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Diagnostic codes p0134 and p0154. I would like to know the locations of bank 1 sensor 1 and bank 2 sensor 1.

is the 2000 dodge stratus an interference engine

for a while now ive noticed a faint knocking coming from the underneath of my dodge stratus. only on idling but it becomes rapid on acceleration. what could be causing this?

I want to know to get to the back plugs on my v6

looking through some similar questions that were answered, my question. if i take the spark plug out with oil in the tube and the oil falls in the hole, is that a problem?

I want to know how to get to the spark plugs towawrds the firewall.

i recieved a diagnostic code from autozone it stated i need a engine coolant sensor, check coolant level, or defected thermostat i checked the coolant level it was fine and i had the thermostat replaced so there's noting left but the sensor where does it go

the sunroof stopped working and im tryin to get it fixed i think i blew a fuse and ive checked them.they seem all good but i know i blew a fuse. am i looking in the right fuse spot?

i have a puddle of water under passenger seat and passenger side back floor

was running good, shut off, tried to restart and would not start. tried jumping it off, would not start. tested battery and it was good, thinking it may be the starter, where is the starter located on a 3.0?

I have no power in the wire that feed the ac compressor

how to replace starter

My cars makes a grinding noise only when I make a sharp turn to the right or left that sounds like it is coming from around the wheel. What could bethe problem?

Fans don't work. Engine gets warm when idling or city driving. Fuses are good. I can't find a relay or a temperature sensor.

I have a 97 stratus es with 2.5v6, the car has been great! Although my brakes have started squealing extremely loud, I just replaced brakes and rotors in may! I upgraded to the better brakes cause I had always had some brake noise and was told to upgrade to these pads to relieve that noise, now when I hit the brakes I'm getting loud squealing out of the drivers front brake and feels as if it's pulling or digging into the rotor! I have taken it to numerous mechanics and even paid $80 for a dodge dealership to find out what's wrong and nobody can find anything! I personally thought I had a stuck caliper but everyone says that they are good, brake pads r <75%, rotors are new.... I have no clue what else can be done at this point but is annoying to have your car sounding so bad yet can't get it fixed even though you want too! It's not the tires or a balance issue or a rotation issue or alignment! It is brakes but everything checks out fine???

my air conditionar needs to be charged and i would like to do it myself. Where do I add the refigerant?? What line is it in referance to the Enguine?

i have a problem with my brakes they will not pump up and i put a new master cylinder on it and still nothing what should i do

Service engine light is on. The code reader numbers that come up are PO156 & PO455, don't know what needs done to fix it. The light didnt come on until the oil & filter was changed.

how much to fix passanger side front and rear door damange from and accident


mechanics keep saying it costs more to fix the problem because of how much work it would take, than it would to just replace the motor. the price i was quoted was around $2,000 for labor and parts to replace motor. Car can still run but makes horrible noise and cant gain much speed now. I need to know if this is the best option and price....

In June my timing belt broke and the night it broke the car went dead, we got stopped and put it in park. When we got back in it to take it out of park to push it off the road it won't come out of park. Anyone know why

I have a '97 Dogde Stratus 2.4DOHC with an Automatic transmission. I have no Spark on #2 and #3 Cylinders. I have tested the Iginition Coil, both Primery and Secondary sides check within specification and I have replaced the Spark plug wires. I have replaced the Crank Shaft and Cam Shaft Sensors. I have checked the timing and it is set in the right position. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

heat blows hot air AC blows cold air but stays at one slow speed no matter what number the nob is turned too

happens all the time

my car just shut off and now it will not start just clicks the lights and everything work as if the battery is strong but will not turn over just clicks could it be the battery or a fuse and if a fuse what fuse

When I try to start my Dodge I continually blow the Powertrain Control Module,ASD relay fuse. I've replaced the coil and still have the same problem. It usually starts after 4-5 fuse replacements then runs fine. Any suggestions?

I want to know why my car putts and acts like it going to cut off when i start it up. but then i cut the a/c on and it seems to stop the putting noise and runns fine. another thing i just got a tune up and when i go to start my car it seems like it doesnt want to start and i have to tap the gas to get it started and then when it cranked it putts and and acts like its going to cut off. a/c makes it run right please help. my mom thinks its the converter,or the fuel injectors or the alternator. by the way it has a 2.4 motor

the tachometer works usually on start up, but then drops to 0 also at the same time the mileage cannot be read