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Removing the 2" engine support has stopped my progress. How do I get this thing off so I can drop and replace the oil pan?
when it's cold the car run fine but when it's warm it cuts off on me
Hi. My Stratus shudders at stop lights/signs, sometimes as if it's going to stall, other times it's very slight. Any thoughts?
While driving on the expressway my car cut off and cranks but won't start back up. The engine light had been on for a while, but the diagnostic machine didn't show the problem. What causes this?
how do I replace window washer pump
I have oil leak, not sure if valve cover or head gasket, what are common problems
It don't start when I jump it are anything just click
It don't crack are anything just click when I turn the key so what does that mean
It don't turn off when I turn the key it just click and all my light and music work
both low beam headlights went out same time.replaced both still won't other car issues.daughters car,help
I replaced my oil filter but my car still didn't start it sound like that the starter is out because when the oil spilled it got into the starter so is that's why it not starting
i was driving my car and went over a curb i dented my oil filter and all the oil leaked out. i was driving it to but more oil and it and the car cut off it started right back up and then dead completely and now it don...
do you need any special tools to remove a cv shaft and the cv half shaft seals in a transmission
Car won't turn over. Battery is good
i have a slight tapping when i first start the 1997 stratus and it has just got a oil change about fifty miles ago and the main oil seal was just replaced the car has 163853 and i would like to know some info to help
how do you repair the clock spring on this car
How much for labor and parts to replace the front and rear motor mounts, and the front and rear shocks/struts? Is this something I could do myself?
I can smell gas around the car when it is not running. looked around the car, under the hood, etc., and cannot see any leaks. It has 88,000 miles, fuel pump never replaced.
My heat is barely blowing hot air. It's just warm enough to defrost the windows if I leave it run for awhile. If it sits idle for 10 minutes or so it will blow hot air but I start driving and it gets cool again. I ...
Have a 2000 Dodge Stratus with 2.4 liter engine. About 4 weeks ago we were out and the car just quiot with no warning after about an hour of driving and wouldn't start. After about 5 minutes it started back up but die...
I love my dodge the back driver seat broke I live in the though of getting a new seat from a junk yard that may have been outside with the them and then me setting on it I can not handle but I can not fin...
I have a 2002 dodge stratus single over head cam.The timing belt broke.I need info on replacing a new one.
today on this cold day about lunch time i noticed when i turned my steering wheel it makes a loud noise,like something is rubbing against my passenger side tire?
Does anyone know why my my car won't shift when ever i crank it in the morning it just stays in neutral seems like after a couple of mins it will change gears it also stops puling when ever i come to a stop any sugges...
For the last two weeks I can smell burnt rubber coming from my car and it seems to happen only when I have the heater on. It goes away as soon as I turn it off. What could be the cause of this?
sister ran the car most time on e as empty on the gas would not fill it up last time that happen and ran out of gas,.i fill it up with gas about 1/2 tank would not start. i could here the fuelpump turn on i tried the...
99 stratus #3 plug not firing can someone help me what to look for?some one told me could be the cat dont if thats true. Please help
I was driving & noticed temp. gauge moving toward hot. Got home before it fully reached hot, then checked antifreeze. It was below the minimum line but not empty. So added antifreeze half water & antifreeze. Ran h...
My car just started acting up on me today. I admit, I am not very good at knowing when to check stuff out or change stuff. I am clueless. My car runs like a champ when I am going at a steady speed, but when I slow dow...
I was needing the steps to adjust the valves and anything else that may help with top end noise. Thank You