It's a awd, Eddie bower edition 97' Ford explorer. I had Les Schwab check the alignment and they found that the front differential is messed up. what would the cost to repair that be?

Check engine light came on it kept stalling but after letting it warm up it would drive fine. After 2 weeks it just seized when I put it in drive bought this truck and there is brand new transmission fluid in it has 180000 miles do you think I need a rebuilt granny and if so how much an I looking at thanks

The engine is still running. What could problem be.

I did fill tank I forgot to add.I know all signs point to head gasket. I'm hesitant to put a gasket sealer and just bought the gasket.I don't need more problames I figured if I add sealer and it stops I figured it out but then I've got shit clogged in heads and ports.idk that seafoam has ever moved along a ticking time bomb but it sure seems to have.I'm almost positive its the head gasket.but can't hurt to get feed back.I'll be pulling head tomorrow.

After running the vehicle for about 10 minutes it started to pop and knock the white smoke coming from the engine compartment and knocking made me shut vehicle down following morning while it was cold I started it up and it ran fantastic for approximately 10 15 minutes the same scenario occurred knocking white Smoke stalling out pressure gauge bouncing all over the place I'm wondering if adding seafoam to an old vehicle like that push the problem along a lot faster than expected.I did add seafoam due to the trucks rough running.I've used seafoam 100 X never had this problame.I changed oil thinking I thinned it out with S.F but no such luck..

I have a dandy backup camera but at night can't see anything with the tiny factory bup lights. Added some under bumper LED lights and tapped the wires coming out of the left hand tail light back up lights. Everything works fine as long as the engine is not running. Put it in Rev with the key on and all lights light up. Start the engine and put in Rev and no lights? What the What???

I purchased a used 2012 Ford Escape, as is of course, less than a week ago.
Are the above issues a costly fix and what could possibly be the reason for the issue(s)?
Thanks In Advance

Cost of Drive belt replacement?

What is the average cost of replacing the serpentine belt on a 2003 Ford Escape?

What is possibly causing these problems and how can I resolve/fix it?

Can anyone give me an idea on what may be wrong?

stuck in 4 by 4 hi need to fix a transfer case how to

was driven by a friend in 4x4 high on the highway now its stuck now what do I do

friend drove on highway in 4x4 and now it runs like crap how can I fix it

I really just want to know if it is normal for a starter to go bad in less than 3 years?

Just bought a bronco last week and the ignition started to lock up and I have to wiggle the key to get it started,do I need to replace the ignition coil?

No smoke from exhaust,no fluid leaks at all,runs fine ,new wtr pump,therm,hoses,clamps,rad tested ok ,new rad cap. so why does it still get hot after 30 + min of driving .intake does not leak and eng vac-comprssn test is gd all 6 cyl.

have a 95 Ford aspire automatic transmission put in gear makes a clunk nose & won't move

All of a sudden the Edge 2011 - shows a sign ALL W/D OFF and then shows a tool sign and the car jitters and comes to a stop. No matter what speed you are going . It is very scaring , if someone is closely following you.
Is there a solution for this or is there a recall for such a big flow in the transmission ?

The wheelbase on my front driver side is pushed back a bit.

and a missfire what else can it be