my heater is blowing cold air

Can anyone tell me where the fuel filter is located and if it is on the passenger side Thanks!

my trans just started sliping

when i stop every now end then the car jumps and my trans just started slipping

My brake lights and turn lights do not work but tail lightsand head lights do work.

flushing and need to know what antifreeze to use

how much is it for a wheel burn

Blower motor not working, need:
Location of switch, ease of replacement, trouble shooting, switch cost, cheapest supplier, repair cost...

I have a 2000 dodge stratus 2.5l v6, and the heater and air condition have all worked great until like almost 3 months ago. I have been running the air condition all summer long with no problems and all of the speeds have worked great. Then about 2 months after that, I noticed that the air condition would work, but only when you turned it on the high speed. Did not think anything of it, thought maybe it was just a fuse. Well towards the end of this summer I started to use my heat in which the first time I tried the heat it worked for about 15 mins, then started to blow cold air? I thought maybe it was my coolant, but I checked it and it is fine. Now the heat blows cold air all of the time, with me sometimes feeling small traces of heat coming out then going back to cold air. I dont think it is my thermostat because my temps have been fine, but I could be wrong.

how do you relace the head light switch. Do i have to pull the steering wheel of or not

My car started up fine in the morning but as I was driving on the freeway my car started losing power then died out on me.. I was having problems during the week. As i got up to 2000 rpms it will lose power and i had to take my foot off the gas.. Now as i try to start the car all i hear is the starter.. I have changed the starter. Then my battery died on me. I have had my battery check and charged. It is fine.. Please help me..

October 15, 2010 on the 60 Fwy my car stopped during driving.

blower motor runs for awhile then stops any suggestions

where it is located?

Where is the computer located on a 2002 dodge sratus r/t?

Every two or three days have to add water get s low have to added more water. Could this be water pump, heating coil, or heads bad ? Have already change theromstat.

My 5-speed manual transmission will not shift into any gear, including reverse, while the engine is running. When I turn off the engine, it will shift into all gears, including reverse. This is the second occurrence in less than 2 months; the first time, it was presumed that low transmission fluid was the culprit and everything seemed to be OK, but now . . . Any clue as to the fix for this?

I'm trying to get my car smoged and I keep getting these codes with mil on and it will not pass. The car drives fine, no rough idle or trouble on the freeway ecxept cruise control doesn't work. I have put more money than I expected into it and am running out of time with DMV on my extention. I need help please.

hi guys...my boyfriend has been trying to fix my car and cant figure out what is wrong with it..his father is a mechanic and cant even figure it out.After a few minutes of driving smoke comes pouring out my right side of my hood and seems to be coming from the power steering.My bf has fixed a hose which didnt work and then some kind of gasket and that didnt solve the issue...any suggestions PLEASE????

while driving my stratus the transmission does not shift into overdrive, could this just be a defective speed sensor or something more serious. this particular car shifts strong and fine in all the other gears.

how do you remove a spark plug on a 2003 dodge stratus, 5/8 deep socket wont fit its like it too far down for the socket to grab. special socket? help please

I haven't changed the coolant in a 2004 Stratus before and am curious if there are any tricks I should know first.

When the stearing wheel was put into the proper place the drivers side is out of line. causing the tire to cup

I got a p1684 code and my car wont start

Pep Boys are checking on my car, they say it looks like the timing belt. My car is a 2005 dodge stratus sxt (vin # 1B3EL46X05N538752), I don't know if my car has an interference or non-interference engine, as they are telling me it may cost me over $3,000 to repair.

email address - jsddriven@yahoo.com

power steering pump is defective. How do I remove and replace it without much difficulty.

This happens intermittingly at any time. The front end makes these sounds while driving at any speed.
I notice that the trim is loose and is broken in one areathat covers the front bumper. Fasteners are loose and some are missing. Could this be causing my problem and what do i do to correct it?

a fog horn sound in a 2002 stratus located under feet on passenger side what causes it?