Electrical Gremlins...t.lites bulbs burn out...h.lights & dash lites flicker...completely DEAD at times on starting...heard may be cluster circuit board needs clean? ALSO diodes alternator? COSTS? Thanks

2003 escape 300.000 plus miles. Keeps running hot. Replaced water pump. Thermastat. Flushed the system. New oil, new anti freeze. New radiator. Please help.what could it be?

The water pump is in good shape could there be a problem with the timing belt cover?

The lights have been on for 2 weeks. These two codes (C1299DTC and C1299) have come up when connected at an auto store. Not noticing anything g functionally wrong with the car but would like to fix the problem before something does. Searched on here, online, and YouTube with no solutions yet. Any help is great!

the noise is louder (or accompanied with) when turning; just noticed some squealing when making a turn into parking space; the high pitched humming (higher and lower with engine speed) seems louder when engine warm, 5 speed manual, engine light on continuously

starts on first crank

When driven on the highway at 60mph it acts like it want to shut off..now it won't start..I put in New spark plugs and it still won't start...and I need to replace the muffler...what else could be the problem of the diagnostic code read a 708...please help

It will not turn at all

When i started my truck my abs light was on. When i drove it, my speedometer went crazy, the truck wouldn't shift past 2nd, and would downshift back into first. My rear window (witch i had no problems with) suddenly would not work either.

I don't know I just bought the truck

6 ft super cab

I took my 2005 Escape Hybrid in for diagnostic and was told that the throttle body needs replacement base on the codes they found. They also said it would be $900+ and I'm somewhat skeptical of this being mechanically capable I'm digging around about it. This relates to the vehicle not having much power when stepping on the gas, and the engine revving when I do but going nowhere...also the gas mileage has dropped to 24 from 33 a few years ago.

2000 Ford Windstar
Running van stalls loose dash lights but the head and tail lights remain on even with key off. It turns over but won't start.

The part I need is an arm about 6 inches or less with a silver pin on one end.

Seems like the neddle is alittle above middle....dont want it to overheat...

Had close to a quarter tank of gas in it and I add like4or5 gallons of fresh gas.

My sister used my car for a year and she used home made cd's and after I got the car back the CD player doesn't work any more! Like when I go to load a disk it just say cd error!

It is locking up and won't drive. It has a grinding noise and the right front tire locks sometimes. I've changed the front drive axles, rotors, and hubs on both sides. Break pads are all in good shape. In the beginning when this was happening I powered through it there was some grinding and a pop noise but it took off and I've been able to drive it till now. That's been a few months. It will drive but only in idle speed.