I have added some new fuel and some fuel injector cleaning additive. Vehicle will crank but does not fire.

when i drive my car it over heats but when checking the temp under the hood it reads normal. the thermostat is also new. could it be the radiator?

Sometimes while driving, it feels like there is a drag, like the emergency brake is on. Or like it's in low gear. When taking my foot off the brake, it doesn.'t coast smoothly but feels like it will stop within a few feet. Then the next time I drive it, everything is fine.

back right electric window does not work.

The blower motor only works on the #4 setting. I tried another working control panel and it does the same thing. So it is not the switch or anything on the detachable panel. What is the culprit?

How long does the original battery last and what should it be replaced with? It is hidden in the front driver's side wheel well

a/c leaking in floor. i have not been able to figure out how to unplug it.

I'd like a diagram or information on how to change the heater core in a 2005 dodge stratus

it smoke but the engine doesn't get hot

When I put in for an estimate to replace the timing belt, what does it cover? What all needs to be done when replacing the timing belt? Is it easy enough for someone with average knowledge of repairing vehicles to fix?

I have my oil changed on time except once I was out of town and the oil light came on. I had it changed and looked at said there was no leak. Since then I have had my oil changed twice ,but the oil light won't shut off and no seems to be able to get it to reset. Any suggestions?

My 2003 dodge stratus car alarm has gone off 5 times in the last day. I only have a key to it, not the keyless entry. I've tried starting the car and it won't stop. It goes off for about 5 minutes and stops. Can some1 please help me?

I am attempting to replace the cylinder head on this vehicle without pulling the engine. Are there any tricks to disconnecting the exhaust manifold?

where is the oil sensor on the 2005 doge stratus??

I took my 98 stratus to two mechanics and it seems the water pump, timing belt need to be changed but one mechanic said the cylinder above the engine under the metal body. How much should I expect to pay for parts and labor for the cracked cylinder. I know its not an easy job because of where it's located.

How easy is it to replace the water pump and thermostat in a 2002 Dodge Stratus?

I just recharged my air conditioner in my car and now the AC only works half the time. The half of the time it just blows warm air.

I just had the EGR Valve and the valve gasket (between the valve and the Y-tube) on a 2005 Dodge Stratus SXT with a 2.7L engine. The engine isn't flex fuel. I was charged $272 for parts and labor. Is that the right price or thet a bit excessive? I had it done through a Howard-Wilson dealer/service center. Then I was charged a hazardous material charge. There wasn't any hazardous material to dispose of. For that I was charged $18.20 . In addition, I got my spark plugs changed. I'd already purchased the plugs so I was charged $73 for labor. It's important to know this. Please help.

I have a 1998 Dodge Stratus. The tail lights do not come on when the brake is applied but the running lights work after I replace the bulbs. How can I get all my tail lights working again?

So far I have replaced the spark plugs, the wires, and THOROUGHLY cleaned the EGR Valve - but I still get a very rough engine idle and a big loss of power - check engine light WAS on, but I took off the - cable to the battery and it went off and has not yet returned

everytime when you slow down to stop it bucking

I have a 2006 dodge stratus and its occasionally making a humming which turns into a helicopter sound while driving. But when I am at a light or in a drive through where it is out of gear or sitting it will click over and make a Loud diesel engine sound. I am thinking its my AC so I turn off the AC and it goes away but only for alittle bit. Then it comes back, just not as loud.

My daughter thinks its the air filter "something inside of it" even the "DODGE dealership" was baffeled.

I dropped it off at the dealership but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas?

Heres my problem, when i turn the ingnition switch to crank the engine, nothing happens, everything from my radio to the display panel turn on but you cant hear nothing but the fuel pumpm activating, the engine is not turning, now i checked all fuses, and relays, i checked the connector to the starter motor and i DO NOT recieve voltage, i can however Ohm out the connector which is good, now the "starter" relay connector at pin 86 is supposed to recieve 12 volts when ingnition is activated, but it doesnt, also my "auto" shut down relay on pin 86 has constant voltage (12volts) even when my ignition switch is in the off position. I am not supposted to have no voltage at either relay at pin 86 when ignition is off, the only voltage present should be at pin 30 which i do get. i believe i have a short somewhere in my PCM unit can anyone else give me advice? i appreciate your help. thanks

Pictures would be very helpful

lots of oil leaking everywhere.

my car has been over heating and leaking coolant i put stop leak in the radiator the leak is gone the car stays cooler longer now but now i'm afraid that my radiator fans are not working what could it be my uncle tried to run a wire from my radiator fans to positive connection in the car so it can come on when i turn my car on but it did not work is it a fuse relay or motor someone please help me

how do you relace a valve on 1998 dodge stratus ,i bought it from a freind they said it ran out of oil and they were comming home and it made noise
they put oil in but it still is making the noise looks like a valve is bad . how do u replace the valve.

the air condition only works when you are going fast we went to recharge it but it was over charged what now

while on lunch break my car died and will not start again. the starter works and turns the fly wheel but the crank shaft doesn't turn. And i can't turn the crank by putting a ratchet on it either. Does this mean the motor is locked up or is there a sensor that could be out? Any help or ideas would really be appeciated. David C.

i have a dodge stratus it over heats and i have a leak coming from the drivers side of the car on top of the block close to the hose from the engine to im not sure where but i need serious help does a dodge stratus have two thermastats or one