I have a 2000 Ford Escort ZX2. Recently, I noticed the car temp was
running a bit high. As I watched it while driving, the temp was slowly
climbing, especially during stop and go traffic. I figured out the fan wasn't
coming on, and replaced the Temp Gauge Sensor and the ECT Sensor.
After doing this, the fan comes on, but the car still runs hotter than normal.
When I start my car, the temp is at about 45% of the temperature gauge;
however, when I start driving, the temp climbs to about 65-75% of the temp
gauge but no higher. When I stop at a light or something, the temp drops
back down to about 50% (depending on how long I stop), and when I drive
again, it climbs back up to 65-75% of the way.

After switching one or both sensors, the check engine light came on with a
code of P0117...dealing with the ECT sensor having low voltage due to high
temperatures. I am unsure of what the problem is at this point. I can not
imagine why the car is running hot, but not increasing forever. It only
increases to about 65-75% of thew way. When I first turn on my car, it
jumps immediately to about halfway too, shouldn't it slowly be warming up
to that?

Any thoughts?

Everytime I step on my brakes my parking lights go on my dashboard and radio go's low

I recently just bought a 2012 Ford Edge. It has the dual climate controls. I went to turn the air on high and only the passenger side air vents got hot, While the driver side stayed cool. Does anyone know what this could be or anything I can check to fix the problem?

It is blowing out hat air.

Once truck is cranked it ll crank easy after that just has no pier and bogs down when I give it gas

Car recently had head gaskets changed, but ended up having a miss after that. One day driving down the highway it started to decelerate and wouldnt pick up speed when i pressed the accelerator, but once i pulled over n popped the hood it had smoke coming from around the engine n smelled like burned rubber. I turned the car off and it wouldnt start but it would turn over freely. My diagnostic tool showed i had a misfire in 2 cyclinders and bank 1 was too lean. I was told i should get another motor, but i want to know if thats what i should really do because i need to get my car fixed asap.

We put Freon in it still hot air.

My drivers seat drifts up and down, will not go forward or backwards. What can I do to fix it?

My window is off track and I think the track that controls the window is bent.h ow much does one cost.

Fuel pump is good has new spark plugs and new coils fused are good as well ..what else could it be ...

See if the fuel pump works and spark plugs on you ignition coils are new a crank but it won't start and the fuses are good too what else can it be

The car has been running fine. went to start the car and the key will not turn, the steering wheel is LOCKED and won't unlock.

Overdrive light off is on

was taking a long time to start before low fuel pressure replaced the pump now fuel is good

replacing pump. Checked interia switch - pump has power but from purge valve to fuel pump no power. Need help????

I checked reset button - already down Is there anything else I can do.

They both are Ford ranger but one a stick shift

2000 ford expedition - Fuel Pump replaced - no power going to it

This 2.5 L Atkinson-cycle engine is paired to el. Motor and HV-batteries

The part alone is $154 at O'reilly's. I'm having to drive my vehicle with an extremely hard brake pedal until I can get up enough funds to fix it. Parts and labor quote at a local shop was $600. This is only one of the few problems that I am dealing with. My Ford edge is having all kinds of problems.

We had issues with the engine shutting down and getting the message to "Stop safely now" so we took it in and had the cooling pump replaced under the recall but the problem is still happening. We have 2 things that come up 1 is " hot engine temperature" then "stop safely now" will come on when trying to drive more then 30 minutes. We can't use the air or take to many hills or it happens more often and we live in FL where it's extremely hot and has a lot of bridges :/ any idea what it could be is it possible that we got a bad part?

I need to tow the vehicle but can't unless with a flatbed, and I don't have access to one. I can tow it myself if either front or rear tires (or all 4) can roll. Is there something I can do? Disconnecting the driveshaft maybe?

i would like to increase the hp for towing purposes since i am a plummer. this would decrease my cost per job if i can tow my own equipment.

I was driving my van on the interstate and it made a noise like the power steering needed fluid and then it just shut off had to be towed I got it home and put it on the tester and it read 4 different codes for the TPS was high voltage and same for the eve Will these make it not run?

Can someone please tell me why my van stopped running and will not start back? What happened is I was driving down interstate and van started making a loud winding noise like the power steering needed fluid and then it died had to be towed! I put it on the tester and it read 4 different codes that had to do with the throttle position sensor said it is got a high voltage reading and the other about the egr valve had high reading also could one of these or both be my problem from getting van to start?

Thinking rear end, i get a bounce at 40 mph., i hear a clunk on occasion, truck seams like its tryin to pull a load, i have smelled gear oil/ or axle greese from rear of truck a couple times

what is the approxximate cost of replacing 2008 ford taurus transmission speed sensor?

I have a 2015 Ford F250 superduty 6.7L diesel with only 11000 miles. The problem is the RPMs will drop off between 1st & 2nd gear or 2nd & 3rd gear intermittently. Sometimes it feels like the RPMs are going to drop off but don't.

I think theTraction control sensor came loose after a blow because the traction light stays on and a see a cable hanging from the differential I think that might be it just don't know where it connects to. Can some please help me I'm a girl and know little of basic but nothing that has to do with technology

Will a bad throttle position sensor or a bad egr valve cause my van to stop running and not start back?