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1998 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 4X4. Big oil leak on drivers side. It's near the front yet behind the oil filter under the heads, (not the head gaskets). It only leaks when running. There is some sort of sending unit...
just replace the harness it was in bad shape can't find a fuse or relay to reset please help
apply brakes. Also putting foot on rear tire and pushing and pulling on bed feels like axle has play.
What would cause these two codes to appear, and where are these sensors located?
I can turn it off then on and it will not work , turn off the engine ,turn back on and it may or may not work. no warnings or codes come up on systems check
I get a P0704 code, (clutch switch input malfunction), Where is this located on the Ranger?
howdo i trouble shoot or repair a transmission code p0734 for a ford
Lights flash on dash and speakers go crazy. If its dark out headlights flash with everything else like power serge. I'm afraid cars gonna die. Nobody can tell me what's wrong with it yet. It mainly does it after sitti...
Can someone with a positive traction rear end F-250 give me the number off of the tag that is attached to the rear end housing. The parts guy at the dealership says he needs the number to look up the needed parts (pos...
antifreeze leaking from rear end of truck
pouring from rear end dribbling from below passenger side and pouring from driver side
It feels like it hesatates when i put my foot on the gas it keeps saying service soon
When my car is in park, there is a on again off again Rattling/rumbling noise that seems to be coming from the car. It runs great other then in park. When this noise starts. Could anyone help me get an idea of what it...
Code: cylinder misfires at random, why? 1.) Fuel filter has been changed. 2.) New Spark Plugs (properly gaged) and new wires. 3.) New air filter, oil filter and oil change. 4.) Replaced both ignition coils. ...
My transmission went out and they replaced the "brains". Now I'm told it may take 1000 miles to "learn " how to work correctly.
I have a 04 ford f150 heritage xl automatic. Whenever I'm driving when first started up and come to a stop or low in rpms it makes a weird rattling noise coming from under the truck around the transmission however the...
This tranny was professionally rebuilt. After reinstalling it, I keep getting the wrench light and code p0715. Shifts great except when going from 3rd to 4th (then light come on). Wrench light resets everytime the car...
have bad upper header - i an told this will cause egr false readings and bad mile age
Had a diagnostic check and was told it was the left front wheel bearing. Could it be the computer needs resetting?
My AC needs to be charged because it only blows warm air.
Replaced engine. Ran great. Now won't start and have to unhook battery to get lights etc off. Replaced ignition switch
I replaced my brakes christmas day then feb. 7 2015 i replaced brakes calipers and rotors 3 weeks later brake fluid was leaking i went back and was told a washer came lose it is now 7 weeks and my brakes are scrubbing