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It came with no instructions can't figure it out with the turbo. Has anyone done this? Can it be done or should I send part back?
p/s blowing 40 to 45 and have good air flow on both vents
at lower speeds it jumps as if the powering steering is sometimes working making the steering hard to control.
it was working great till I changed the rear brakes and removed the hand break support plate under the van which connects the main cable and the two cables to each rear wheel just cleaned it up and greased it replaced...
Received a 2005 dodge sprinter 2500 dsl turbo and the customer complained it had no a/c well i ran it and at first it blew out cold air, from the defrost but not the vent from the dash. so i let it sit for 30 min runn...
move put in rev same thing engine run smooth made no noises
The glow plug light and code P0670 comes on and off intermittently and after reset may come on after several miles. I'm new to these over-controlled MB products and trying to find my way around!
my three lights came on and my cruise went off is this coincidence or the fact of abs lights on affects cruise in relation to the computer modual recognising brake problems you cant have cruise till repairs are done a...
my battery died today, and after it was charged it would not let me shift out of park without using the shift release button. I disconnected/reconnected power, checked all the fuses and they all look good. im at...
the van needed glow plugs and we were putting off but the van stopped heating and we brought in and had the glow plugs replaced. Dealership said could be 1 of 3 things but couldn't tell us which it was. the van has 1...
I am having difficulty lining the screw hole up.
Turn signal does not flash
why won't my windows defrost? All vents are working and blow air, although the top ones blow poorly. Can't see to drive when raining. Any solutions other than a bath while driving? Thanks in advance
how to replace the main belt, I can't find the adjustment location
sliding door on passenger will not latch.