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I think there is a short from bcm or distribution box. any suggestions?
shows code 4th gear ratio incorrect never showed signal of going out
when plunged in it says a code has an evap leak I've been to several shops and no leak is found short of examining the gas tank. I was told not to worry because the car is. Not running badly at all so how do I know wh...
2004 dodge stratus RT Coupe 3.0 V6 automatic. Purchased with 38K in 2011 now has exactly 50K miles what should I pay for Flush or change trams fluid and filter ?
i changed the fuel pump and the fuel filter. it has the same issue. what could it be our what could i have missed?
When it shut off I pull over and it turns on 10 mins later , I drive and then it happen again 5 min kater then wait like 10 min and starts then my car is fin till the next day then starts all over ! I have no lights o...
It wont start. Fuel is working. Coil pack has fire
Every time we drive our car it will make this squeaky noise going over any type of bump, and also when we back up and turn our front passenger side wheel area will make a grinding noise.
The check engine light came on and P2433 is the code that came up.
when engine running timing chain picking up a little water looks like comes from the pump is this means the water pump maybe bad, a stopped the car. any answers it will be appreciated.
It is one of the first things displayed when the test starts as the check proceeds. Just curious if it means something like what engine codes are for. Maybe it just identifies what the test is?
after that I have no air/ heat nothing comes out. Thought it was fuses so had O reilly put a computer checker on it. No- thing is showing up on checker. Where could problem be..Had car since new no major problems at...