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I have got the trucks cracked up dash off. . Noticed why the radio not working. there is not even a wire harness to hook it up.. Just for looks i guess.. The wires are open cleaned like your hand spread apart. But i c...
Dirt got between the plug and the heat shield and the spark plug socket will not go in far enough to get the plugs out. So I would lik to take the heat shields out. How do you do that?
I do light carpentry and woodworking projects occasionally and carry portable tools and materials. (1000 to 2000 lbs max). Are extra leaf springs necessary or would a good set of air shocks be adequate?
Once I get to about 40mph it start shifting, n jumping! I'm a women n not familiar with vehicles but knows something is wrong!! Transmission place said its gonna be $1,500 to fix TCM
yeaterday i accidently locked my keys in my 94 dodge shadow with the engine running in park. while i was waiting for my buddy to come over with the jimmy to get it unlocked my engine suddenly stopped, ignition still o...
CODE 68 MOTOR CIRCUIT MALFUNCTION FOR A 2001 Dodge Durango • 4.7L V8 4WD Automatic • 168,000 miles Abs/brake light is on.I replaced the Abs pump Control Module Still Have the code # 68 Motor Circuit Malfunction.I wa...
Cleaned the battery post and replaced the connecters as well as checked the grounds on the batteries. Still just clicks. Also tested the starter it is good
Came on as I was driving home from work last night...
I replaced the master cylinder and new brake fluid. No air in brake lines. What do I need to check?
my batteries are bad I replaced with new ones when tried to start my truck it turned but no start then I did the test onboard got this c-code never had any other problems low miles on my truck
The first spark plug on the right side keeps breaking. This wasn't an issue till I changed everything.
also has had two tune ups ( second one was done without asking ) new o2 sensor. brand new $300 PCM now the damn mechanics cannot get it to start!
it tends to vibrate when ever I apply gas at around 35-45 mph,could it be my u joints or driveshaft if so what would it cost too be fix
evening my abs and traction light came on. about two weeks before that i got my tires rotated and balanced. is the anything I can do before taking it to the shop. I was told my sensor could be dirty. also i was told i...
Transmission is a 5 speed and has water in the pan. I was told the only way water could get in the transmission is by flood only. Thanks