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The trans on my truck slips sometimes. I checked the codes and get three p0237 p1693 p0237 I can't erase these to see if the trans shifts OK after. Can it be the pcm
Where is the pcm located
my truck will not shift gears, would this be the speed sensor? there are no codes. its an automatic
Noise only in 4x4, checked coupler on axel , u joints ok pulled cover checked pig looks ok ( DANA 60) . noise quits when you turn hard , left or right . Thanks Darwin
how to fix
I have had bad 4x4 problems in the past with other vehicles. They were usually accompanied by loud grinding or clunking sounds. My dodge makes no odd noises, and feels like it's going into gear with no problems, yet...
where are the grease fittings
service soon light can on the tranny was a slow take off from 1gear, but happens once while and the light shuts off
i just bought a 94 ram 2500 4x4, my wife took to a friend's shop and they said the #1 valve is torn and is spraying oil all over engine. is this going to be expensive or is it something i can fix with hardly any exper...
My heater is always up on the defroster even if i put it to the floor or vents,,
I would like to know the total weight of my 1996 dodge ram 2500 diesel 5.9,, If someone knows great
when i first start my truck and put it in reverse it stalls out does not do it in drive and after it warms up reverse works fine
What is the best procedure to replace the exhuast manifold gaskets. The front 2 are leaking/broken.
Driving at 75 mph when I lose power and can go no faster then 62 mph for about 3-4 miles then starts running normal again this happened 2 times on my way 500 mile trip home
cant find the grease zerk on the front drive shaft
Whenever it rains alot I have trouble starting and the engine misfires? causing it to jerk for about 2 miles. What is this? Help?
My 99 dodge is having electrical problems. The cruise turns off on its own, it increases speed on its own, the dash lights flicker on and off at times, the cab lights stopped working and the trailer lights keep burnin...
A few day a go my check engine light came on. I have read the code and it reads P0336. I have the new part but have no idea where to replace it. I have had several answers as to where goes. Can you please help with t...
When I try to start my truck the solenoid just clicks. I replaced one of the batteries in it an in the process I accidently touched one of the positive terminals to the frame. Would this cause my starter to go bad? I ...
I put a new steering column in my 2000 dodge ram 2500 and it has no power and will not start,only the hazard lights work,I was told it needed reset by computer because of the anti-theft, what else could be the problem?
friends truck wont go into 5th he can put it into 5th but when he lets the clutch out it acts like it is in netural its not grinding still has all other gears any idea whats wrong
just wandering how hard it would be to replace the head gasket on my diesel engine.
will the transmission from a 99 360 work on a 97 cummins
I want to replace the turn signal flasher. Where is it located?
the heater never seems to get very worm.
Turns over but wont start................
Why my diesel truck wont start?
When you pull start the truck shuts off?
Why do diesel trucks have a plug to plug into an outlet?
wat is the easyest way to change the water pump