal, the worse the problem. When left to sit for 1 hour, goes back to normal. Van has 17,000 miles, was a police surveillance vehicle, was very well maintained, saw very few miles, is in otherwise as new condition

It was running good parked for the night and now when I try to start it all the lights come on ,windows and door locks all work but it does not do any thing ,I checked the fuses and breakers all good ,battery has full charge. Help please ASAP thanks

It's a 30 amp fuse

Running great next time crank is skipping n sounds like valve clicking
Bank 2. And lean

It ran hot put coolant in it the next morning cracked it up an coolant started pouring out the tail pipe any suggestions

If i rev the engine or go fast my engine steams, is it a loose hose? How much will it be to fix

Both fans run as required. Only way to lower temp is to switch on heater to max and needle returns to normal but passengers pass out! Blocked Radiator? Mileage is 85,000. Thanks in advance.

I got into a wreck and my car slid sideway over a curb and over a pole from passenger side. I can't drive it over 40 mph without losing control of the wheel. It doesn't make any noises and everything seems fine.

Fan is connected directly to fuse box

My 2000 ford explorer with 4.0 engine and 194,000 miles will not start. A few weeks ago I had this same problem they thought it was the timing chain and took motor apart and it wasn't the problem. It was a censor. It would turn over but would not crank. Now it's doing same thing no out of the ordinary noises it will turn over but will not crank. I have replaced the censor a second time and still nothing. Someone told me could be timing chain on back of motor. How do I know.