I burned up a hose on my Taurus while trying to go in over gear and passed a car. Now I can hear air coming out of the pipe.

I have an auxiliary port as well as a USB port. While the USB port seems to work consistently, the auxiliary port only seems to work about half of the time.

When I drive my car a lot the head gasket tends to start wearing out and leak water.

The audio component of my SYNC software stopped working out of the blue. When my phone was connected via USB and streaming music, the car displayed the track that was playing but I couldn't hear anything. However, the radio and CD player still worked with audio just fine.

What mileage would it need to be done at

Does not happen all the time

I can talk but it will not recognize the numbers i am saying

My overdrive has a hard time getting over even slight inclinations but my drive seems perfectly fine.

My door keeps not shutting and it takes me a good minute to get it to shut.

My car shakes when I slow down, but only at a very specific speed.

My car shifts back like it's changing gears going up a hill.

The window sounds like it's sticking going up.

There is picture in the manual, but no location.

Even when put in the off position, it keeps running.

Was driving and car lost power and came to a stop. I changed spark plugs, coil pack, starter. Checked alternator and have a brand new battery. Still no start. Also sprayed eather into the throttle body to see if it was the fuel pump

Cigarette Lighter doesn't work. If it's a fuse, could you tell me what number ??

Arrow going crazy RPM move to fast

My Expedition takes off in first second but if you let off the gas pedal it feels like it goes in neutral when you step on the gas it slams back in gear could that be the sensors or is my transmission just going out

When started.B2296

Recently while I was at a red light I made a right turn and heard a clunk got off to see my right axel on ground.
On the ground I found what I think ia some kind of bearing.

I never heard any noise to indicate something was wrong Explorer at dealership now

Hello I am wondering if sugar gets put in your gas tank do you change the fuel pump right away along with filter. Please help

My 17 year old daughters car shust down while shes driving and she almost got hit.Ford says there are no open recalls but it should be this is very dangerous

I have a 2005 ford explorer. I started loosing oil pressure, so we took off the oil pan to see what was going on. There was plastic chunks in it. I have been told they are the timing chain guides. What I need to know is, what all will I have to replace inorder to fix my explorer?? I just want to get it fixed enough to make it to a dealership and trade it off. Please someone help me out here

I have replaced the neutral safety switch. I have a new backup lamp switch but cannot find the old one. Please help

Codes: PO 300 PO 301 PO 306 PO 352 Vehicle has over 150k miles on it

blue smoke comming from tail pipe getting oil in one sparkplug well

2003 ford escape, automatic. Has no check engine light on at all. Skips or misfires in drive & reverse but in Park its like it hesitates. Have changed the fuel filter, and vacuum lines. Have put fuel injector cleaner in. Have ran all the gas out & got new from another gas station. Have checked the first 3 coils, but haven't checked the others yet. Any ideas on what this problem could be? It's really racking my brain.

I have an 04 freestar that I purchased and was wondering how can I find out if the recalls were taken care of

Just started when I got gas the other night when I started the van it started fine but I couldn't get it out of park and I had no brake lights or turn signals..changed out the fuses but today same thing happened. When I was trying to change fuses again..Everytime I try to replace #10..it sparks and blows the fuse out.

I had the system in auto ac on and in dual zone( front driver side was set to 69 and front passagener side side set to 66 , it was about 67 deg. outside. There are not controls for the rear vents. all of the front vents were blowing cold air the rear vents blowing hot air. I had to switch the system to max cooling to get the back vents to blow cold air. I only had the car a week.