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My batterie went extremely dead due to something left on in the van and I'm told by someone at the Sprinter Store that it could be a chip that is ruined due to the batterie going so dead. Would this be the ESM chi...
Swapped a non-working radio out for a working one and the new one won't turn on. Fuses are OK in the back of the radio and the fuse box. Still no power.
Solution was to replace rims and ties with 16inch Michelin LT225/75R16E1. Front tires to large and rub when vehicle turns. Vehicle unstable at speeds of 60 miles per hour. Has anyone had this problem/issue??? Than...
we don't think its over full sprinter has a dip stick and sometimes act`s like it does not want to move until ya add more it leaked out all over the driveway at least a quart not sure why the trans keeps doi...
what is the brake bleed procedure for this van?
When it is cold out, how do I plug the Dodge 2006 Sprinter in?
When it is cold out, how do I plug the Dodge 2006 in?
There is a sporadic electronic or other connection problem that prevents engine start. Have had repeated bouts with the transmission failing to upshift and two Freightliner dealers' less than satisfactory but costly ...
We lose power and will not go over 35-40mph, pull off road, turn off engine then restart it, no problem accelerating until it happens again-usually happens when we slow down or stop.
AC mostly runs well mostly when engine cool, but after van running and turned off, the AC may-may not cool once the engine is restarted.
I was going down the hwy and all these lights came on and the cruise quit working all at once. The state was working on the hwy and there was sticky tar on the road. My mechanic ran a diagnostic and told me the ABS ...
I can't get a inspection tag till this problem is fixed. Please help
2006 dodge sprinter, 2500, we drove the van there,had transmission rebuild, now it want start, dealer told us it's the skreemer, modgel, we raplaced, van still want start. now they say its the computer? please Help....
on the pump in fuel tank..when pulled fuel line off fuel filter going to injector pump i get a fast good stream of fuel for 1 second or so when first turn key on then this pump only runs for a second and shu...
The side mirror was pushed in while getting on a ferry
When I try to start my 2004 Freightliner 2500 SHC with 38,690 miles, the glow plug light stays on and the radiator fan comes on screaming and won't start. Checked the fuses for the ignition (took them out and reinstal...
turn signal don't work. Fuse and relay
we are told that the vehicle takes a special type of fluid but noone knows what it is. thanks so much Cary Dodds
I have a 2004 Sprinter. My ESP ,ABS and ASR lights came on when i left the bank today and stayed on all the way home . After turning the van off I restarted but it won't let me shift out of park . What can I do ?
Nothing happens after starting and putting in drive or reverse. Could this be just a simple TCM replacement?
ngine light is on and no shifting or major acceleration/ rpm stay at 2200/no throttle down doesn't do anything. What could be the problem ..."turbo"?
I am looking to purchase a 2006 Winnebago View which is on a Dodge Sprinter with a Mercedes Benz engine. Needing a mechanic to look it over. Any idea of a mechanic in Fairfield, Iowa and approximately the cost.