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my car will not start after blowing a fuse. What could this be?

engine not starting. replaced fuel pump and filter. fuel pressure is on again and off again. Is there an electric fuel pressure regulator; if not, then why is there a clicking? The fuel pump kicks on and then sounds like a secondary pump by fuel rail. Any ideas what to do?

water pump leaking. no heat, and car is overheating

I am not getting much heat in my car. I changed the thermostat..don't smell antifreeze...but seem to have plenty.

need to replace water pump

How much does it cost for the labor in repairing/replacing a cam sensor on a 1999 Dodge Stratus, 2.4 liter engine.

a contiuous cicada noise when fan is running ,high piched . what could it be? this noise just began i have over 107,000 miles on this car.

Im leaking transmission fluid from what i think is a transmission coolant line. Is this costly to have repaired
About how long does it take to repair and how much will it cost.

code read oxygen sensor,replaced it and it still reads oxygen senso and can't clear the check engine light.Anyone have any suggestions! THANKS

While driving, the heater will blow nice hot air then cold; AC blows cold then warm - without me touching anything. This could happen several times on one drive. Had at shop 5 times - they can't find the problem.

We bought a 2004 Dodge Stratus SE for my teenager daughter, the battery was dead, so we replaced, as a prevention we change the timming belt, since then the car idles awful and quit running whenever we stop the car, like a stop light or so, we turned back the mechanic, he rechecked the timming belt and his computer said it was the MAP sensor, we changed, checked compresion, wires, spare plugs, everything, it keeps idling, WHAT IT IS WRONG??? Nobody has an idea...all my hometown mechanichs just keep guessing about it, we already spend a lot of money on it!!! HELP PLEASE!!!!!

2004 dodge stratus 2.4L DOHC- after getting the car inspected- it passed legitamately- car ran for about 30 min then started acting like it wanted to die- had to double foot the petals to get it parked- engine light was blinking- had 1 mechanic change the ignition coil he got 2 error codes- (1) was p0250 and the other i believe was p0340- did not change anything- car still is not starting- 2nd mechanic changed cam sensor because cylinders 2 and 3 not firing- nothing changed- now debating on changing crank sensor however after looking on all the forums about this problem it seems this is also not going to work and have not been able to find what comes next- any ideas?

car cut off and want start

drivebelt problems... if the car sat for 8 months could it just need to be tightened?

how do i remove and reinstall starter on 1998 dodge stratus

every time i drive my 2006 dodge stratus oil is leaking badly underneath,but i cant locate the leak because of so many tight fits.i need information on probable causes and how to fix them.

my car will not start at all it wont turn over nothing but when i turn the key on the lights and evey thing still come on. i tryed charging the battery jumping it help

Is it worth it to repair the transmission? the car has 94000 miles, I am the original owner. WHat is a reasonable estimate for repai/replace?

car will start to overheat after driven 20 miles or so.alsothere is no heat in the vehicle. could this be the water pump.

sometimes the motor will turn over really good, but seems not to get fire. hook it to boosters and make the cables arc and it will start right up and run fine. i have a electrical problem. what is it? what do i do?

Timing belt went on my 2006 Dodge Stratus. They are gonna begin fixing it....1,300 job, in the morning. Was told it is an interference engine....researched it and that is the worse thing it could be. Then, couldn't find confirmation that it was an interference you guys know? Not sure if it is a V6 or a 2.7L V6

My stratus goes dead at red lights, sputters while Im driving and also the rpm s go up and down could this be the fuel filter

Need to know how much would it cost for a mechanic to find a leak in the evap system and fix it. I got a check engine light and I found out there is a leak in the evap system (Not the gas cap)

When a steering wheel is turned to the end of its travel, the power steering pump makes an objectionable hiss.

But my Stratus makes this noise when I turn the wheel at center when fluid is cold. Steering assist stops then comes back. Tire Pressure OK. Fluid is Full. NO LEAKS. When fluid warms there is still some hiss but it is much better.


my heater is blowing cold air

Can anyone tell me where the fuel filter is located and if it is on the passenger side Thanks!

my trans just started sliping

when i stop every now end then the car jumps and my trans just started slipping

My brake lights and turn lights do not work but tail lightsand head lights do work.