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If i try to use a used ecm does it need to be programed to my car and can i do this myself? It looks fairly simple to install.
Hi! My stratus 95 wont start anymore, the fuse to the PCM, ASD burns out when i put it in.. Do you think my PCM is broken? Thank you!:) Morten Olsen, Norway.
I was told I have a rear main seal (small leak) How much should I worry, just small spots in the front. Oil pan was sort of full. Mechanic put a dye through and said it was a rear main oil leak. I was told to monitor ...
I have water under the passenger seat. It is not coolant and there are no leaks. the drain tube has been cleaned out twice. Is there another know location this moisture/water can be coming from. It only occurs whe...
Where is Mass sensor
My Car stalled out on the road an began to slow down the mechanic said it was the ignition coil what cause this to mess up
How do you replace the crankshaft sensor on a 2005 dodge stratus? It keeps jerking when you try to go past 2000 rpms and won't let you go anymore!
car stalls at red lights and bucks while driving after it heats up. what is causing this?
I put an abs rear wheel bearing on my car my car doesnt have abs will this hurt my car are does it matter it seems to work will this affect my car in any way
my car wont start sometimes, The repair shop said that it is the cam shaft. Depending on where it is located in my engine will determine how much it will cost me. Where is the cam shaft located?
How much does a replacement starter typically cost for this make and model car?
How do i replace the brake pads and rotor
How do you change the passenger side headlight assembly on a 2002 Dodge Stratus 4 door sedan? Thanks so much!
how much dash must be removed to replace the heater core and how long does it take
how much of the dash has to be removed to replace the heater core and how long will it take.Is this something a professional has to do or can i do it?
Where is the battery located on the 2004 Stratus
Fan runs at all speeds, but no heat.. Is there a switch that operates the heat/cooling in the car? a/c works great just wont switch over to heat.
car will crank but will not turn on had oil&filter changed spark-plugs and wires fuel pump & filter car did work for a few weeks but then this happend
Im planning to purchase a car but it has a blown head much does it cost to repair? Will the sealant work? Should I buy the car?
everyday starting out wont shit into gears. sometimes slips-stalls at 65mph.when braking hard jerk from o/d at30mph. did the dio.test codes are p0016,p0441,p0344,p0340 what are these?
where is the radiator drain plug and how do I get to it
Whats the trick to changing the belt? I cant get access. do i need to pull engine.
How do u change the water pump?
How much does it cost for the labor in repairing/replacing a crank sensor on a 1999 Dodge Stratus?
abs light came on,checked brake fluid-low filled,still light stayed on
engine light comes on
I don't have any rear brakes on my 2001 dodge stratus.Every estimate i get is $500 or more.Is it difficult to replace the calipers,rotors,and pads?If not,i will do it myself and save some money
my car isnt shifting out of first gear. doesnt do it all the time, will run fine after not being used for a little bit. codes read out are p0700 and p0725 from the computer. my mechanic thinks its the tcm? is that pos...