It has a tapping or rattling sound when i start it up. I have replaced the lifters. The rocker arms are not loose. Im teying to see if the push rods are bad.

Sounds like the turbo is under towing like pressure but i am just driving under normal conditions not a constant thing but happening regular

The heater is not working as well

My piston on my engine is done

Abs, check engine, rpm, mph instrument not working

The sound only occurs when there is body lean for the vehicle. If the truck body stays level, no sound. any ideas?

when air temp gets above 105 the car will all of a sudden not go. The engine stays running, no engine lights come on, radio works but push the gas pedal to the floor and it won't go. Sometimes if you push the gas pedal a few times it might keep going but weak. The engine does not shut off. It definitely seems like car is not getting fuel. It has a new fuel pump, radiator flush, new plugs/wires, dry gas, fuel injector cleaner.

Yesterday i put a can of EZ-Chill in my a/c and the compressor was working , now today it is not working and i checked the fuse inside the door and it is good. What else could be the problem?

Have had radiator replaced and two weeks later got to do it again , antifreeze keeps showing up in transmission fluid , took to ford dealer had transmission flushed and replaced radiator and transmission filter drove two weeks and it's doing the same thing again .

My 2008 F250 Super Duty leaking again from plastic radiator. Very low miles...< 80k I think. Ford needs to deal with this. Too expensive!!! I didn't go io zone rep or submit complaint the first time and now they say my truck is too old! I'm not giving on this! Don't know if this is class action issue but I'm very dissatisfied! This thing was $55k when purchased...shame on you, Ford!!!!

all the doors and trunk are closed

iam fairly capable of replaceing the alternator myself how ever id like alittle advice on the matter

also when switch on acc radio works when put to start radio goes out . jumped from starter to battery would crank with switch on start but no start

Car is struggling for power when accelerating. Not sure what's causing it but thought I'd ask about a tune up.

While driving my car will start shutting down first the radio then all the lights will come on so I have to put it in neutral run the engine up sometimes it will go back to normal but if not it will shut down and shut off then won't start have to get a jump
What can I do to fix it
I got an alternater done on it. And new battery..

When driving I sometimes use over drive and just today while driving the car it could shift it just kept racing so I took it off of o/d and it still did it all fluids are fine it cranks no engine light on any ideas?

it starts and idles for couple seconds then bogs down. Giving any gas causes it to cut off. I've changed the EGR valve, spark plugs, idle air control, checked fuel pressure, cleaned MAF sensor.

tried restarting but that did not help

My cruise control jerked a couple times so I turned it off. The next time I tried to use it several days later it would set. So I left it alone. Later on way home I tried again. This time the indicator light didnt light up or work.

Overheating occurs quickly when driving short distance,loud rattling noise begins when pushing accelerator only as temp climbs then when gauge reaches highest level it shuts off . Has water and oil,but oil was really low.Has smell and A little smoke when raised hood.Already has a rack and pinion leak and bad ignition computer,but don't know if that is relevant or related.told could be related to the head or engine going bad.know zero about cars and no money for professional diagnoses but ANY opinion would be greatly appreciated to know at least a starting point

I just had the wires to the fusebox replaced and the fan was only running for ten minutes while I was driving at night. it's happened twice so far but this time I can't seem to get the lights to come back on by starting the car without anything else running.

engine light comes on, in humid weather.. i have it checked and they say it has something to do with the fuel inlet sensor no big deal.. I started off to work and everything was fine,, I stop to get gas, get back on the road and notice the engine sounds a bit rough.. engine light starts flashing and the engine stalls... I put the trans in neutral and restart the engine it starts but idles very rough.. thought maybe it was a fuel filter.. but i have a " lifetime" fuel filter that needs no maintenance .. any suggestions? I need to get this solved because I am ill and need to make frequent trips to the hospital.. help!!

Battery dead. When I jump it it cranks. If I leave it in park its runs for a few minutes then everything dies and I have to jump it again.... But when I put it in drive after starting, no matter if I floor the gas pedal, the revs rapidly decrease and it dies after driving about 10 yards.... What do y'all think that is

For tailgate

Ford Explore Class action lawsuit for radiator plastic to engine.

Under the dash. Headlights work turn signals no hazard no windows. Won't go from park. No clusterlights no fulepump him. When clusterlights do work it will start for only a couple of minutes then dies

Will my 1981 F100 Custom front Fenders,Hood, Grill,head lights all fit onto the 1988 F250 Custom? By looking at it all bolts look like they would line up but can't find any question like this online. Also the cab rear window, is that interchangeable with the F100s window? Going to replace doors on 250 from the 100 but I know those are going to switch over easy. (Both are 2WD)

right side door window just stopped working. are their separate fuses each side. what else could I look at

When I take off from a stop under acceleration my van backfires it also seems to misfire but it's not as bad with the AC off

What might cause the overdrive light blink off and on constantly?