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When I accidentally lock my key up in the truck, How do I find the code to open the door?

everything working when im driving when i stop on idle a/c blowing hot air and temperature on engine going high engine fan working only 30 seconds and then turn off
any ideas what is going on???????????????

I took it to Ford for more detail and their diagnosis said "veh. needs a complete tune up, plugs, boots and #8 coil. Veh. also has thermostat codes to replace thermostat. Ford wanted much too much money so I am not letting them do it. I am thinking that I will go to an outside mechanic and see if replacing the #8 coil makes a major improvement, if so I will get the thermostat replaced. I do not want to put a lot of $$ into a car I will not be able to have run OK for at least another year or so.

I had my Ford 500 3mos, at first all dash board lights would go outand maybe come back on the same day. Now it cuts off while driving and reverse light on while dash is out

Trying to locate the temperature coolant sensor on a 2004 F 150

The engine cranks over as normal with a new battery. There is gas flow and a dark blue spark. After setting for 4-5 hours, then it will start and run. What causes this? The transmission will not shift into drive. It stays in second gear. This started yesterday(7-31-16)

Only when you turn car on my tank starts dripping gas

I had recently gotten my fuel pump replaced not even a week after it was fixed I was driving and it just shut off on me while driving. I replaced the crankshaft sensor and still nothing I don't know what could be wrong I have had it little over a year when i try to crank it the truck makes a funny sound

Occurs when first cranked after sitting. After it's in gear, it pulses, vibrates. At takeoff, it sputters like there's a blockage of fuel to the engine. After some warm-up, it's a bit better. Hopefully, just a fuel filter? Some say a vacuum leak? I added fuel injector cleaner, no change. HELP!

Tires are inflated properly, but noise gets louder as speed increases.

I'm replacing the accumulator and orifice tube.

When the vacuum leaks cause a Ford

my car leaks really badly from somewhere around the hood and it comes in through the bottom. I wrecked it and they didn't fix it correctly. now it won't start and I just put a new battery in it do you have any ideas on what the water could have damaged I have been driving it like this for about a year and it always starts it just has a lot of water inside

It's still working to unlock but not working to lock.????

It bought the car used at 163k miles and around 165500 miles I ran into this problem. It started out with engine hesitation as I turned into the highway entrance, slowed down to 20mph and the oil pressure light came on and the gauge went up and down erratically! I drove to the next exit with flashers on, it picked up little power but then I heared a knock and turned it off as soon as I pulled in a parking lot. I was able to drive it home at night (5 miles). I noticed the same thing happen if I drove over 6 miles or until the engine warmed up!!! I had the oil and filter and air filter changed, I paid $99 to have it diagnosed at Firestone and they found nothing and said it might be the Oil pump or some internal engine work needed which they cannot perform. I called Friendly ford and to my surprise they would not repair their own vehicle, my model and year and they refer them out! I had a MECHANIC look into it and told me the oil pump was already replaced and the sensors and oil take were fine!!! My car still stalls and has this issue, what Could it be that causes this problem? Help!!!

The switch works but the locks rapidly cycle up and down then stay up. Also, I can't lock the door from the outside with the key.

Engine keeps dropping compression on cylinder 4, even after adding to brand new engines sane problem continues, also oil gets into intake! When removed spark plug on cylinder 4 it comes out white with a little of oil on it also. Any suggestions? This the third new engine and doing the same problem. 4 mechanics can't figure it out, also no check engine light comes on and scanners can't read anything on truck

Both catylitic converters we're replaced if you pat the gas it will not shake in motion until car rpm drops down to around 1 and a half rpm

Air conditioning starts out normal, then we hear a click and it becomes hot air, heater air. Had freon replaced, it is not that. Occurs about 90% of the time now

new fuel pump and filter

the car wont start sometimes. all lights come on and turn key to start and nothing. seems to worst now since its gotten hot outside will only start in the early morning and that's all.

has new fuel pump and filter

When I press on the accelerator pedal past a certain point, the air flow still blows by sound but doesn't blow out vents. Then when I take my foot off gas pedal the air comes through the vents.

truck starts but dies when i put it in gear

Intermittent white smoke, burnt oil smell, dark green coolant. May or may not be accompanied by various sounds. Worse in hot humid weather. Minor loss of power on acceleration. Please add estimated repair costs outside warranty and common fixes for blown turbos/seals to this website. Can turbos be purchased and applied other than dealership?

wait a few more minutes let it idle and then it'll go againwhat is wrong with it is it a fuel line and fuel line change filters what

Went to Crest Lincoln sterling heights, MI. Got run around from service mananger and my sales person sean johnson. 2002 ford explorer auto shift fell off 7-20-16. Want to make complaint to Ford Motor Company. Had car 1 month when happened.

I replace the starter with another starter because it first one burned up is that in this is it in the starter switch or the the Tumblr

It is a 2008 ford Taurus SELL all wheel drive I can't find the code to get in car it is keyless on door can't find comp module

how much would it cost to fix and what is the problem