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where is the number one piston located in 2006 dodge stratus?
Since I am having surging and dieing problems and no engine codes come up would it help to replace the throttle positioning sensor and does this particular dodge model take a idle control valve?
I have surging problems when I come to a stop after traveling on the highway. It will surge and then act like it almost wants to die. Sometimes in some conditions it does die and I have to start it again. Sometimes...
When turning the steering wheel there is play in the tire movment
how do you get your speedometer to work? right now its not working at all..
replacing front struts on 4 door sedan/2.7 2001 es, any helpful suggestions?
After replacing the water pump when reattaching the valve train I decided to try to manually rotate the crank shaft to make sure everything was okay. There is a clinking noise at the end of each 1/4 rotation coming f...
My oil light comes on at least once a day just got the oil changed a week ago everyone thinks i just need to reset it
My left brake light went out and my father tried to fix it for me. The part that holds the bulb cracked and we had to replace it. When he put it in, the left tail light and left reverse light went out as well. Also, m...
when i put water in my car it be so hot its spits the water back out the radiator
Put 10% ethanol gas in it and now it runs terrible. Idols rough. I Put a gas treatment in with a higher octane from a different place from where I got with gas.Check engine light came on.
Gas gauge showed half a tank, gas gauge lied. No light ever came on, but I seemed to have run out of gas so fast that I could not get off the road. None of the lights seem to working. All were working before I had ...
Looking at buying what the seller says is a Stratus SRT 2002. 3.0 V6 says it needs water pump replaced. But engine sounded like is coming unglued, and he claims that the car never over heated. Does this sound right.
Looking for free information on proper procedure for replacing timing belt and water pump on 1999 Dodge Stratus. Is there a free download of service manual for this vehicle ?
skidding car display light abs light indicators are on cant find out what skidding car light warning light means. also heat/ac blower stays on defrost mode only thanx
I have a 2004 Dodge Stratus Sedan. I took it to the mechanic because it wasn't shifting correctly sometimes. At around 20 mph it would hesitate and then again around 50mph. I had to let off the gas and then press the ...
About 3 mounths ago my i was driving my car for a while then i stoped and went in to a store when i came out and started the car and left it wouldnt shift out of low gear, the diagnostic test said the tcm was failing....
when driving my car the engine was running but slowing the car slowed down my foot all the way on the gas pedal and it would not go. i stopped turned it off and it run a few miles and did the same thing. i have it in ...
I was driving down the road and car stalls never starts again. I can't hear the fuel pump kick on and can't find the relay. I did find several relays but which belongs to the fuel pump the stickers on the cover do not...
Well it started when my wife hit a pach of black ice and swerved off the road ino a side of a canyon. we got our car home and i seen there was no body damage untill i took off the rear rightside tire and noticed that ...
what is labor rate in estimate
I am having a problem with the vacuum leak or the Ignition system fault-spark plug and high or low fuel pressure
Anti theft system will not turn off.
what kind of battery is in the 1996 dodge stratus?
where is the bcm located on the 03 stratus r/t coupe
the word no bus comes on my odameter when the car is on but car wont start or turn over i was told it is the engine
How do you remove the gas filler neck on a 2000 dodge stratus