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I have replaced coil, coil and plug wires and crank sensor. Just noticed that when it's not starting the gauges on the dash do not work either and the odometer read no dat.... no codes on the hand held ... any ideas?

When it does turn over, the starter sounds healthy. Where is the solonoid? Is it on the starter or seperate? And I can't seem to find the starter. Sometimes takes as long as 100 tries before it starts. I need to know what I"m up against. Thanks for your time.

i'm replacing the block but the vent fitting doesn't come with it.

loud wheezing, grinding noise. ring -pinion need lubed

As I have some mechanical experience, I am a driveway repairman. I need some reasonably detailed advice, as the Hanes Dodge repair manual does not address this subject.
Thank you.

usually cuts off or want go over 30 miles an hour. If you stop and cut off the engine, wait 5 minutes it will run fine, until next time.. what are some of the things this could be?

I replaced gas cap. Malfuntion light still on. I want to check evap hose to evap canister. where is it located?

I,m confused as to where the blower motor resistor is located some say under the hood others say under the dash on the right side which is correct?

Changed Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor.
Changed Air Intake volve Sensor

The headlights are not burned out. Fuses are good. High beams won't stay on.

a ballpark price on how much it will cost me.

but it warm up it run fine. ps my van is dodge ram 1500 it has a 5.2 lt enge v8

The gearshift is stuck in park, it's not the ignition lock, that I can see. Where is the brake safety lock located, I can't find it.

I cant see were brake line goes so whats the best way to change or fix line on my 99 1500 5.2 liter v8 van

I jump start my van and it works and 5 min later the check gauge light came on and the van dies out again.i think its a power shortage but i dont know where to start.please help me.....

turn the key and all the lights come on but starter does not engage. is it the ignition switch?? it works sometimes but less and less often.

Pulley I am refering to is about three inches in diameter is located directly under the alternator on the vehicle. The engine is a V-6. Pulley making a hissing noise, otherwise vehicle runs well.

fuel pump seems to be out of power... relay goes off, but can´t hear the pump running, tried bypassing the relay but nothing happened, suspect of blown fuse, but don´t have idea how many fuse are involved with the fuel system...HELP!!!

There are no lights on my dash, the radio and the horn has no power also there is no interior light.

when i get to 50 to 55 seems like it wants to stall like a very fast stop and go series of bursts new plugs ,rotor and distributor

After owning a Silverado that had great night vision lights ,I find the lights on this Dodge Ram to be a lot less desireable.I cleaned the lens with the brightner stuff ,that helped a little but I want brighter lights.Do I need to change bulbs to something different than what are on the truck ?

I have already replaced the bulb and that was not the problem. The high beam works just not the low beam, swapped bulbs with the left side and it is the same problem "left works fine, right only has high beam".

i hAVE A 2001 DODGE RAM VAN 1500 V8 5.2L Having problem with the transmission i scan it and gave me p720 the mechanic told me the ecu is bad but every time i take off the positive cable from the battery the van run fine can the ecu be reprogram.

It has spit and sputtered upon taking off, and now won't start. It is turning over, but won't start. We've had the van for 8 years and have never changed the plugs or wires. It has 110,000 miles on it.

Ihave no heat, One hose is hot coming from the top of engine, the one going to the water pump is cold,
Will flushing the heater core help ? or should i reverse the hoses on the heater core , will this damage anything? please help winter is coming! thanks

Rebuilding and need to know the timing sequence.

Wanted some info before I took it to be reapired or if this can be done by me. Does this happen a lot?

the rear a/c fan comes on when i turn the ignition on. the switch that controls it does nothing. i cant turn it off.


The espeedometer work fine and no check engine light on